This is the time of year for sunshine, flowers and…taxes.  H&R files online federal returns for free. State return preparation and filing comes with a fee.

H&R Block provides an accurate calculation guarantee and a maximum refund guarantee.

Even better, free audit support and audit representation are part of H&R Block’s worry-free audit support guarantee.

Take advantage of this deal:

  • Visit H&R Block.
  • Select “File Online Now.”
  • Create your account.
  • Enter your tax information. That’s it!
  • Need help? Look to the right hand side of your screen for free online support.


Fill in the details below or click an icon to log in.

One thought on “File a Federal Tax Return Free at H&R!”

that’s free if you have a really simple return.

The best kept secret is the H&R Block “Best of Both”. You input your info but a tax person checks your work and fixes any problems/asks more questions. It’s only $79 to start with a max charge of $140 (I think). This is Fed, State(s), investments, children, property, etc. Usually, when your return starts to get complicated the cost of the return gets higher. Not with this.

Seriously, this is the best kept secret! It’s even hard to find on their website. Go to the H&R Block main page and look under “Tax Prep Options” at the bottom of the page. I did this last year and will never do it any other way.