Did anyone pick up the new Wet n Wild nail polish coupon in the 2/10 newspaper today? Check the Red Plum insert, cut the coupon, and pick up some free nail polish at Walgreens!

Wet n Wild Nail Polish, 0.43 oz $0.99, regular price
Use $1.00/1 Wet n Wild or Fergie Product from RP 2/10 (exp 2/23)
Final Price: Free




Or, pay a dollar more for some Wet n Wild fast drying nail polish.

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Polish, 0.48 oz $1.99, regular price
Use $1.00/1 Wet n Wild or Fergie Product from RP 2/10 (exp 2/23)
Final Price: $0.99


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47 thoughts on “Free Wet N Wild Nail Polish at Walgreens!”

I’ve had this same problem at Wags many times before. Now I carry the coupon policy with me. I’ve never had anyone argue against the printed coupon policy.

I got 10 of them today at walmart they were .93, I am glad I didn’t pay because they are not good!

rite aid has all wet n’ wild products 40% off. makes the 99 cents ones 59 cents. use the $1/1 coupon and you get overage for other items!sorry if someone already posted this — didnt look through all the comments. follow me on instagram @lovesarahbella

didnt get it here in NH :(

I live right on the border of NJ and NY, so I see some local NJ papers and some NY papers. I forgot which had which, but one had the $1/1 any WNW and the other stipulated the WNW had to be 1.99 or more

Where in MI do you live? I live at the OH/MI line and I get a paper from Toledo and MI Monroe Evening News. NO coupon in the Toledo Blade but Monroe Evening News had it. M.E.N. always has better coupons.See if you can get one of those papers.Good luck!

Yes, inserts can have different coupons depending on where you live.

cvs has a better deal on these.. .99 each and B1G1 50% off. Gave them all my coupons before I found my cvs card and they took off full amount and i had a $4 off $12 cosemetics as well so made this a nice moneymaker 😛

nice i got that $4 off $12 cosmetics as well gonna try this tom at cvs thanks

Wow, nice find!

I used 6 with a $2 off $5 cosmetics purchase and it was a 3.55 MM 😀 I am getting more coupons for my $4 off $12 coupon! I can’t wait!

Got my coupons today and its for $1.00 off any wnw or fergie product. I live in Paducah, Ky and get the Chicago tribune and the southern illinoisan and the st. Louis paper. Only weird thing was i had last weeks coupons in it too. Got this weeks too. Not gonna complain at all. Lol. :)

I never get the WNW coupons for some reason..and we have WNW all over the stores in kentucky…

Thats weird. Which area are you at in ky? Also what newspapers do u get? I goto books a million because our local paducah sun newspaper rarely ever has coupons. Think in the past few yrs. Of getting the paper every sunday ive coupons in there maybe 3 times at the max. Waste of money without any coupons in there i think.

My Wet n’ Wild coupon states $1 off WNW or Fergie eye makeup.

This coupon was not in my redplum I was really hoping to use it but maybe next time!

I did not receive the coupon here in Iowa. Does anyone know how else to get it?

I didnt get one either. Try Ebay or a coupon clipping service..

I know you mentioned this is a regional coupon.. Looking for your opinion, What is the best region or city to order a newspaper from to get the best coupons?

It really depends, some states did not receive this coupon.

My coupons are for $1/1 any WNW or Fergie $1.99 & above only. I guess no freebies for me! I’m in New York City. I wonder how many variations of coupon they released…

I live in Missouri and mine just says $1 off any WNW or Fergie but nothing about a price…

My husband is the Plant Manager at a printing plant, and I can tell you that most stores have a lot of different ad copies. There is one I know of that has 83 different versions, and that’s a smaller grocery chain. The larger ones have even more. Same with the coupons. It depends on their sales in your region.

scored 3 today at walgreens! thanks kcl !

We are happy to hear about your great deal!

$0.41 MM at Rite Aid with their 40% off sale on WnW! Coupon scanned and did not auto adjust!

Mine didn’t scan and the checker said it would take it because the product was only $0.59.

no coupon in my insert

where can i print one?????

There is currently not a printable coupon for this product, this was a newspaper coupon in today’s Red Plum insert. Some regions of the U.S. did not receive this coupon. We will inform our readers, if there is a new printable coupon for this product.

hi there ummm wasnt sure where to ask this but what is the best printer for coupons?

It really depends on your preference. Any printer will do fine as long as its printed on good paper, so that it can scan easily. Just be sure to check ink levels and there should be no problems.

My coupon is for an wet n wild eye product not nail polish!! :(

mine too!! boooo!!!!

walmart has these for .93 which makes it .07MM

Wow, great find!

cant find these at my walmart il try walgreens

didnt get it either.. =(

I did not get this coupon in my paper:(… been looking forward to it too:(

Sorry about that, this is a regional coupon,.

Walgreens wouldn’t let me use this coupon today because of the overage…pfff.

They should have adjusted it down. I love Wags but I don’t use coupons that exceed the price there. Many of the cashiers are not familiar with adjusting the coupon value, causing hassle most of the time. Try CVS instead. When the nail polish is not on sale, I use the coupon with a percent off coupon so it ends up being a MM!

I tried to use 4 coupons at Wags on this deal but they would only accept 3 of them. If only I had checked Walmart first. After tax i was able to use my 4th coupon to get one bottle for 1 cent. Not sure what happened at wags.

They can change the price

They should be able to match the price. Their coupon policy allows for free items, they just won’t give money back.

Awesome deal. Clear nail polish is useful for so many things.

Glad we could help. We love to hear couponers getting great deals.