Heinz Ketchup is FREE at Target after a new printable store coupon! The coupon states “Save $2.00 on Heinz Ketchup, 38 oz OR 3 Ore Ida Frozen Potatoes”. Heinz 38 ounce ketchup is regularly priced $1.99, but Target grocery prices vary, so some of you may pay just a couple cents if it’s over two dollars.This coupon can be printed twice per computer.


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I still had 4 of the “or” coupons from last week and was able to pick these up today. Though my store had them for $2.69, at $0.69 it’s still a steal! My hubby goes threw so much ketchup too, such a good find for us. thanks kcl.

I RUSHED out the next day to get these and there were just 10 left on the shelf…
The coupon beeped each time, but the cashier pushed it through bc she read the coupon..
I have 2 coupons left that state OR, but now I’m worried to go get another 2 with everyone’s comments about the Q being updated and Target not allowing them

and i did not get the last 10 on the shelf, i only got two

My coupon also read ketchup AND Ore Ida

my coupon said with purchase of all heinz items and in the coupon says the ketchup and 3 ore-ida frozen potatoes not ketchup or ore-ida

they changed the coupon

Didn’t work for me either. Cashier said I have to get the Ore-Ida items as well. That’s what the computer says. Nothing she could do she said their system has been updated and Target has been really strict about these coupons. But the coupon says “OR” on it. Very confusing! Maybe trying a different Target will help.

1.99 at my target in plainfield, sweeeet scored 4 free bottles!

They changed the coupon. It now reads you get $2 off when you purchase the ketchup AND three 19 oz or larger frozen potatoes. :(

Target has a corrected Heinz coupon on there website. You need to buy all the products to get the $2.00 off. I guess they caught there mistake. I am glad I printed mine right away.

I printed mine out a few days ago and got the free 38oz ketchup – it stated “ONE 38-OZ OR LARGER HEINZ KETCHUP OR THREE 19-OZ OR LARGER ORE-IDA FROZEN POTATOES”, just printed out a new coupon and it says “AND” instead of “OR”.

Everyone was much luckier than I. Heinz is $3.39 here, AND I printed the coupon today where the coupon now says “One 38-oz. or larger Heinz Ketchup AND (emphasis mine) Three 19-oz. or larger Ore-Ida frozen potatoes.”

Thankfully, at least the potatoes were $2.69 and buy 2, get one free here. So the four items came to a total of $6.77, which is still an OK deal.

i went to my local target to get the ketcup today andy the cashier told me that i had to buy the ore-ida frozen potatoes too! so i had to put it back. did t hey change the coupon cause now it says and on it

Yes, they changed the coupon. If you printed it the first couple of days, it said OR. It has been reset and now says AND. I used my first two for free ketchup. When I saw that I could print again, I noticed it now says AND. Drat!

2,64 at my Target, coupon beeped but was k1 after she saw it was for right item. Also used my extra 5% in addition to my red card 5%, so got it for about .33

looks like this coupon is gone :(

I can’t find the coupon

The coupon is no longer available

Mine Target had them for 1.99 Free Ketchup :) I got two of them no problems at all

went to print these and they are not there anymore I guess target took them off anyone else having a problem

Yes, they seem to be gone now…

Can I use this coupon at Wal-Mart since their policy says they accept competitor coupons?

I don’t think so. I tried using it at Wal-Mart yesterday and they said they can’t use it if it doesn’t list a specific price for the item. Ketchup is 1.98 at my Wal-Mart and the manager rolled her eyes at me and said they can’t just GIVE me 2 cents. Blah. All that nonsense wasted 20 minutes.

Went to target yesterday morning where the ketchup was 1.99 and the shelf was completely wiped out. Could it be possible that they pulled them off? Was able to get a 40oz at a different target for .69. I told my friend about them so she went this morning, she just called me that they were all gone.

Mine were $1.99 and I was super excited to pick up free ketchup but when I got to the cashier the coupon beeped and she said I was missing another Item so I told the coupon specified OR and she scanned again didnt work so she called a manager and the manager said It will not work because the product needs to be more than the coupon value. So they told I could not use it. I was super bummed and I will go back and try again.

I paid 69 cents each and used both. It beeped as well but the cashier allowed it. They are supposed to only accept 1 but the cashier accepted 2.

Ok krazy coupon lady I was at Target today with my kids got 4Heinz Ketchups and when I was checking out they told me I can only get one cuz it said one per guest I don’t get it there were 4 of us ?

Looks like u got cashier that is new in the store bcoz she was supposed to allow per each guest.

Well it was not cashier it was the lod lady that sucks but ohhh well :)

My local Target had them for $2.69 so i grabbed two @ .69¢ each

Same here .

Same here.. But the best part is i bought that for 69 cents and 2 Nivea lip balm(used 3 off of 2 lip balms and the lip balms which had bonus lip balms 1 free making 4 of them 50 cents each) and i got a catalina of $4 off of 2 sally Hansen nail polish strips.. When combined with MQ it was a MM.. But but but the cashier aid the MQ isn’t scanning and the whole deal went into vain.. I asked her to punch in th ocde ans she says that the code isnt clear what do i do? Did anyone ever had problem with scanning coupons and how did u react?

You should go to customer service then and ask them for help…i am sure they will help you out bcoz its their register fault….hth

I will try it today n see.. Thanks for the advise

since the coupon beeped for us the cashier kept saying we had to buy the ida potatoes AND ketchup. i kept showing her the OR but she didnt believe me! finally she said well I’ll just go ahead and do it. also the coupons say one per person on them.

