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Hotel Transylvania DVD, Only $10.00 at Amazon and Target!

Hotel Transylvania DVD, Only $10.00 at Amazon and Target! Hotel Transylvania is on sale this week at Target for only $10.00, according to their ad. No Target nearby? No problem! The same DVD is $10.00 at Amazon. This movie costs $22.96 at Walmart, so $10.00 is a krazy price!

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Hotel Transylvania DVD (reg $20.99) $10.00
Free Shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: $10.00



Hotel Transylvania DVD $10.00, sale price through 1/16

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17 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania DVD, Only $10.00 at Amazon and Target!”

  1. Saron says:

    This is a cute and fun movie! Loved it!

  2. sylvr1 says:

    I called a Target store to see if they have the DVD in stock and the guy said yes over 10, plus more at the front lanes. I asked him if they are the $10DVD’s and he said yes. So i drove far, to a few cities over, about an hour and a half after i made the call and I didn’t see any of the $10 ones. I only saw the blu ray $34.99. After talking w the guy who i spoke w on the phone, he tried telling me they have been busy and im supposed to believe they sold out in under 2 hours…I call B.S. I spoke w a manager and told her that he was looking at the wrong DVD. She honored the $34.99 3D blu-ray Dvd for $10…woohoo

  3. Ashley says:

    I rented it from redbox on mon. and never got a coupon for it!! How can I get it??

  4. Ashley says:

    I rented this movie on mon. and I never got the coupon for it!!

  5. Nikki says:

    Just as a note: my local Target was sold out of the DVD (and had none in stock even!), but they gave me a raincheck good through mid-April if anyone finds their Target is out =)

  6. kim says:

    Does anyone know how I can get the redbox couon still?

  7. Robin says:

    Amazon is back up to 19.99. Redbox is still advertising the $5 coupon today.

  8. Crystal says:

    Redbox link they send you is still good I scored hotel Transylvania for $5 at Target the other day.

  9. Samy says:

    Redbox was sending out $5 off coupons, if you rented the dvd or blu ray, to buy the dvd or blu ray. I need to see if mine is still good! Could be this year’s bday for someone!

  10. Edith Cabrera says:

    Dennys had a $5 off coupon in their kid’s menu