This week at CVS, this smaller package of Crest is part of an ExtraBucks promotion that turns it into a moneymaker! Keep in mind, this item may not be marked in all stores so please comment below if it works for you!

Crest Complete Whitening with Scope, 2.7 oz $2.67, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks through 3/2, Limit 2
Pay $2.67, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.33 Moneymaker


Do the deal twice (limit 2) to double your savings:

Buy 2 Crest Complete Whitening with Scope, 2.7 oz $2.67, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks through 3/2, Limit 2
Pay $5.34, Receive $6.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.66 Moneymaker

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71 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Crest at CVS—No Coupons Needed!”

This worked for me in Ohio and were priced at $2.77

Worked for me. Mine were priced at $2.99 also and there was no tag showing they were eligible for RR but I just took them up front and tried and it worked! Yay free toothpaste! :)

Worked for me in tampa

Worked for me yesterday 2/26 in GA

Worked for me in San Diego. Price was $2.87 each

Worked for me @ $2.77, got $3.00 ecb.

Yeah baby!! Worked for me in New Jersey. They were priced at $2.89

When I was at my CVS today the checkout lady told me they are going to start taking expired coupons. She took one for me that was exp. 1/22/13. She said they still need to have a policy- she didn’t know how far back they were going to accept them.

😀 !!!!!!!!! i hope that is true! where do you live?

The CVS that I shop at in Minnesota takes manu’s and cvs coupons up to 30 days expired. The only ones that don’t apply are the cvs % off coupons. I always hold all of my coupons to match with the best return!

Thank you.The toothpaste deal worked here in ny. Thanks for sharing.

worked in Pittsburgh PA…were marked as $2.87 and printed unmarked $3EB

Worked for me in NJ! Bought two at $2.87 and got back $6 in ECBs!

my advertisement was for the multipak too so no could do.

anyone do this deal today? wanting to know if it is still working.

Works in Greensburg, Indiana! Woot Woot :)

Worked for me in Los Angeles Ca today. I had to go to two different stores before finding it. The shelves were wiped at the first store and I got the last two at the second one.

Worked for me in Richmond, MI. Price was $2.87 Thanks KCL !!
I just don’t understand how it worked bcause ad says “multi-pack”…..Hmmm?

Every time you see that “multi-pack” promo, this pack is usually included. Just usually not for a MM :)

Just worked for me this Monday morning! I used the bucks (along with the bucks from the hydro gel) to get an even sweeter price on the Crest Whitestrips. Just sent in for the $15 rebate. Woo Hoo!

my ad states you have to buy multi packs?

This is “unadvertised.”

I went yesterday in MS but like everyone said I didn’t see a sign stating I wod get EB back.. The lady made me think the sale had just ended but I did get Colgate Sensitive Pro+ Relief 4.0 oz, reg price $6.98 on sale for $4.98 get back $4 EB .. Limit too! I got mine .. I usually just buy whatever cheapo tooth paste we find but it’s great when I get a really good brand for that price!

Worked for me this morning in S. Cal, price here was $2.99.

Worked here in Morgantown, WV. Thanks for sharing.

Worked in Savannah, GA

works in south chgo..found the shick sensitive by luck,didnt know, they had $1.50 peelie..used $5.00 beauty buck,$1.50 peelie, $.75 crest mq, bought crest toothpaste schick gel and $1.00 cvs chips..paid $.93 $7 ebc..used $4 bought 2nd gel,got $4,..then $4 #3 gel. have $11 ebc for

Worked for me in NW FL price was $2.68. Thanks

It worked for me here in Beaumont, Texas. The price was $2.77 when I bought it. I bought one, so I will go back for a second toothpaste. Thanks!!! =)

it worked for me in Texas :)

This was an amazing deal! Worked even in Washington DC, my friend and I went and got two tubes each, and she gave me her coupon for helping her find a great deal on her favorite toothpaste! :) Thanks!!

Worked in So Cal. $2.77. Thanks KCL!

Worked in NW Florida. They only had 2 on the shelf so it wasn’t hard to find.

Worked for me in the northern San Joaquin Valley the price was $2.87, I got 20% off & $6 in EB. Paid $4.88 OOP

Just worked for me about 10 minutes ago!!!! They were $2.77 at my cvs here in cc, tx, and it triggered the 3eb!!

Worked for me in Columbus, OH! (unmarked)

It worked in Atlanta, GA

I went this morning and didn’t buy because there was no sign, but now that I know there isn’t any signs, I will go back and try…I can always return if it doesn’t work! :)

That’s why we bring you these deals! They are unadvertised!

Worked for me in western PA thanks

Worked for me today at around noon CST. Crest was $2.87 and printed the $3 EBs. The Schick Sensitive shave gel printed $4 EBs (Thank you to the Chester for the heads up!)

Worked in NYC! Price was 2.87 and it was unmarked in my CVS.

Worked for me in Richmond, VA…. Thanks so much KCL!

It was $2.87 at one store and $2.77 at another.

Worked for me!!

Worked for me in Sacramento, CA area even though there was no sign at the store; however, the price here was $2.87.

Worked in MS!

Love to hear it!

worked for me this morning in san francisco. they were not marked and priced at 2.99. used 20% coupon for a small moneymaker. also the schick hydro shave gel SENSITIVE is printing 4.00ecb, not 2.00 as advertised.

Thanks for sharing!

Hydro Sensitive gel like buying second razor. Same results here.
cashier told me green tag going away, btw. He did not know effective date.

is it an unadvertised deal?

This particular item is unadvertised, but the promo is in the ad – it’s the Crest/Oral-B one. HTH.

how does a b1g1 50% off store sale work with a b1g1 coupon? just curious… do I get 3 or 4 products…. so confused

please help…

The store b1g1 50% sales promotion is not connected with the coupon. You can use the b1g1 coupon on the product even when they are at their regular price. You will end up only purchasing 2 items for every bogo coupon..The b1g1 coupon will get you an free item.. With the store b1g1 50% off and the the b1g1 coupon combined, you will either pay for 1 product at the 50% off or at the regular price and get the second one for free. This will depend on how the store register is set up or at the cashier discretion. HTH..

Helps a heap! Thankx…

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it says on the ecb its for buying a crest/fixodent multi pack limit 2.

That’s what mine says also.

This size is almost always participating in the “multi-pack” crest promotions. The difference this time is that it’s a moneymaker because the EB is higher :)

No luck in Norwood, MA. Only larger size extra buck eligible it seems.

Did you try to purchase @kcl-83cbc5e9ad9b537435036c2cdc4b0074:disqus or are you just referring to the signage? It most likely will not be signed.

I was nervous as these were not marked but this deal worked for me :) Thanks KCL!!

Woo hoo!! You’re welcome!

Can I buy 2 of them in one transaction and still get 6ECB? Or do I have to do 2 separate transactions?

It says above, buy 2 get $6 ECB.

Yep, just like we have it in the second scenario above :)

Are there any coupons that could further lower the price?

yes, 0.75/1 P&G, expires 2/28

no, I just spotted the size is wrong, sorry!

Trust me, I would have added them if there were. This size is too small to fit any available coupons. HTH!