For a limited time, get a free $40.00 nursing pillow and pay only the $12.95 shipping cost. Just use code KCLPILLOW1 at checkout to get the $40.00 discount.

Top-quality NursingPillows are oval shaped with an opening to wrap around mom and give baby a soft, sturdy platform for nursing. The NursingPillow is supportive but surprisingly soft.

With a wide variety of fabrics and patters, even finicky mommies will find a style they like! These make great shower gifts.

Pillows with patterned fabrics are $40.00. “Minky” type plush fabrics are $4.95 more. Shipping and handling is $12.95. Visit to get started.

Lullaby Nursing Pillow $39.95
Use code KCLPILLOW1 at checkout to save $40.00
Pay: $0.00, plus $12.95 shipping
Final Price: $12.95 shipped


Chartreuse Minky Nursing Pillow $44.95
Use code KCLPILLOW1 at checkout to save $40.00
Pay: $4.95, plus $12.95 shipping
Final Price: $17.90 shipped

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9 thoughts on “Free Nursing Pillow, Just Pay Shipping!”

  1. gia says:

    I am so thankful for the comments. I had a Boppy for my babies and it was perfect. I assumed these would be better than a Boppy.

  2. Deisy says:

    Do not buy this pillow. Very small. Not sure how many waists it will fit. Definitely not “top quality” very badly made. I am so mad at myself for buying this. Just threw away $13.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Got it! And used to code for a free UdderCover, Carseat Canopy, and baby sling!!

  4. Bethe says:

    I ordered this for my daughter in-law and it came in the mail today. It is pretty small. You need to have a small waist for it to fit around and for someone that just gave birth I don’t see it happening. Like someone else stated it would probably be good for proping the baby up. I am kind of disappointed over the size of it.

  5. Ashley Ford says:

    These are not good quality! Not even worth the shipping cost if you ask me. I was able to get a Boppy on for about $25 with free shipping. Much better deal if you ask me! This pillow is not made well and is super small. Not good enough to support baby, you may could use it as a neck pillow but it’s not what I expected at all!!

  6. Heather says:

    how long is the code good for? I don’t find out if I am having a boy or girl until April 2.

  7. Kyira says:

    It worked 4 me, my friend is having a baby shower in 2 weeks thought it would be a nice gift and it was only $13 not badly I would have never paid $40 for it.

  8. kim miller says:

    I tried it and it kept giving me an error after I tried to submit payment and told me to call them. However, they are apparently in the middle of moving to different locations and their phones are disconnected until Feb 26.

  9. SamanthaLynne says:

    These are great, even if you aren’t planning on using it for nursing. They are good to prop the baby up before they can sit by themselves or even sleeping while pregnant. I had a similar one for my first born, and I am planning on getting one of these now since I’m expecting.