A couple days ago, we posted a deal about Dove Body Wash for $1.50 at Rite Aid. If you still have that high-value $3.00 Rite Aid Video Values coupon, here’s another way to use it. Buy two Dove Men+Care body washes or active clean tools and buy one big bottle of Dove Body Wash. Use two coupons from Sunday’s Red Plum newspaper insert, a printable manufacturer coupon and the Rite Aid Video Values coupon. Receive a $4.00 +Up Reward and pay just $0.33 per item—what a steal!



Buy 2 Dove Men+Care Body Wash, 13.5 oz or Active Clean Tool $3.50 each, when you buy 2, sale price through 2/2
Buy 1 Dove Body Wash, 18 or 24 oz $6.00, sale price through 2/2
Spend $12.00, Receive $4.00 +Up Reward through 2/2, Limit 2
Use two $2.00/1 Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash, 13.5 oz or larger, or Active Clean Tool, Limit 2 identical coupons allowed in same shopping trip from RP 1/27 (exp 2/24)
And use one $1.00/1 – Dove Body Wash, Excludes Travel/Trial Size and Men+Care, max of 2 identical coupons in same shopping trip – (dove.us)
And use one $3.00/1 – Dove Personal Body Wash, 18 oz or larger or Dove Beauty Bars, 8 ct – (adperk.com)
Pay $5.00, Receive $4.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.33 each, when you buy all 3 


Thanks, Reader RenDeals

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56 thoughts on “Dove Men+Care and Body Wash, Only $0.33 at Rite Aid!”

  1. myconviction says:

    If I use the 4 extra bucks from getting this deal to purchase the 2 body washes for $1.50 each do I still get 4 extra bucks rewards for that deal too?

  2. Ashley Doyle says:

    Is it to late to get the adpek coupon?

  3. RocMama says:

    I did this last night and I paid $1.04 which was tax because I had +up rewards on my card and then I got $4 loaded to my card! Score!

  4. Rachel says:

    This might be a dumb question but if a deal has a date on it like the dove body wash 33 cents when you by 3 at Rite Aid January 30th does that mean this deal is no good 2 days later

  5. Bethany says:

    I got a MQ for $1 off 16 oz.+ Dove bodywash alongside the other Dove coupons..is it okay if I use this rather than the printable?

  6. Sara says:

    While shopping for this deal I found a 1.50/1 any Dove coupon from a “blinkie”. My total after 4+up rewards was only .50!! .16 each when I bought all 3. Check your aisles for blinkies!! THANKS KCL!!

  7. ManyaU says:

    LOVE deals like this!! Thanks for the details KCL – and for the great finds!

    • ManyaU says:

      Btw, I dug around and was able to find both Men+Care bottles with free trial sized deodorant attached, and the Personal Body Wash with a free trial sized Men+Care. Extra score!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t run into that problem! How weird!

  9. Sharon80 says:

    I have a question…I have already used my adperk dove coupon and I was telling a friend about it (he doesnt coupon) he went home and printed the coupon from his account and gave it to me can I use this coupon? It has his name on it so I didnt know if it could be used with his Rite Aid card only..Thanks!

    • Monica says:

      I did it before with no problem. I used my sister’s account in a similar scenario. I don’t think they will question your name after all. Besides, it’s like printing from different computers. For as long as that person won’t use it, I don’t see the reason why you can’t.

  10. Roseville Mom 916 says:

    I was in Target today, and found Dove and Men Dove Body Wash on Clearance for $3.38 each. When I check out, I used my $1.00 off coupons and wash pleasantly surprised when it I received a $5.00 giftcard for buying 3. Needless to say, I went back and bought 6 more!

  11. I am sad I did not get the 3off on my Sunday paper :O(, or maybe i am just not looking ????

  12. kristin says:

    All of my coupons say on 16 oz or larger and two of them are only 13.5 oz

  13. Pinky123 says:

    I have searched in the past two weeks red plum newspaper, i never found dove comupons in them :(

  14. jamila says:

    do i have to print the rite aid coupon? I tought after u earn it, it will load t ur rite aid card and will automatically deduct it once scanned at the register.

  15. I just ran to Rite Aid because I saw this post. The Adperk video values coupon is INDEED a Rite Aid coupon. If they scan it, the system accepts it. Make sure they scan it!! My OOP cost for this deal was $1.08. I had $4 in +Ups that the system automatically took off!! So basically I spent $4 in +Ups and got them right back! BAM!!

  16. jessica says:

    Sorry to ask another question about this but this is the first time I printed a coupon from the Rite Aid Video value. I printed the video coupon and on the top of the coupon it says “manufacturer’s coupon”, I thought this was a Rite aid coupon? Can I still use this with the $1off??? Hope this question makes sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even though it says “Manufacturer Coupon,” it is actually a Rite Aid coupon. Click on the “101″ tab at the top of our Rite Aid page for more information about this.

    • Sheryl says:

      If it has RC in front of coupon number/barcode then it is a Rite-Aid store coupon since RC stands for Rite-Aid Corp. even though it says manufacture coupon on it, You can stack it with manufacture coupon.

