There is a great $0.75 SeaPak product coupon out there, but it gets even better! Share with three friends through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter and the coupon’s value will increase to $1.25! Hurry over to Walmart with the coupon to get SeaPak Shrimp Poppers for only $0.33!

SeaPak Shrimp Poppers, 6 oz $1.58, regular price
Use $1.25/1 – SeaPak Product – (
Final Price: $0.33 

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21 thoughts on “SeaPak Shrimp Poppers, Only $0.33 at Walmart!”

I got a $0.75 coupon for it in my Sunday coupon inserts , a few weeks ago .

They are $1.67 at the walmarts in Shreveport, la too. Still a good deal after $1.25 off though. Thanks for the link!

TX- Got mine,they’re $1.67 @ mine, so only 42 cents. Made them
tonight, only 10 min in the oven :)

It let me print it twice but after the second print it said “single use coupon”. The coupons have the same number on them. So, should I throw the second coupon awa?


No you should not if you look under the qr codes the last letter or number should be different on both of them

You have to be a savings club member to get the 1.25. And you can only print 2 no matter how many computers you have.

my walmart does not carry the smaller package any more :(

Shared bu didn’t let me print the $1.25. Grrrr.. :(

ive always seen the shrimp for 1.67@ walmart/ know i see them for 5.00@ walmart / just like during chrismas the axe bonus packs walgreens started taking them off the shelf and told the employees that they sold out after the coupon expired the broke open the bonus packs and sold them indivisials here in sa tx

Isn’t that illegal for them to do?

My local Target removes great coupon items as well — mostly MM and free items after coupon savings. They remain out of stock (on first day of sale) until the sale/deal ends. Then they magically appear on the shelves again the very next day. It’s frustrating. I’ve overheard employees talking about doing this at Meijer as well.

Sorry but I work for Meijer trust me we don’t do that .

My sister-in-law used to stock shelves at our local Meijer many years ago. I know it happens. Maybe your store is different.

Your sister should of reported that . I’ve been with the company for almost 14 looooooong years now and never saw / heard that happen . Sorry for your experience .

We have a store to floor policies ( what comes in MUST go out ) but we do have shelve clearers :(

YAY! They have these on sale at Safeway fairly often!

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i went today and my walmarts had them for 1.67 minuse the 0.75 cents is still not a bad deal

The cheapest that was at my Walmart was five dollars darn! =(

Thanks so much for posting this! My family and I love these and I was super excited about the $0.75 off coupon and now I’m even more excited! :)