Several varieties of Jesse’s Girl cosmetics and beauty tools are marked as 75% off at Rite Aid. This is a hot clearance price! Check your stores, since clearance prices and products can vary by region.

Jesse’s Girl Toe Dividers (reg $1.49) $0.37, clearance price



Jesse’s Girl High Intensity Nail Color (reg $2.99) $0.75, clearance price


Jesse’s Girl Liquid Glass Lip Gloss (reg $3.99) $1.00, clearance price


Jesse’s Girl Cream Eyeshadow (reg $3.99) $1.00, clearance price

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8 thoughts on “Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics—Save at Rite Aid!”

LOL! For a minute there I thought they misprinted with the 775%!

Haha! I’d love that!

Talk about a money maker!! I’d love the one that’s 775% off lol :)

Hehe, it does look like that in one of the pictures! :)

I bought a blush, powder and compact total cost :1.25 love when I can save money and love Rite Aids sales and clearance:)


When I saw this at my store yesterday they were already down to one item left.

Sorry! Clearance finds are like that.