Hurry and claim a $7.00 coupon valid on any Tena pads. Go to the Tena website, fill out the required personal information and the coupon will be mailed to your home address. Once the coupon is received, head to Walmart and pick up the Serenity Tena Ultra Thin pads. They retail for $5.24, which makes these pads free!

Be aware: this coupon states “up to $7.00.” That means that the cashier will subtract the price of the pads, not the entire $7.00. So the pads are a freebie rather than a moneymaker.

The coupon is not available to those who have registered for this offer previously. 

Serenity Tena Ultra Thin Pads, 30 ct $5.24, regular price
Use Save up to $7.00 on Tena Pads – (
Final Price: Free

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15 thoughts on “Free Serenity Tena Ultra Thin Pads at Walmart!”

  1. I signed up for all three and printed off the c oupon, and will get the $7. and $14. offer! YES! Thanks Krazy Coupn Lady! Being on a tight budget this helps!

  2. toyentsmaria says:

    Wanted to mention a freebie i got today at walmart. It was the mini travel gold bond ultimate lotions for .97¢ each. Got 5 of them for free. I cant remember from which newspaper insert it came from. Think it was from redplum. It was from a few weeks ago andit was $1.00 off. Theres no limitations on the size at all on the coupon. I read it over twice to double check it and it did work. The expiration date on the manufacturer coupon was 4/6/13. I did take a pic of coupon with the lotions but didnt know how to load it up on here from my droid phone. Also wanted to say krogers has Act anti cavity kids fluoride rinse in bubblegum blowout(big pink bottle of 18oz. For $1.25. With the act coupon for $1.00 off you get it for .25¢ . It was a closeout price. Had one question…how do i get on the brag part of this website? Just wondering. Thanks. :)

  3. jg216 says:

    Thanks so much for the ti on the Tena free pad, I do have to buy incontinence pads but they are so expensive.

  4. Anonymous says:

    the people that are signing up for these are they donating them? or using them? just curious. thanks

  5. asd says:

    many walmart around the country arent taking these coupon because they are not from a magazine or from the paper inserts since they seems to be printed, there also not taking coupons over 3 dollars if they are internet printed

    • Anonymous says:

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    • JoJoMillerWood says:

      They mail you the coupon, I already got and used both of mine at wal-mart no problem at all, they are legit coupons. They have special paper they print them on.

      • 2VavaIvanova22 says:

        They also printed on the back of them to show that they’re real. Last time I used them, I took the whole letter with me to show it was sent to me by mail. They took the coupon perfectly fine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Walmart’s coupon policy says nothing about a dollar limit on a coupon, I’d talk to the manager at the store.

  6. 2VavaIvanova22 says:

    I went to the page that the link sent me to, and I signed up for both coupons! $7 and $14 :) At Walmart you also get free women’s underwear pads when you use the $14 coupon from this site :)