Need a quick pick-me-up? Head over to and request a free sample of Nescafe Momento Coffee! Click “Free Samples” in the left side column (in the Money-Saving and Ideas box), watch a quick video, and click the “Request My Sample” button once the video has completed. The coffee should arrive within four weeks.

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7 thoughts on “Free Nescafe Momento Coffee Sample!”

-It’s at the bottom on the left hand side. You watch a funny-creative ad, and then you enter your name, address, and what kinda coffee you like and CHA-CHING! 😀

I just got on there and ordered mine :) …now can I wait 4 weeks for them to send it?? ehh…guess I’ll have to… 😀 CANNOT WAIT TO TRY!!!

Don’t see it anywhere!

where do i go on the website?

In the search bar type in free sample. That’s how I found it.


you can also scroll down to see all departments then scroll down again past all the departments and it will look like a sentence but your way seems easier

Thanks KCL for the post and thank you Michelle for making it easy to find!