Ibotta is all the rage in the couponing world. The question is, have you heard of it? Basically, for those of you living under a rock, Ibotta is a smartphone app where you can earn money by purchasing participating products. The money earned is paid via paypal and can be earned even with manufacturer or store coupons! Watch the video to learn everything you need to know!

How to Download the Ibotta App to your Smartphone 

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36 thoughts on “How to Use the Ibotta App to Save Money!”

I was wondering why ibotta shows different rebates available when I go to their homepage from my PC? I would like to buy a few of the items shown but they don’t show on my ibotta app on my phone. How do I get credit for the items if I cannot unlock them on my phone? Thanks so much!

what i need to do when i want to return the item for which i got credited from ibotta??

I looked and cannot find any information on this. What do you do if your receipt did not print with a barcode. I have had this happen several times.

bet this is a new rule for people that have abused the app.. some ppl really suck..

My Droid want scan the barcode!!!

I bought childrens Advil and infants Advil in the same transaction. I submitted the receipt and got credit for the childrens Advil. The new offer popped up and it just so happened to be for the infants Advil, so I resubmitted the receipt. I got a Dejavu message and it stated that my account would be terminated for trying to earn credit for a duplicate item….which I didn’t. I read their terms & conditions and it states that items must be on separate receipts to earn credit. Kind of crazy to me, since you don’t know what your next offer is going to be. Frustrated.

I got the same thing.

This must be a new rule!

I just tried doing the speedstick with a different size and they took it…receipt said 3 oz but I scanned a larger one I had at home! ch..ching!

The other day I bought 3 cereals and 3 pop tarts. I came home and submitted my receipt and products for two of the items which was one cereal and one pop tart. The next day two more of the same offers were available on ibotta again. Can I submit the same receipt for another cereal and pop tart again since I bought more than one cereal and pop tart? I scanned the terms for this question, but was not able to find an answer. Thanks!

Yes, the same thing happened to me where the replaced product was the same as the one I just purchased, since I had more than one in my receipt, I was credited for it.

Can this be downloaded onto Kindle Fire?

My problem is that I add an item and then buy it a few days later thinking it will still be in my account, but then it’s gone when I go to submit. I assume it is really gone, but am I missing something?

I just want to mention that you DO NOT need an iphone to download apps. You can buy an ipod (the ones with the touch screens that basically look like thinner Iphones) and download apps on them. You do need WiFi to download the apps but in the long run it will be cheaper if you can’t afford an iphone. You could also look for pre-owned Ipods on the cheap at places like Craiglist or look for a sale near holiday time.

Smartphone – check Android or Apple – not check. Wish they had a windows media or blackberry app…I’ve got one and my husband the other :/ Shame they’re so narrow-minded…since it sounds like a great promo.

I haven’t been able to get a smart phone due to the cost of the monthly service plans. I am hoping that Ibotta plus some other similar apps could offset at least half of the cost of the monthly service plans so I can afford it. Approx. how much can I save and what other apps would you recommend for generating savings?

Check out Virgin Mobile. Both me and my husband have smart phones with service through them and the monthly the plan is only $30.00 all inclusive — we have unlimited unlimited data and phone usage. I use my phone for talking, texting, internet usage, navigation, games, videos/movies and so much more.

We have been using Virgin for several years now and we couldn’t be happier that our phone plans went from spending hundreds of dollars per month with other companies to a mere $30.00!

We have the Straight Talk service from Wal-mart, $45 a month all inclusive, runs off any signal, only have to pay the $$ up front for your smart phone! I Love my Android smart phone (Samsung Galaxy 3) threw straight talk.

Republic Wireless. Buy a used DEFY XT phone, and then $19.99 will get you unlimited talk/text/data. My son is on the $10/month plan that only gives him data when connected to Wi-Fi. No problem for stores like Target that offer Wi-fi on-site.

Do I have to buy the product in order to then receive the money from the polls, etc?

no. you will have a group of offers. you choose from which that you like, use, etc and then do the surveys, posts, answer questions. then you can buy the product either all at once, partial, or one at a time. then take a pic of your receipt & upload. Last, capture the UPC on the product.

I think the answer is yes, make sure to do all the polls-shares-offers on the products you are interested in and then you receive all the credit when you purchase the product & upload the receipt.

ughhh I need a smartphone! lol

The only problem I have had with Ibotta is making sure the item for the rebate is offered by the store in which you are buying it like Optic white toothpaste and Optic white mouthwash. I bought them from Walgreens and when I submitted the receipt I found out that I could not get the reimbursement with Walgreens because it was not the items they allowed. My phone would not work inside store so when did realize it i had already purchased the items.

that happened to me too!

How (or where) do I check to make sure I am buying the right products at the right stores? I have the app & I am getting my coupons and shopping lists ready today..

if I purchased some of the items a while ago will I still be able to earn the cash now?

You should be able to, yes. Let us know once you try it! :)

I love how easy and approachable it is… but how often do they update the coupon selection? Because we really don’t use any of the 20 something things listed!

If u click on the product & click the I in the right hand corner it should give u the option to like or not like them…this should give u new items quicker!

I guess I live under a rock as I don’t have a smart phone. But thanks for the information should I make the conversion.

A few questions:

1) Must the offer (like a poll, learn fact etc) be activated before the purchase ? Can I do those after I have bought the item and am ready to redeem ?

2) If there are more than 1 offers in the same receipt, what are the steps to scanning the barcodes properly ? The other day I bought Colgate Optic White mouthwash and toothpaste, and the ibotta app had problem scanning the 2nd item…

Thanks for any help.

Yes, u can activate them after the purchase…be careful though, because products like to disappear without notice. Contact ibotta if you think the product it correct. They were very helpful when I couldn’t get a correct product to scan before.

Thank you for making this video! Really thank you! I have Wi-Fi so I don’t always get service and cannot participate in all those other coupon apps! I didn’t know this was so easy! Thanks so much ladies! :)

My daughter’s old smartphone can use wifi without service. I can download this app and use it with my internet. So you don’t have to have a service plan to use this item. So many of the apps won’t work without cell phone service, but this one does. I can also do endorse this way.

Awesome… I’m new to couponing. So this good info for me. Thank KCL