Get It Together: Find a coupon organization method that works best for you. We here at KCL highly recommend the binder method for ladies and gents who are serious about couponing and saving money! Check out this video that shows you step by step how to get ready and organize your binder By Category or By Date.

Don’t Delay Cutting: Clip and organize coupons as they arrive or one day a week. If you let inserts and booklets stack up in huge piles, it will put stress on you and take up blocks of time. Get older kids to help out, clip during shows/ movies at home, or clip while the kids are playing.

eCoupons: Upload these coupons electronically to your store loyalty card, and they will apply automatically at checkout when you swipe your card. They can be loaded and used one time per card. There’s no need to clip and file these, and you can add several within seconds! Find out more about eCoupons and how to use them here.

Expireds: Find a system that works for you to keep current coupons in and expireds out. Whether it’s at the end of every week before you insert your new clipped coupons or the first day of every month, rotating out unused coupons will create space. Check out this video to learn how you can donate unused and expired coupons to military families overseas.

Check out Services: If you’re always pressed for time, look into coupon clipping services. It does cost up front, but the benefit is not having to clip them yourself, and you are buying coupons that you will use. Scan your local ad the day it arrives for sales and sale dates, or check a blog for matchups; then order the coupons they mention. Purchases should come in the mail with a few sale days left.

Plan It Out: Planning your shopping trips up front saves time in the long run! Check out The Krazy Coupon Lady website or a regional blog for local store ad and coupon matchups. Write down the best deals and what your family needs, and pull the coupons you will be using ahead of time. Try putting each store’s coupons inside individual envelopes labeled with the store name or into individual baseball card sleeves.

So what works best for you? What ways have you found to cut down time clipping and organizing?

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27 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Organizing Your Coupons Faster”

I have seen women in the stores using a huge binder. Can you suggest something a little less bulky. Just so much to carry around.

I would love to clip all my coupons … but I do not have the time. As soon as I get my coupons, I file in my file cabinet in a folder with date and insert type. When I am ready to go shopping .. I look at the blogs to get recommendations and clip at that time. I carry a small expandable coupon organizer that i have a section for each store I shop at. I also have one for food, paper/cleaning, and personal care (where I put coupons for stuff I cannot live without)!

For coupons that I have clipped and not used — I have a board in my computer room with hooks and I separate into groups. I just hang my coupons here with a binder clip until the next sale or until they expire.

This has worked for me for the last year — before that I was a binder girl. Sure I do not have all my coupons with me all the time, but I am also not carrying around a 15 pound binder. I have missed some great clearance finds, but you cannot get every deal. Plus — I am running out of room for my stock pile.

I don’t clip a single coupon until I know I’m going to use it. When I get the inserts, I mark the month and day on the front page of all the inserts. Then I file them all into a plastic filing cabinet by month. Each week I use coupon sites like KCL to show me what the deals are. If I see a deal I want, I copy the info for that item (i.e. its sale price, what coupons to use, final price) into a Word document and make a complete list of the things I want from all the different stores I look at. As you know, below each sale item is listed the applicable coupons you can use and what insert to find them. I use that list, go to the right month, right insert, flip through, find, and clip. I have separate envelopes for each store, so I then put the coupons into the appropriate envelope. I then print out the Word document and use it as my shopping list. It’s also helpful so I know what the sale price is supposed to be, size restrictions, rewards received, etc. Sometimes the sale price in my store is different than what the coupon site listed, so it may no longer be as good of a deal. This method keeps me from having to clip coupons that I might never use. This helps me keep my sanity and keep couponing!
If I have multiple copies of the same insert, I pull them apart, put all like pages together and then essentially make one insert with all like coupons aligned for easy finding and clipping.

I use this method too. I used to take paper envelops one for each store with me but I moved to a small 5×8 3 hole binder. I found 3 holed plastic velcro closure envelopes. I put in all my coupons for the week sorted by store so I always have then with me. I also put any register rewards in there so I have them for the following week. I also put one folder for store coupons like Kohls and JC penny and fast food joints. no more forgotten coupons!

I really like that idea. Where did you find the 5×8 binder and the velcro envelopes..?