  17. Lisa says:

    what does MQ mean? There is no explanation on this website.

    • Tyler says:

      Manufacturer Coupon, which is the opposite of a Store Coupon :-) Most stores will allow you to stack, ie one MQ and Store Coupon together for one item.

    • Anonymous says:

      MQ stands for manufacturer coupon. You’ll see people write that in the comments, but in our posts we don’t use abbreviations like that! :)

  18. janica says:

    The total comes to $13.00, then theres 2 $2/1 coupons, 1 $1/1 coupon, and 1 $3/1 coupon. So $8.00 in coupons, making it $13-$8.00=$5.00.

  19. You’re missing the $1/1 MQ for the dove body wash that’s printable so it’s a total of $8 off in coupons.

    • But I already have three MQs. How can I use four?

      • Anonymous says:

        You can’t use four manufacturer coupons. There are two $2.00 manufacturer coupons and one $1.00 manufacturer coupons. Plus there is one $3.00 Rite Aid coupon. That is a total of $8.00 in coupons. $13 – $8 = $5.00 out-of-pocket.

        • lisa says:

          the rite aid video coupon states its a manufacture coupon so the store wouldn’t let me use the $3 and the $1. bought (2) 24 oz dove bodywash for $12. tried using the $3 and (2) $1 manufacture and was told i coulnt.

          • Anonymous says:

            Did they scan it or just told you that you could not use it? You can read their coupon policy–it allows a Rite Aid Q and a man Q (it does not matter that the Rite Aid Q says “manufacturer”). Sad to say many of the cashiers (and even managers) do not know their own coupon policy

            • Anonymous says:

              Correct. Lisa, I’d recommend reading up on the coupon policy and taking a copy along with you the next time you shop at Rite Aid. The Video Values coupons are not manufacturer coupons (even though they say they are).

            • Doxielady says:

              WOW!! You got that right !! IT IS FRUSTRATING!!!Grrr Most of the cashiers in the town I live in say They have learned how to coupon from ME..LOL

        • Ok, I get it now! I didn’t realize that the video coupon was a “store” coupon since it says it’s a manufacturer’s. I’ll give it a try!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item. In the above scenario, buy three items, use three manufacturer coupons and one Rite Aid coupon.

  20. MelL says:

    I’m confused. If I pay $13 (2@$3.5, plus 1@$6) and then use 2 $2/1 and 1 $3/1, that is $7 in coupons off $13 leaving $6 not 5. Am I missing something?

    • LOL, I just asked the same thing! I got the same total as you did.

      • RenDeals says:

        On the Dove Body Wash you can use One $1.00/1 manufacturers coupon and the $3.00/1 Rite Aid Adperk coupon together

    • Anonymous says:

      Use two $2.00 coupons from RP 1/27, use one $1.00 coupon from the Dove website, and use one $3.00 Rite Aid coupon from the Adperk site. (2+2+1+3 = $8.00 in coupons.) Before coupons, your total is $13.00. Subtract these $8.00 in coupons and you pay $5.00 out-of-pocket.

    • There are 2 $2 Dove Men = $4 + $3 Rite aid q for Dove Womens + $1 Dove MQ = $8 $13-8=$5 – $4 up = $1 or $0.33 each! HTH

  21. Newbee says:

    In California, I got Save $4/1dove men+care body and face BAR instead of the word wash. I take it its not the same. Right? lol Newbee.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right. Those are different coupons.

    • couponkid says:

      No there was that and this.

      P.S I bellieve Joanie lives in Cal. so I’m pretty sure she know. On the other hand I don’t get this math. Is it me, or is this off?

      • Anonymous says:

        Use two $2.00 coupons from RP 1/27, use one $1.00 coupon from the Dove website, and use one $3.00 Rite Aid coupon from the Adperk site. Before coupons, your total is $13.00. Subtract these $8.00 in coupons and you pay $5.00 out-of-pocket. Then you get the $4.00 +Up Reward back.

        • zseesz says:

          if you have 2 video value accounts you can turn it into a money maker by doing the sale in two transactions

    • Candy Porras says:

      Right below that coupons was the $2/1 coupon for the Dove Men Care…. sorry this is late.. I’m in Cali too…

  22. I can’t figure out where the last $1 savings comes from. Even using the three highest value coupons on each of the three products, I still get $6.00 OOP (.67 cents each). What am I missing?

    • AshF says:

      Total before coupons – $13 Then, $2/1 x2 (-$4), and $1/1 (-$1) and $3/1 (-$3) leaves $5 total OOP. I think you and MeIL are missing the $1/1 printable for the larger 18 oz body wash. Hope this helps!

    • Anonymous says:

      Use two $2.00 coupons from RP 1/27, use one $1.00 coupon from the Dove website, and use one $3.00 Rite Aid coupon from the Adperk site. Before coupons, your total is $13.00. Subtract these $8.00 in coupons and you pay $5.00 out-of-pocket.