Grab your Nesquik coupons and head to Kroger to save big! The Nesquik pouches cost $1.09; use a $0.50 coupon and pay just $0.09 after coupon double!

Nesquik Chocolate Powder Pouch, 3.9 oz $1.09, regular price
Use $0.50/1 Nestle Nesquik Powder or Syrup from RP 02/17 (exp 3/25)
Or $1.00/2 Nestle Nesquik Powder or Syrup from RP  02/17 (exp 3/25)
Final Price: $0.59, or $0.09 with double 

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33 thoughts on “Nesquik Mix, as Low as $0.09 at Kroger!”

  1. sweetgoofygirl says:

    My Krogers sell these for .99 so they end up being free.

    • Marie Miller says:

      My krogers is out they have been out now for 2nd week. But regular price is 99c hope they get them soon.

      • sweetgoofygirl says:

        Ask someone working if they will special order them for you, if you have a bunch of coupons. Mine local Kroger is good about ordering things for me. They call me when it comes in, leaves it at the service desk, and I pick it up there.

  2. Jessica says:

    I was able to get this item for free and my Kroger luckily doubled my coupon to match the price of the item rather than not accepting the coupon like some stores are known to do. Great deal!

  3. Make sure to check by your milk at your local Krogers.. There are nequick straws that are shaped like glasses for kids.. on those are peelies for 50/1 nesquick!

  4. I found them for .99 at my krogers here in Michigan. :)

  5. Janelle says:

    If your Kroger doesn’t double coupons, there’s also a $1.50Q on the Target website that is a manufacturer coupon, so you could use it at Kroger to get these for $0.34 each.

  6. Greg says:

    Who can I contact at Kroger about double & triple coupons? I’m in the Houston, TX area and Kroger’s stopped doubling several years ago.

  7. sweetgoofygirl says:

    If you have Meijers in your area, they also carry these. Mine carry them for .99 and you can double 2 coupons, so 2 free per visit.

  8. Marsha Head Goodwin says:

    I used my $0.50 coupon at my local Randall’s (Safeway stores) on their $0.99 Nesquik. The coupon was for any size. Since Randall’s doubles and triples coupons, I got my Nesquik for FREE…whoop whoop!!!!

  9. thriftymom says:

    when does krogers double their coupons?

    • sweetgoofygirl says:

      Mine always does, upto .50 Im in Southeast Michigan. There is alot of talk that they are working on changing that. Either putting a limit on how many you can double or taking double coupons away all together. Right now there is no limit on how many you can double in one trip.

      • thriftymom says:

        ok thank you, i’ll just have to ask them next time i run in to be sure! they seem to be different everywhere

    • Anonymous says:

      If your Kroger doubles coupons, they will double all day every day.

  10. beckyvandiest says:

    How do i get 6 gallons of milk for 1.99 when kroger limits you to 2 with a 10.00 purchase

  11. Paul says:

    If you have a Dirt Cheap location locally, you might want to check there for some of these. They don’t accept coupons. But, I bought a bunch of these there last week (or the week before) for $0.36/ bag. Not as good as $0.09. But, still a pretty good price and they were a perfect match with the $0.36 bags of 8 oz Stouffer’s Ginger Snaps.

  12. Margaret Mills says:

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    • Anonymous says:

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  13. Liz Springer says:

    Schnucks has the small packs 10 for 10 everyday so these are free.

  14. raiv_dz says:

    which aisle would these be in?

  15. Fashionista says:

    I have done this deal a couple of times. I love Nesquik and the fact that it is literally free.
    Hey, .09 is still awesome
    I have 3 Dillons stores in my area (pop around 50,000 folks; part of Kroger)
    Before it went up to 1.09, I did get it for nothing but tax (it was .99 before). w/tax was 1.07.

  16. Just bought regular size Quik there Tuesday with coupon. Didn’t even see the smaller packs ~ darn!