Safeway has YoCrunch Yopa! Greek yogurt cups on sale this week for $1.00 each. Facebook is offering a $0.50 coupon when you “like” the Yopa! page. Want an even better deal? Send the coupon to three people and receive a high-value $1.00 coupon. This will make the yogurt completely free! The $0.50 coupon is also a great value!




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5 thoughts on “Free YoCrunch Yopa! Greek Yogurt at Safeway!”

it wont let you print it if you printed it in the past fyi

Yay! I printed off all 6 that I could :) Yummy yogurt, here I come! lol

i was able to print the .50/1 coupon twice, and the 1/1 coupon twice after sharing with friends. yay

By the way, Pizzazezz Safeway doubles coupons. And, since Pizzaz was able to print each coupon listed in this post twice…that means 6 free Yopa Yogurts for Pizzaz! OPA!

ef̱charistó̱ polý (Thank you very much in Greek)