Here’s a great bathroom tissue deal! Stack a newspaper manufacturer coupon with a Walgreens coupon from the new February Savings Book for Cottonelle bathroom tissue. The Walgreens monthly savings books are available all month long and can be located in the front of the store by the weekly ads.





Cottonelle Clean Care Bathroom Tissue, 12 ct $5.00, regular price
Use $0.50/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 9 rolls or larger or $0.50/2 Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 4 rolls from SS 1/13 (exp 2/6)
And use $1.00/1 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue, 12 ct from Walgreens February Savings Book (exp 2/23)
Final Price: $3.50, or $0.29 per roll 


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26 thoughts on “Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue, Only $0.29 per Roll at Walgreens!”

I went for a quick run to Walgreens and score the $3.00 deal on Cottonelle bath paper and $3.00 on Scott Paper Towel stacking $1.00/1 MQ + $1.00/1 SQ

Target has a $1.00 peelies plus Walgreens coupon = $3.00 for bath tissue

I can’t find the 50 cents off coupon -___-

That makes them $0.012 per sq. ft. at Winco and $0.022 per sq. ft. at Walgreen’s.

Cottonelle 12 pack purple double rolls at Winco are regularly priced at $3.48. This package is 246 aq. ft. and the purple 12 large rolls at Wallgreens are 157.2 sq. ft. So if you use the $0.50/1 at Winco it will only cost $2.98 per 12 double rolls with 246 sq. ft. More TP for les.

Walgreens does sell a 2-ply Cottonelle. It’s in purple pack, 12 rolls, and they are on sale as well.

Yes, those are the same coupons as the ones in the February Walgreens savings book.

KristenThey all had $1/1 manufacturer peelies on them! :)

in the store that i go they don’t have the booklets or i get there late because every time i go i don’t see one

Ask a cashier! They usually are VERY well-stocked with these all month long. They often put a new one in each cart everyday, and I find them not only at the front of the store, but in several slots all over the store! I’m sure your store hasn’t run out.

In the fine print of my mfr coupon it states that it cannot be combined with any other coupon, so I assume that means that I can’t stack it with walgreens coupon.

Not so. Just hand over the mfg. coupon and the wags coupon. You should have no problem using both on the Cottonelle.

That means it cannot be combined with another manufacturer coupon for the same item. A store coupon is like a store sale–the store decides to put that item on “sale,” and the manufacturer coupon has no jurisdiction over what the store does. You can absolutely stack the two coupons!

I actually had this problem at Rite Aid. A not new employee said because my Veet MQ said it could not be combined with any other coupon, she would not accept my $3/1 glam camp RA coupon. I explained about not using with another MQ, but she insisted she could only use one or the other. I left the item and lost out on the coupon because it expired that day.

This tissue is only ONE ply. According to an old note I made, each roll is 138 1-ply sheets.

So do you not think this is a good price?

I think it’s an okay price if you want one-ply tissue. Typically, if the tissue is only one-ply, you will use more than if it’s two-ply.

I like this TP!! It is one ply, but it feels like 2 ply to me. I used to buy Charmin 2 ply, (more expensive) until I found Cottonelle and my hubbie love it! So that says ALOT!!!!

I was just thinking the same thing.

I completely agree. Even though it is one ply it is very thick, and feels like a two ply. I usually use 3-4 squares per use of cottenelle, just as I did with the more expensive two ply charmin.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and noticed that the roll does not last long at all; after looking at the package it only has 138 1 ply sheets per roll. I also bought Charmin Basic at CVS a few weeks back and it has 264 sheets per roll–nearly double. Sad to say, but we have to watch the quantity we are buying,not only the price.

No, this is not a good price, in my opinion. You only want to be paying 1 cent per square foot of TP. There is an easy way to figure this out without a calculator. Look at the bottom of the package (each brand has this) where it tells you the total amount of square feet. Example: Angel Soft 12 double rolls has a total of 400 square feet. Take that number and insert a decimal two spots to the left. Given that, a stock up price for this TP would be $4.00 or less per pack. It’s very difficult to find a stock up price on Cottonelle and Charmin, as these companies really rip you off on the square footage. Compare their square footage to other brands and you will see. I do occassionally still find stock up prices on these brands, and when I do I really stock up! Hope this helps.

I have noticed that it is different than the Cottonelle I get in other stores. We prefer Cottonelle though and if I compare the Walgreens Cottonelle with other Cottonelle, the other is “Big Rolls” with 165 per roll and the Wags are “Large Rolls” with 138 per roll. So that should also be taken into consideration.

at Walgreens store

How do you get a Walgreens saving book??

As the post says above, they are located at the front of the stores by the weekly ads. They are free and available all month long.