Print the $2.00 coupon below from and take it to Dollar Tree. Score a free box of Zicam Cold Remedy Plus Rapid Melts!

Remember, inventory varies from store to store. Coupons with a value over $1.00 are accepted for a single Item. However, the coupon value will be reduced to the purchase price of the item. 




Zicam Cold Remedy Plus RapidMelts, 25 ct $1.00, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – Zicam Product, any – (
Final Price: Free

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25 thoughts on “Free Zicam RapidMelts at Dollar Tree!”

Ok I have a small question, my dollar tree was out of the zicam products so i thought hey walmart price matches with the dollar tree so lets go there. The same product that the dollar tree is saleing for $1.00 is like $9.00 at walmart!! So if i price match there at walmart is it stealing or is it just how they all price things?

I know – I mentioned the same thing on here yesterday. Still waiting on a reply.

You can price match these at Walmart, but you need to make sure it is for the same exact size/count.

Ahh Shucks, don’t know whats going on down here in the south, but our dollar tree wont take any cpns over a dollar and WONT reduce the cpn. They said that its a corporate policy. Just like rite aid and cvs, what KCL posts, I print out, head to store and the mngers tell me that the stores in different areas have different policies they go by. How can this be true!!!!! A national chain has different policies? I know there are regional differences but when we have the same deal going on, this doesn’t sound true, even the walmart said the same thing. I think they just think ppl in the south are a bunch of backwoods hillbillys that are dumb as a rock!!!!

Always be sure to have a print out of the store’s coupon policy with you when you’re shopping. Dollar Tree coupon policy should be same nationwide. If they are stating that they can’t reduce the coupon and it’s a corporate policy, they are unaware that the policy has changed to include this.

Also, today, I saw Fisherboy brand fish sticks at the dollar tree.. With the $1.00 coupon, it’s free!!!! :)

Great find! Thanks for sharing!

how many times are we allowed to print this?

You can only print this coupon once.

ok, I printed it a few times does this mean I will only be able to use it once? thanks

After printing the coupon it says “we limit our coupons to one per household” so this coupon should only be used once.

U, doesn’t dollar trees coupon policy state they can’t take coupons worth more than the item

There was a change in this policy. They will accept coupons great than $1.00 but they will adjust it down so there will be no overage.

I just saw some Zicam products clearanced at my Rite Aid for a little over $2. This coupon will make it close to free!!!

Great find! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Anytime :-)

Unfortunately my dollar tree refuses any coupons for more than $1, even ones that are like $1.50/2. This is despite having printed copies of the coupon policies hanging at each register. I’ve emailed DT corporate before about this store’s handling of coupons but I always just get a generic form letter response. I don’t bother attempting to use coupons there now, seems regardless of what items/coupons I have they always have some reason they can’t take them. Usually they say because the specific item isn’t pictured, even on the superpretzel coupons that didn’t even have a picture of any product, just the logo and .50 off ANY superpretzel brand product.

Your fellow KrazyCouponers feel your pain, delia!

What you are experiencing is a very common situation among conscientious couponers. You are playing by all the rules…adhering to the store’s OWN policy…and yet you encounter cashiers & managers who apply their personal interpretation and uninformed opinions to your fully legitimate transaction.

What can you do in such a case?! Pizzaz recommends wearing one of those T-Shirts (which you can Google), that reads, “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you!”

It is very unfortunate.

that is one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard. I’m a waitress and there are many times where I wish i could say this to people who are completely clueless.

LOL :) That’s a LOT of people!

The Dollar Tree is still new to taking coupons so they have a very flawed system. Some locations are really good at accepting coupons while others simply deny coupons because of the lack of experience.

Have you seen this product anywhere else and if so, how much? Where is may it be for a low price?

I was interested in ad matching this deal at Walmart, however is is listed at $9.62. Someone else asked about this today too on this comment list. That’s a large price difference though…….

You can price match this at Walmart but you need to make sure it is for the same size/count as the one at Dollar Tree.

I know what you mean Delia. I’ve had similar situations happen to me. I just wonder, ad matching this one at Walmart may be a good idea. However when I went to see the price of this item today at Walmart, it was $9.62. That’s a pretty steep price difference though.