Kmart is doubling coupons this week. Use a doubled coupon to get a fantastic deal on Colgate toothpaste. Colgate is on sale through 2/25. Use a $0.50 coupon and score free toothpaste!

Remember, Kmart doubles coupons; click here to get details on how to maximize savings.

Colgate Cavity Protection or Sparkle White, 4.6 oz $1.00, sale price through 2/25
Use $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste, 4 oz or larger, Limit of 4 coupons for same product in same transaction from SS 2/3 (exp 2/23)
Or $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste, 4 oz or larger, Limit of 4 coupons for same product in same transaction from SS 2/10 (exp 3/2)
Or $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste, 4 oz or larger, Limit of 4 coupons for same product in same transaction from SS 2/24 (exp 3/16)
Final Price: $0.50, or Free with double

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16 thoughts on “Free Colgate Toothpaste at Kmart!”

  1. misscookie says:

    I have 5- $1.00 off 1 colgate toothpaste coupons, 4 oz. or larger, if I go to dollar tree they’re all free, :) Kmart doesn’t sound like a good deal to me if you have to spend 25 dollars or more :(

    • Tonya Demski says:

      the dollar tree here does not have the right size. I need to check that again, and make sure. thanks

  2. See Thao says:

    How do I get the colgate coupon?

  3. katie says:

    I dont know who got this info or why it says kmart is doubling this week. They alwayshave on wed and sat for members, double coups on purchase of $25 or more. They do have weeks when its a special for everyone. This is not a week, as far as i can tell, anywhere. I called corporate and my local store (which by the way, i rushdd down to last night and the deal was not going on. I was not pleased with tkcl) and no one knew what i was talking about. Not cool.

    • Anonymous says:

      My store still has signs up about doubling coupons every day. There is not an end date. I called corporate and they never know about when they double, which is a little frustrating. My store never knows when they are doubling either. I need to either show them the ad (which it was not in the ad this week) or show them the signs that are all around the store.

  4. jack says:

    I just came from Kmart so the deal there is that you have to spend 25 or more to double the coupons, not a good deal when walmart toothpaste with coupons are .44 cents each… Kmart SUCKS!

    • Anonymous says:

      Above has a link about how to double coupons. It states all details on what you need to do in order to double coupons.

  5. Ryan2007 says:

    What city, state, and location is doubling the coupons?

  6. vanessa says:

    I called my store and the girl told me that this week they are not accepting 2 coupons, which is confusing because there coupon policy says they do accept it oh and also that some weeks you can double in coupons and some dont….does anyone know anything about this?

    • Anonymous says:

      This is frustrating, I know. If there are signs up in the store stating, they double coupons every day, then Kmart has to honor them. Other wise it is up to the store on if they will honor it. Thats what corporate says, which is not right.

  7. learningtheropes says:

    Do I still have to spend the $25 dollars to get them to double the coupons?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Pizzaz only gets free Colgate Toothpaste from the high-end stores. If I’m gonna score freebies, I might as well be sophisticated about it! :)