As advertised in this week’s Walgreens coupon deals, Energy Sheets Strips are free after Register Reward. On my morning trip to Walgreens, I found several boxes of Energy Strips marked down on clearance, and I’m happy to report that the Register Reward still printed! Look for the clearance boxes with the other energy shots and protein products or on the back aisle end caps.

Mint Boost Energy Sheets Strips, 10 ct (reg $5.49) $2.79, clearance price
Buy 1, Receive $4.00 Register Reward through 2/9
Pay $2.79, Receive $4.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $1.21 Moneymaker 


I found another exciting surprise this morning! When I opened the box of energy strips after purchasing, I found a coupon for $1.00 off any Sheets product!  After buying your first box, repeat the transaction using the coupon from the first box! Check it out:

Mint Boost Energy Sheets Strips (reg. $5.49) $2.79, clearance price
Buy 1, Receive $4.00 Register Reward through 2/9
Use $1.00/1 Sheets Product, any 10 ct from Energy Sheets Package (exp 7/31/13)
Pay $1.79, Receive $4.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $2.21 Moneymaker 


Thanks, Reader April

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30 thoughts on “Better-than-Free Energy Sheets at Walgreens!”

The mint ones aren’t labeled as clearance around me. Is that the one that should be on clearance?

ok so my store had them on clearence for 1.29 i bought 4 of them each of them had a 1 dollar off coupon inside i went beck later and got 9 more for only .29 each and it still printed off the 4.00 reward for each one making it a $41.00 money maker for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Awesome! Was the cashier ok with you do doing several separate transactions? I did 4 and my cashier wasn’t very happy but oh well =) I wish I had a friend that works at Walgreens so I can do as many transactions as I want. LOL!

boo our store is already sold out :(


Went to my walgreens and they had them on clearance for $2! Got 1 Venus Proskin 2 in 1 Razor on clearance $5.49, 2 Playtex Sport Body Wipes on clearance $2.39, 1 Hallmark Card $3 full price after coupons and a $10 RR only paid $2.19 Received the $4 RR! I was so excited! Of course the guy at the register wasnt thrilled even after I paid he kept looking at all my coupons and RR. At one point he didnt even want to take my coupons for the Playtex Body Wipes he thought the picture was of another product which it wasnt anyway after I pointed out that it was for the right products and that you cant always go by the picture he then scanned them “with anger I might add” lol Oh well…I’m one happy girl tho!!

Thanks for sharing!

Make sure to check the expiration date on the coupon inside, mine was expired in ’12

Good tip! Mine expires is July of 2013.

I tried Sunday and none of my RR printed. I returned yesterday as instructed and they still wouldn’t print. The nice manager just gave me cash back instead. That was really nice!!

That was nice!

You can buy these more than once and still get the points? I know at cvs it’s 1 per card

It seems from the post you receive RR, not points, so you would need to do seperate transactions. Be sure not to use the RR earned on the first transaction to purchase the same product or you will not receive a RR on the second transaction.

oh, is that the case always? u cant get rr if you use rr towards that purchase?

This is always the case. You won’t get a RR if you buy the same items as your 1st transaction. Also if you buy a different product that has a RR but made by the same manufacture it won’t print.

You can use RR to purchase items that produce a RR as long as it is not for the same item or the same manuf. (ie: P&G) Also, you can only use as many RR and coupons as you have products, that is why we use cheap filler items at Walgreens. Read Walgreens 101 for better understanding–located under the Find my store tab–Walgreens.

This is a Register Reward, not Points. You can only earn one Register Reward per offer per transaction.

Yep me 2. Plus OPEN the boxes up…there is $1 MQ inside. Was able to make $2.21 each. Went 6 different Walgreens and 3 of them had them clearanced down to $2.49. So made $2.51 each. Made $2 from every Cutuelle, and $1 for every AZO. Really made out this week. Best one since Thanksgiving:) Got HUGE supply of Thermacare, energy sheets, Culturelle adult & children, Azo,.toothbrushes….plus TONS of fillers…like sad. bags, olives, both kids valentines candy, bags, pencils, ect. . ALL for only Tax:) I love my Walgreens!!! Would post, but don’t want to be hated on. lol.

I love Walgreens too!

But please do not open them & take the coupons. At my Walgreens the boxes were opened

Oh no!

omg…really?? No I bought 2 for $2.79 then used the MQ that were in them on the next purchase, and just kept rolling. Can’t believe people do that. What is wrong with people these days? Geesh!

That’s really crappy of a person to do that. :s Hope you have better luck in the future. :)

Where is the coupon for the Azo??

I discovered this on Sunday, and have done this multiple times so far this weeks. Normally I just get one of each of the RR items that I will use, but on this I keep going back and using the overage for other things I need or to get points. I used the overage one time for the candy bars that are 2/$1 wyb 4 get 1000 points so I left with the energy strips 4 candy bars and $4 RR and 1000 points and only paid .79 plus tax! (I used $3 RR from the thermacare)

It is a super deal!

Good Job. Sucks that you guys get charged tax, I live in Oregon and we don’t get charged (Thank God <3 ) I used some of the RRs to get bars of soap with the points- some for donation and some for my family.

REALLY?? You are so LUCKY!! We get taxed for EVERYTHING exept food. Sux!! Like 5.75% tax!! So for every $100 I spend uncle sam gets $5.75 of it. Especially sucks on big purchases like vehicles, homes, ect. Tons of $ washed down the drain there:(

I live in OK and we pay tax on everything including food. 8.25% or higher.

I’m telling you, I don’t know what I would do if I was charged tax lol then my math would be wrong lol and I would be spending more cash like you said. I love Oregon :)

9.something % tax here. WA state.