There is a hot deal on Skintimate and Edge shave gels at Rite Aid starting 2/10! Print off these coupons now and save them for the sale–we don’t know how long they’ll be available. For the week of 2/10, a $2.00 +Up Reward will print with the purchase of Skintimate or Edge Shave Gel. Use these buy one get one free coupons to pay less out of pocket and get two $2.00 +Up Rewards back! Note that the maximum value on these coupons is $3.00, so you’ll have to pay the additional $0.49 for the “free” shave gel.





Buy 2 Skintimate Shave Gels, 6-10 oz or Edge Shave Gels, 6-10 oz $3.49, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward 2/10-2/16, Limit 4
Use one B1G1 FREE – Edge Shave Gel, Up To $3.00, Excludes 2.75 oz – (
Or B1G1 FREE – Skintimate Shave Gel or Shave Creme, Up To $3.00, Excludes 2.75 oz – (
Pay $3.98, Receive two $2.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $0.02 Moneymaker, when you buy 2

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37 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Edge or Skintimate at Rite Aid, Starting 2/10!”

Plus you can use the 55/1 Skintimate coupon with this deal if it doesn’t expire before the 10th

Sorry im new so this might be a stooped questions bit if i go in and use my B1G1 coupon on the shave gel and do one transaction and pay the 3.98+the overage on the free one it will print me out two $2 +uprewards? And you can get a total of 4 of the rewards per person correct? I though it would only give you one +up reward for a certain kind of item at a time.

so we can do this deal 4 times so we will get 8 cans?

You can do 2 B1G1 deals, totaling 4 cans and 4 $2 UPR

Do I have to use a certain zip code to get this coupon?

If I use this weeks’ permanent marker’s UP reward for shave gels, will I still get Receive two $2.00 +Up Rewards?

Yes :)

ok so i can pay $3.98 the first time and the next time if i go buy 2 again with same coupons ill only pay .98 cents for them..?..using the $2 up rewards?
my rite aid says i cant use them until the next day.

oh i would get 4 up rewards? so i wouldnt pay anything the next time i go?

I can’t get the bogo coupon online.

I can’t find the edge bogo coupon online either.

try 47909…..i got mine from my zip code today.

Can we use the $2/2 Edge coupon with the b1g1 or the $1/1 Skintimate coupon with the b1g1?

Sorry no. The B1G1 coupon attaches itself to both items, so you cannot add another coupon.

The skinmate coupon is no longer available :-( Does anyone know of another zip code I could use to find these???

The Skintimate coupon is gone. Sorry! You can use the Edge coupon, though.

Will I be able to buy 8 or only 4 with the limit? Sorry gets confusing.

The limit is 4 +Up Rewards, so you can buy four.


is this a monthly deal KCL becuase i got 2 rewards last week for this

No, this isn’t a monthly deal. It is only valid the week of 2/10.

Looks like the skintimate coupon reached the limit. Sad day!

I can’t find it either :(

Thank you!

If you have a gold status, it is a bigger money maker!

Yes it is!

If the regular price is $3.49 each as shown above, after applying the B1G1 free coupon, wouldn’t you pay $3.49 making this a $.51 moneymaker (instead of $.02)?

Nevermind – my mistake. I just printed the coupon and saw it is limited to $3.00. Ooops:-)

The maximum value of the “free” shave cream is $3.00, so you have to pay the extra $0.49, as the post says above.

I can’t wait for this deal. Going to buy a few of these to donate! =)

In our target I saw package of 3 skintimate gel ( 2 are 7oz and 1 is 2.7 oz ) for 4.49 so I was wondering if its possible to use B1G1 coupon for it ?

I don’t think so. Usually these types of coupons can’t be used on the “value packs” or promotional packages.

question: Could a person use a FREE coupon (up to a x dollar amount) for a product that the store is selling at for higher than the x dollar amount on coupon as long as the customer will pay the difference?

Thank you.

yes, i believe so

I’ve paid the difference before.

Yes. That is exactly what the post above assumes.

Is this anywhere in Rite Aids coupon policy, in case they give flack about it?