I use this method as well. I also take the newspaper coupon database on this site, copy to a word document, then I customize it. I delete the items I know I won’t buy, the items that did not come in my inserts, then I add items that came in my inserts but was not in the KCL database. Once I have my custom list, I can print it out and take it to the store. When I see a clearence item I just scan the list. Everything is alphabetical so it’s very quick to scan. I try to go through it weekly and delete expired items. This can be a little time consuming, but not too bad if kept up each week. I like the idea of the coupon app better though. Would love to have it but a little too techie for me.

I printed the KCL binder pages and made my own custom catagories. Works great. Use a binder with a presentation type front (where you can slip in a page) I tuck good coupons soon to expire that I don’t want to forget, shopping lists, etc. While I am at t computer printing KCL deals- I recycle envelopes I rec’d mail in , cut in half, labeled with each store and as I cut them out after printing I put them in that envelope. I sometimes can’t recall what store I printed for! I am getting older! Thank you KCL

I usually only clip and organize 3 of each insert in my binder. Then I file the rest by date. This way I can easily find specific coupons by insert if I need lots…especially on double and triple coupon days at local grocery store. But then I also have the binder coupons to use when I’m browsing in stores since you never know when you see some amazing deal in the clearance sections. I also use envelopes to separate for stores or if doing multiple transactions.

It takes a while, but as I’m clipping my coupons to put them in my binder, I also scan them into an app that notifies me which category in my binder they are filed under, the quantity, and when they are about to expire. It definitely helps, especially with the printable coupons that have varying expiration dates.

what app is that?

Coupon Keeper 2. Unlike some of the other apps, you can download the trial version and try out the “scan” feature, which allows you to scan the coupon barcode so that you don’t have to manually enter the description of the coupon, or it’s source.

Ill have to check that out!

Yah what app is that!? I want it!!! :-)

The app is Coupon Keeper 2

holy cow, that’s smart

what;s the name of the app??

Coupon Keeper 2

Is it unlimited?

Saw this tip on the Extreme Couponing show a few weeks ago and it works GREAT for me! I separate all the inserts and stack the like ones together. Then I staple the coupons I am going to clip together. Then I don’t have a ton of loose papers. Then I use a paper cutter and cut them all, stack them by category and then file. Stapling is perfect because now I don’t have tons of loose coupons floating around in case I get interrupted while Im filing or clipping!

I do the same thing. Every Sunday. I staple all the like coupons together that way it’s not so cluttered. If I happen to dumpster dive for extras then I file them away by the date. I have 3 long pocket size holders that I picked up at Target for $1 each. 1 for Cleaning products, 1 for Groceries and 1 for Health and beauty. It’s easy for me and I carry them in my reuseable shopping bag.

Wow, I do the exact same thing – stapling coupons I’ll use together and filing by type, then date into my Target $1 coupon pocket organizer. If I can’t find my stapler, I’ll fold them together (strategically placed to avoid folding/ruining barcodes). My husband thinks it’s a little OCD, but I don’t see him complaining when he sees the savings under each receipt. 😛

Do you where I can find where they recycle Newspaper near where I live? Like a website or something?? I wanna dumpster dive too! lol I just don’t know where…

I do the same thing! Plus, if I don’t need all the coupons on that page, like if I am only going to use 1 coupon on that insert page, I cut it out with an X-acto knife.

I organize my coupon just the way kcl do it and I cut all my coupons and file. I grocery shop with my kids so its easy if I see a great deal. But before going to the store I have a mini coupon file in my hand organize with each store and if I’m doing multiple transactions so I don’t hold up the the cashier too long and my kids don’t make it easy.

Pizzaz organizes coupons into 3 categories:

1) From the neck up-
This would include coupons for such items as make-up, shampoos, lip gloss, Q-Tips, eye drops, nasal sprays, mouthwash, toothpastes and so forth.

2) Between the waist and the neck-
Basically, this is mostly for things that go into the belly. Food, medicines, and the like.

3) The waist down-
Although this can include foot creams, insoles, leg razors and nail clippers, most of the coupons involve the V-Jay-Jay, the male thingy, and toilet paper.

I organize my coupon binder alphabetically, for me its easier to find the brands especially when i see some unadvertised deals at my store or at the clearance sections of eac store, which i always visit.

I do mine alphabetical as well!