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Glorious News! Target’s Online Price Match Policy Becomes Permanent!

Have you heard the news?! Target has extended their Online Price Match policy indefinitely! This means you can price match from online retailers:,,, and

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12 thoughts on “Glorious News! Target’s Online Price Match Policy Becomes Permanent!”

  1. Mike says:

    I went and just asked a week ago by the price matching. And the ” captain ” of training said it was only during the holidays and it was not in effect now. So maybe some of the trainers don’t even know.

  2. Jeffy Walker says:

    Off topic: I called Target to see when they do markdown ever two weeks and they said they can’t release that info. KCL, How did you get it?

  3. Jen Oney says:

    Price match is not valid in Alaska an Hawaii because the shipping is so much more to the non-continental US

  4. Curious says:

    Is this in Canada as well?

  5. Leon says:

    Can you price match an item plus use a coupons as well..

  6. Ransom says:

    This is only if the item is in stock online, correct? Also Target in Hawai’i will only match their site not competitors

  7. lexyandlogan says:

    will Target price match their own online prices in the store?

  8. MJHsmom says:

    Hi Ladies! Love Target and loved using this online retailer price match policy during the holiday season, it saved me almost $100 on toys! What I have been wondering is if the perfect coupon storm arises (price match + Target coupon + Manu. coupon + %5 off for using Redcard), is it a valid transaction according to Target’s coupon policy? Thanks!

    • Wolfdragon says:

      so far I have been allowed to use Target coup, Manu Coup, and my RedCard

      So I dont see why not….