Mac users have reported widespread issues when trying to print coupons from multiple sites like and The problem was related to Java, a type of software involved in numerous computer functions. The good news? The problem has been fixed, which means coupons should print once again. Coupon Network, the website and distributor of Catalinas, has unveiled a new application called Catalina Savings Printer. Installing this will become mandatory in order to access all Coupon Network related coupons, which includes coupons at

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34 thoughts on “Java Problem Fixed for Mac Users— Coupons are Printing!”

  1. Coupons canceled says:

    I have Mac 10.4.11 OSX and the new coupon printer will NOT work for me…apparently they don’t want anyone with an older computer to be able to print their coupons. : (

    • Ms.helpful says:

      I believe it’s because Mac no longer supports that OS. I had problems when the big Java Trojen came out and had to update.

  2. Anonymous says:

    contacted Target…gave me a “generic” answer said my browser wasn’t is, I checked..I am really upset but they really seem oblivious to this matter. I hope it is resolve or my couponing at Target has come to a close.

  3. katherineisabel says:

    Mine still isn’t working…this really makes couponing tough! any new suggestions, can’t just go buy new printer!

  4. Silla63 says:

    I finally got Target coupons to print but does anyone else have trouble printing coupons on your Mac from a popular coupon printing site but I can’t think of the name of it but it is the one where you print the Pine-Sol $1 coupon from Facebook. Can anyone help me out? Most coupons from Facebook use it. Thanks.

  5. Becouponer says:

    I have the same problem is just really a pain….I have a mac also. Hope they il see its not working the new software and chage again for that will works..

  6. julie says:

    Thank You, mine works now

  7. Karen says:

    Well, I can’t believe it as I have had problems since early last year. We finally complained to our local Target in January. I downloaded it and I just printed off my first Target coupon in almost a year. Thank you for the info!

  8. Kristina says:

    Thxs. for the info. I deleted and re-installed on both computers and my Q’s print wonderfully. I’ve missed sooooo many deals because my Q’s wouldn’t print…yay, back in the game!

  9. SamanthaLynne says:

    Mine wasn’t working either, but I have Windows 8. I uninstalled Java and when I tried installing the new Java, it kept saying the file was corrupt, but I was finally able to successfully download it with the offline version, so maybe that will help some people.

  10. Anonymous says:

    just got mine to print, i had to use google chrome and i have java 6 due to security (firefox automatically “deleted’ java 7 ). it finally worked after trying most of the day.

  11. geekgirl says:

    I’m on a mac running lion and even though I installed new printer it won’t print. Keep getting that the catalina savings printer encountered an error. Useless. I even tried restarting everything, no luck. They released this too soon if it doesn’t work all all macs.

    • geekgirl says:

      I did delete java and reinstalled with no luck. And to top things off the coupons I chose on Target to try to print say I’ve printed them the maximum times now. Will have to see if anything changes over the next few days. I tried it in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s what it did to me too! I hope that once things get straightened out, it will let me print those coupons since I never got to print them before it told me I reached the max.

      • Sarah says:

        The same thing happened to me! So annoying.

        • mrn1 says:

          Please contact them so maybe they will fix it I have contacted them, but they didn’t really tell me anything to fix it.

      • mrn1 says:

        Me too! I contacted both Target and Catalina/Coupon Network and they told me to do a few things but it still won’t work on my Macs. Please contact them too! If we all contact them, maybe they will fix the issue.

  12. thriftymom says:

    thank goodness!

  13. kelly says:

    I had the same problem on the target website and the smartsource website but I’m not on a mac computer but i do have java. Wondering if its the same issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      You may have to try either updating or re-installing Java. Hope that helps!

    • guest24 says:

      Me too, kelly. My Netbook won”t let me upgrade to Windows 8, so I can’t get the new version of JAVA either. Bummer, as they are getting the better coupons.

  14. charb561 says:

    I’ve been getting this message all morning:
    “Sorry, we can’t print your coupons!

    The coupons you selected did not print
    Coupons may not print because the maximum allowed prints may have been reached
    between the time the coupon was presented to you and the time you tried to print the coupon.
    This may also occur if you had previously printed the maximum for that coupon,
    but we were unable to detect that before your print started.”
    I haven’t printed any of the coupons selected and each one comes back with the same message. Wouldn’t coupons that are no longer accessible disappear or reject when selecting them?

    • ~Shawn~ says:

      I have this issue as well, and I also have not printed the coupons before.

    • kristen says:

      same problem here I have windows 8 and I thought maybe it has something to do with that

    • Anonymous says:

      Sometimes that is due to the coupon being no longer available. Which coupon is it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here. It’s either that error or it tells me that the Catalina printer isn’t installed but it is.

    • Maria says:

      I also installed the new coupon printer and updated java and it still won’t work. I have tried in every browser on my mac and get the same error message. I printed the same coupons from my kids windows computer after this with no problem so the coupons are definitely still available