I just got 2 free bottles today! I thought it was the small ones considering they were free, but it was a big size bottle!

Got two free bottles of ketchup! They were 1.99 at my Target (southern California) and they DID beep at the register. I had a very easy going cashier though who just checked the size of the bottle then pushed it through

I’m glad you had a friendly cashier!

can you use this coupon at walmart as a competitor coupon

Unfortunately, you can’t use Target coupons at Wal-Mart. They won’t accept them because they have no where to mail them to!

My Wal-Mart accepts most Target coupons, they just enter it in as a price match. However, I attempted to use this coupon and they said it’s against their policy to use a competitor coupon that’s more than the price of the item. But she used my other Target coupons and just gave them back because they have no use for them. :)

My target allows 4 coupons per person. They were $1.99 so I went to score 4 bottles. Got to the register and they don’t scan. Cashier didn’t know what to do, so called someone else over who didn’t know either. After 4 ppl came over to check, the head cashier came and looked at the coupons and the product and told her to push it through since the product was right. She also said they were contacting corporate to tell them to remove coupon since it’s obviously a mistake….so hurry and print while u can!

I have 2 mac computes and Target coupons print on my desktop but will not print on my laptop. I use Firefox on both. I wish they would hurry up and get this fixed. Frustrating!!!!!!

I had problems printing from my Macbook but I did a software update and was able to print afterwards.

I know, what’s up with that issue?? I’ve always been able to print coupons from my macbook but last week it pulled up an error code. Since when has this been happening?

my husband tried Safari & it worked :)

The “57” stands for these 57 items-

Heinz Oven-Baked Beans – Pork and Tomato Sauce
Heinz Oven-Baked Beans – Pork no Tomato Sauce
Heinz Oven-Baked Beans – Tomato Sauce no Pork
Heinz Oven-Baked Red Kidney Beans
Heinz Cream of Asparagus
Heinz Cream of Celery Soup
Heinz Cream of Green Pea Soup
Heinz Cream of Mushroom
Heinz Cream of Oyster
Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup
Heinz Bean Soup
Heinz Beef Broth
Heinz Clam Chowder
Heinz Gumbo Creole
Heinz Mock Turtle Soup
Heinz Scotch Broth
Heinz Noodle Soup
Heinz Pepper Pot Soup
Heinz Vegetable SoupHeinz Consommé
Heinz Onion Soup
Heinz Mince Meat
Heinz Puddings—Date, Fig, and Plum
Heinz Peanut Butter
Heinz Cooked Spaghetti
Heinz Cooked Macaroni
Heinz Pure Jellies
Heinz Apple Butter
Heinz Gherkins—Sweet or Sour
Heinz Mixed Pickles—Sweet or Sour
Heinz Chow Chow Pickle
Heinz Sweet Mustard Pickle
Heinz Dill Pickles
Heinz Fresh Cucumber Pickle
Heinz Strained Foods
Heinz India Relish
Heinz Sandwich Spread
Heinz Pickled Onions—Sweet and SourHeinz Spanish Queen Olives
Heinz Stuffed Spanish Olives
Heinz Ripe Olives
Heinz Pure Spanish Olive Oil
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
Heinz Chili Sauce
Heinz Beefsteak Sauce*
Heinz Pepper Sauce—Red or Green
Heinz Worcestershire Sauce
Heinz Prepared Mustard—Brown or Yellow
Heinz Evaporated Horseradish
Heinz Mayonnaise
Heinz Pure Malt Vinegar
Heinz Pure Cider Vinegar
Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
Heinz Tarragon Vinegar
Heinz Rice Flakes
Heinz Breakfast Wheat
Heinz Tomato Juice

Pretty cool! Nice to see you back on KCL!

Thanks! Nice to be back!

Mine were 2.69 for the 38 oz. good deal still. This coupon did beep, be prepared.

Same here. 69 cents was a good enough price for me since I’m out of ketchup and have plenty of free Alexia fries from last week!

same here…BUT there was a big temp price sign above it that said 2.00 so I got it for free.

Where are you located?

Mine were $2.69 so it was $0.69 for me! The coupon did beep as well, but the cashier pushed it through without issue.

Yeah my target was $2.60 something

I was jut there and scored 8 bottles for free!!

That’s great!

Did you know that repeatedly hitting the “57” mark on a glass Heinz ketchup bottle makes the ketchup pour out more quickly and easily? It was intentionally designed that way! :)

hey where have u been?? haven’t seen u on here in forever!!

Hi Dee! I was waiting until I ran out of ketchup to return.

ha lol…i would be ” hey where’s that funny pizzaz at!!”

i cant get target coupons to print. :-(

if you are on a mac and using chrome, try firefox. that’s the problem for me

I had to use explorer to print my target coupons.

try going through firefox, i had the same problem.

I called Target and they said that the 38 oz was over $2.50

That would still be a great deal! .50 cents for ketchup. :-)

Another reason to go to Target, hooray!

I wish they would fix the issue with Java so Mac users could print this awesome coupon!

it works with firefox for me, just not chrome.

Did yours print funny from Firefox? I printed a couple Target coupons
from Firefox last night and they didn’t say “Target Coupon,” the fine print was all messed up, and they just look weird.

My “Target” coupons always print weird, but they DO print I just cut around them and leave them larger than normal. I use Safari.

Yes, just noticed that. The bar code is still intact, so we will see if it works!