This week at Walgreens, Carmex lip balm is on sale for only $0.99. Track down a Walgreens Cold & Flu Coupon book and score the lip balm for free! The Walgreens Cold & Flu coupon books can be found in the medicine aisle near the cold supplies. Since the value of the coupon exceeds the price of the lip balm by one cent, the coupon will need to be reduced by one cent. (If your cashier doesn’t seem to know how to do this, it may be easier for him to raise the price of the lip balm by one cent. This works just as well.)

Carmex Lip Balm, 0.15-0.35 oz $0.99, sale price through 2/23
Use $1.00/1 Carmex Moisture Plus, Original, Peach or Pink Shade Lip Care, 0.75 oz, Manufacturer Coupon from Walgreens Cold & Flu Book (exp 8/13)
Final Price: Free 

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39 thoughts on “Free Carmex at Walgreens!”

The moisture plus is buy one get one free this week with the cost being. 2.99. I was able to use two coupons and paid only. 99 cents plus tax

In my walgreens they had the carmex moisture plus buy one get one free with them costing $2.99 each. I was able to use two of the booklet coupons on my purchase. So I got two carmex moisture plus lip balms for. 99 plus tax.

They wont let you use that coupon with the original product it is only for what is in the picture.

I’m sorry, but I am somewhat confused on this deal. The sale is for .15-.35 oz, but the coupon says .75. Does this mean up to .75oz? Thanks

Not going to even attempt to do this deal! I have a coupon and it clearly looks like the coupon is for moisture plus original flavor… not going to make an a$$ out of myself. lol

I also have NEVER heard of asking them to change the price of the item to use a coupon when the coupon exceeds the item price. The coupon should be adjusted manually to the price of the item. Therefore the cashiers should cross out the price on the coupon and write what the price was for the item-Say .99 cents and coupon is $1/1 the coupon should be manually put in at .99cents!!! Not asking to adjust the price on the item, that makes no sense what so ever!!!!!

Actually I have had the manager at walgreens do it both ways. Sometimes they have adjusted the price of the item and sometimes they have adjusted the coupon.

It works both ways.

So heres my opinion: Carmex Moisture Plus comes is original, peach, tinted pink, plum and berry. They are .075oz *Carmex chapstick stick is .15oz not .75* The coupon reads (Use $1.00/1 Carmex Moisture Plus, Original, Peach or Pink Shade Lip Care, 0.75 oz, Manufacturer Coupon from Walgreens Cold & Flu Book (exp 8/13) Therefore reading this coupon means ORIGINAL MOISTURE PLUS .75 oz NOT ORIGINAL CHAPSTICK. I didnot feel comfortable using this coupon for chapstick when it clearly is meant for the moisture plus line ONLY. But again this is my opinion

My thinking as well. I think by “original” they ment the “clear” one. That one is also in the photo on the coupon with the peach and pink.

it says original and I got 36 free

I believe the “original” their talking about is the Clear Moisture Plus. That’s also in the picture with the pink and peach. The verbiage makes it seem like it’s only on Moisture Plus, or else why even mention the peach and pink shade? They would’ve just put moisture plus or original. I don’t think this ones going to work.

They are different sizes. The one in the ad is different than the Q…

The 0.75 oz size is for the pink shade lip balm, not the original lip balm, so the coupon is good.

I tried to purchase 4 Wet n’ Wild nail polishes Tuesday, using (4) $1 off coupons. Although 3 were regularly priced the .99 as usual….one was on sale for .50. The lady checking me out claimed that she could not accept the one coupon for the sale priced item. I ended up giving her 3 coupons and paying .50 (sale price) for the fourth , as she stated she was unable to adjust it or she could be terminated! Im still in question as to why I was able to use a $1 mq for a .99 item, yet not a .50 item…either way it seems as though it would have to be adjusted anyhow. Am I missing something?

It should’ve been adjusted down. It’s in their coupon policy. I would’ve politely asked for a manager.

they never adjust down . buy several and as long as the total is higher than the coupons your all good you will just have to pay for the last one

They never said to raise the coupon price.

I went in yesterday to buy some cleaners that were in their ad. WYB 4, you get 2000 points, and they were 2/$5. So I bought 4 of them to get my points. However, only three of them rang up at 2.50. One of them rang up at 2.49, therefore not giving me my points. The manager was very sympathetic, but explained that she had absolutely no way of making something more money! So I had to void my entire transaction. All of these products were even printed in their ad!!

lol, the quirks of Wags. I sympathize with you, I had a incident with them earlier this week. Sry that happened, better luck next time. :)

that’s actually not true. When they had a diabetes meter on sale for $9.99 and a coupon in their diabetes booklet for $10.00 off , they had to adjust the price of the meter up to 10.00. Its super easy and takes about 5 seconds. Their new checkouts have touch screens, they just highlight the price and there is an option to change price.

according to the walgreens coupon policy, they can adjust a manufacture coupon down to the sale price of an item. They should not be adjusting the item price up though.

I went in this past Tuesday to do the Advil deal where you buy $10 & get points back. The cashier must have hit the discount button by accident because everything I bought rang up at 15% off, so I didn’t end up getting the points. I also didn’t bother going back in because she was confused by the wet n wild coupons (wanted me to buy 3 to use my 2 coupons) so I’m sure it would’ve just overloaded her lol

Actually, the cashiers can change the price of the product very simply. They have done it very easily numerous times for me when a coupon exceeds the selling price of an item.

This deal looks awesome!…But if the MQ says 0.75 oz., and the sale is only on 0.15-0.35 oz., will this deal still work? ^^;

The 0.75 oz size is for the pink shade lip balm, not for the original lip balm.

The coupon says .75 oz. Will it still work?

from the look of the picture above the lip balm is .75 oz.

It does not matter what the picture is it matters what the words say

The 0.75 oz size is for the pink shade lip balm, not the original lip balm.

Check the first five numbers of the bar code…if they match then it should work.

please explain–if the first 5 numbers of the product UPC match the first 5 numbers of the coupon?

Is the coupon good on the lip balm? The coupon says carmex moisture plus and thats whats in the picture on the coupon. Has anyone done this deal? I use the lip balm so would love if it works.

“Original” lip balm is one of the varieties listed on the coupon.

I’m pretty shocked at KCL on this one. It clearly says the coupon is for the .75 oz moisture plus and lists three different flavors: original, peach, or pink.

I was thinking the same.. but everyone makes mistakes

it also clearly says ORIGINAL I got 36

I have this coupon and it says it is good on the .75 oz

That size is only for the pink shade lip gloss, not the original lip balm.