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Moneymaker on Kikkoman Seasoning Mix at Walmart!

Here’s to better-than-free Kikkoman! Spice up that stir-fry with a $0.22 moneymaker. Head to Walmart for Kikkoman seasoning mix. Add a $1.00 coupon and score this fabulous deal:

Kikkoman Seasoning Mix, 1 oz $0.78, regular price
Use $1.00/1 – Kikkoman Product – (
Or $1.00/1 – Kikkoman Product – (
Final Price: $0.22 Moneymaker 

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19 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Kikkoman Seasoning Mix at Walmart!”

  1. Holly says:

    My walmart didn’t carry these but Target had them for .59 so with the 1.00/1 they were a .41 money maker before tax

  2. valyusha says:

    I got 2 packets of this seasoning for $0.79 at Ultra Foods. Also, got one Bic 4 ct disposable razors (shows Comfort 3 and Soleil Twilight), $1.88. Used $2.00/1 in the 2/3 SS to get it free. The overage was applied to reduce the total bill. Ultra Foods coupon policy says, “The total value of coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. We do not issue cash credit or payout from a coupon purchase”.

  3. May says:

    I don’t see the coupon. Do you have to used different zip code?

  4. ashley2012 says:

    Meijer has them for $.52!!

  5. Mollie says:

    I got mine tonight in the Asian food aisle. Where the soy sauce/stir fry seasonings, etc are. .78

  6. Bona says:

    My walmart has an ethnic food area. It’s one of the first few aisles past the freezers and that’s where I found them. Good luck!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whenever Pizzaz is looking for an item in Walmart, I ask one of the floor associates and simply go in the opposite direction…works everytime!

  8. I’ve seen them in my Walmart.. and I’ve purchased them from Publix..
    Check where the ramon noodles and such would be or where you would find your soy sauce..
    hope this helps

  9. SunnyHavens says:

    I’ve looked several times myself and can never find them. Maybe it’s a regional item? I did find Kikkoman Lime Ponzu Sauce with $1 coupons though!

  10. Allie Marie says:

    I can NEVER find thes. Im going insane here!!

    • Chickenwang555 says:

      Just google the UPC code and ask a walmart employee to see if it is in stock, or if any walmarts in the area carry them. This way if it is in stock it is in the store, and then you can make it the employee’s priority to find it. They can’t say they do not carry them if they are in stock according to their inventory management system. :D How to discretely get what you want with a ‘no option’ attitude. LOL

    • Holly says:

      I couldn’t find these at my walmart either. I found them at target though for .59 so it was a .41 money maker!

  11. Breanna says:

    I have never find these at my Walmart either but I did find soy sauce in one of decorative bottles you see at Chinese restaurants for 78 cents at Walmart.

  12. Ari Safari says:

    Idk +Krazy Coupon Lady where are the located in the store? Imm going to the one in ct

    • Anonymous says:

      Normally they are with the soy sauces and other Asian foods if your store carries them, but if not, try with the spices near baking.

  13. courtney durham says:

    Does anyone know where these are located in the store? I can never find them.