Tech-savvy and frugal shoppers, rejoice. In an effort to meet (and beat) prices from local and online retailers, Best Buy offers permanent price matching starting March 3, 2013.

Shoppers armed with information on better bargains need only ask for the price match guarantee then show evidence of a lower price (think mobile device or printed ad) from one of 19 retailers covered under the new policy. Retailers include:

Best Buy will not match the price of a competitor after a purchase has been completed, so plan ahead.  However, if Best Buy lowers the price of an item within 15 days of a consumer purchase, shoppers can return items for a refund to match the lower price.

Rumor has it, the new price match program will be accompanied by a change in Best Buy’s return policy — a reduction from 30 days to 15. Reward Zone Premier Silver members will still have the ability to make returns for 60 days.

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10 thoughts on “Best Buy’s New Price Match Policy, Starting March 3!”

  1. Angelica says:

    Does anyone know if best Buy will allow you to use coupons after you price match? I received a Best Buy 10% off coupon in the mail after moving and would love to use it! TIA

  2. Renee Truby says:

    O and I wanted to say THANK YOU to the KrazyCouponLady site you ladies rock. I can’t even tell you how you ladies have changed my life. We are in the process of purchasing a home because two years ago your site taught me how to save money! we now save about half of our income a month witch was impossible before I meet you!

  3. Renee Truby says:

    so happy about this! I would much rather give my money to my local best buy than online to God knows were it goes!

  4. David Monroe says:

    Man, I should’ve waited to buy that PS3, games and accessories. I paid more on Best Buy than Amazon because they had better financing options. DOH!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you :) went with best buy for the financing options also!

    • adam says:

      there is nothing in the policy from returning and re-buying the item & asking for the price match then. when i worked there last, they were trying to liberate their return policy (increase dig camera / camcorders to 30 days,from 15, no restocking fee), but looks like that is gone away again. if BB could only stay focused on one business plan at a time, it might have a chance, or not.

  5. decent article until the use of the word “poppet”. I’m considering switching to another site for deals – I don’t need to be insulted while I’m reading. I’m really surprised at the decreasing quality KrazyCouponLady. Not cool.

    • David says:

      lol. oh honey.. aka poppet.. those other sites are horrible.

    • XenaWP says:

      Your attitude is crass. Poppet is a positive term of endearment and from British culture, no one is trying to insult you. Get over yourself and stop nitpicking someone else’s vernacular

    • Anonymous says:

      Meant no offense. Term of endearment. We work really hard to bring our readers the best deals and highest quality. We take that seriously.