When you’ve finished paying for your groceries and they’re bagged and ready to go, make sure to look around and scan the area. Check at the end of the conveyor belt, the bagging area, the floor, the bottom of your cart, in your child’s hand, and under your coupon binder. Also look back to where you paid, ensuring you’ve got your wallet, purse, credit card, keys, and Catalinas or other rewards you may have left there while finishing up the purchase.

It’s amazing how many times customers notice at the last minute a nearly-forgotten purchase or have to go back into the store for keys, a credit card, or unintentionally abandoned coupons. Make sure to scan your cart again after loading your groceries into the car to make sure you’ve got all your purchases and that all-important coupon binder! Keeping an eye out after checkout and making a 10-second glance around can save you money and time in the long run.

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7 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Scan Your Purchases After Checkout”

I was worried about that too so I put all my coupons in my binder then before I go shopping I check out which coupons I will be using at what store and put only those in a envelope with the name of the store on it and when I get to that store I only take out that envelope but I do keep other store envelopes with me incase I need a coupon that is cheaper for the store I am at.

I try to bring a extra recycle bag just for my binder or I at least load my binder into one of the bags. When I’m loading bags I am also loading my binder into the car.

Agree with everyone! Also I try to make a note of how many Extra Bucks or UP rewards I’m expecting so that I can tell right away by scanning my receipt if they are all there. If I don’t know up front, I have to step aside and check and then get back in line to request them to make an adjustment. I don’t carry a binder, just the items I need for that days’ shopping trip in a plastic protector and have been known to leave it slid down in the basket after unloading my cart, and not notice until I get home. I am super cautious now!

Very good suggestions. I left my binder in my cart after unloading groceries … even though my name and number were in it, I did not get it back. I am much, much more careful now. I also suggestion scanning your receipt before leaving … I don’t know how many times I have had to make a trip to the customer service after because of a problem.

Yes, and be careful not leave your coupon binder in your cart after you unload your groceries. I almost did that once. Scared me half to death! Just to be safe in case I ever did leave it behind, I put an address label on it now with my phone number written on it. Hopefully if I ever do leave it behind, it will find it’s way back home.

I did leave mine in the cart at Walmart one time and thankfully there was a section for mail-in rebates that were outstanding so the customer service rep was able to locate my husband’s phone number and called him. She said we should count our blessings because the head of that department ENJOYS throwing those away and she happened to be out that day. She said that head tells her that she does her share to ‘rid the world of couponers.’ Made me sick!!! I will never leave my binder anywhere again!!

I tend to do this because sometimes it can get a little hectic at the register, especially if things don’t go quite as planned and my things (and I) get a little dis-shuffled. If I feel “rushed” because the line is waiting, I’ll sometimes step away and take a look at the counter, the floor, my basket, my purse, etc. just to be sure I have everything. Often, I get looked at too by the other customers or cashier. It makes me feel a little uneasy, but then I think about the great deal I just made and smile my way all the way out the door!!