There are five new store coupons at for Fisher-Price toys! And still has those Fisher-Price offers we told you about last week. This means we can save as much as $20.00 at Target! Every Target coupon is worth the same value as the manufacturer coupons. Double your savings by combining one of each.

Remember, Target is continuing to price match competitor prices. But when stacking coupons towards a price match, keep this restriction in mind: “The Target coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made the manufacturer coupon will be applied.” (from the Target price match policy).






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26 thoughts on “Fisher-Price Target Coupons—Love to Play Puppy, Only $5.19!”

  1. Lauren says:

    The price for the Laugh & Learn Puppy at my Target was $19.99. The price on Target’s website says $15.19. Anybody know if I can price match that at Target?

  2. tina says:

    my target would not take both coupons

  3. Tina says:

    My target would not take both coupons

  4. ysha says:

    Got both the pink and brown puppy. I will give the pink one to my niece and brown one is for my baby. Yipee!!!

  5. kristen says:

    Bummed that the puppy is 19.99 at my store :( But the giggle gang toy was salvaged for 3.88!!! What a deal that was….too bad there was only one.

  6. Samantha Lindsay says:

    My targets are still priced at $19.99 :(

  7. On the Target website, it only let me print 1 each of the Fisher-Price toys and told me I’ve reached my limit!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Try again, it reset!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, you can try printing it again because it looks like it reset!

  10. melaneyrose says:

    Picked up the pink one last night, paid $5.19.

  11. Jen says:

    Picked up the pink puppy at my local target tonight. Thank you so much. It will make a perfect baby shower present.

  12. danafaust says:

    I can not get my target coupons to print from my MAC computer. I remember seeing a previous post about this but can’t find it now… My 6 month old needs Christmas presents :)

  13. Amanda Davis says:

    the q on the target site printed as a manf. q also.

  14. No it is for the brown one too…but I bought the puppy and used the manufactuer coupon…I didnt know about the target one. Can I get credit by showing my receipt and the target coupon?

    • Anonymous says:

      Some Target stores will honor a coupon after the transaction. You could call your store and ask if that’s allowed.

  15. vivi says:

    Is it only for the pink puppy?

  16. NewSaver says:

    Yay!! Christmas presents!