A great way to earn a little extra pocket money from the comfort of the couch is online surveys!

Ipsos i-Say.com is an online survey site for mothers that offers rewards points for every survey members take. Redeem points for checks, donations or prepaid credit cards. Members are also entered into contests for great prizes!

Visit Ipsos i-Say to register. It’s easy and completely free to sign up.The site just asks for a bit of personal information.

Participating in these surveys won’t necessarily have you swimming in the big bucks, but they are a fun way to make a little extra pocket money and share opinions.

Currently, Ipsos i-Say is particularly looking for a panel of mothers so companies can learn about their target consumers’ preferences including children’s products.

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12 thoughts on “Earn Cash and Prizes at Home with Ipsos i-Survey Panel!”

I am a member of all of the above & I recommend them.

Thanks for the feedback, folks!

I disagree with all of you. I make 25 a month by doing every possible survey (yes we are business owners so that qualifies you a little more).

I disagree. I’ve been taking surveys through this site for over a year. It is true that many times I’ll get several questions into a survey, and then not qualify, which is definitely frustrating, but usually it’s not too many questions, and at least they give the token 5 points. Other recommended survey sites don’t give anything; they just say “sorry”. I also like that I have gotten free samples to try – kitty litter, cat food, shampoo, and pop-tarts. And not sample sizes, either. Full size products – enough to use for at least 2 weeks and report back. I don’t do surveys to get rich, just to have fun and earn a little extra money. Yesterday I took my kids out to dinner for my birthday and paid with a pre-paid visa I earned from doing surveys with Ipsos i-say. Definitely worth it, and I’ll keep doing it!

Danielle… I have Never seen a pre-paid Visa. How many points? I was only offered Amazon.

I agree with the previous poster, worse survey site ever. I forfeited my points and deactivated my account!

Cathy, do you know of any other sites that are legitmate survey sites? I am a stay at home wife and I would love to make some extra cash for pocket money, but I am always so wary about which sites to trust!

Cathy, You are the SMART one… I keep “hoping” for the extra 30 points to “cash out”, and I continue to let them bamboozle me…. I am sooooo fed up. I think I will just forfeit my points also and deactivate my account. Then… I will be rid of them !! Thanks for the post.

First of all..this is MY opinion and MY experience:
Worse survey outfit I have ever been in.
If you have a problem and write them , they do not answer you for 2 weeks.
They send a survey (for 12 Minutes)/ 45 points. You take it for 38minutes. Then they say you didn’t qualify and give you 5 points.
You do not get a “check” until you reach 9600 points. I have 965 points since 10/4/12….. only 10 more points since they were SYNOVATE….. 10/3/12.
When you reach 1000 points your “choices” are…$10 Amazon card and 3 Charity donations That’s it.
I Can’t wait to “cash out”…… But, again….. This is MY opinion…..

Thanks for the input, we do appreciate it!

Thanks for allowing me to “voice my opinion”…. As, it is just MY experience…. You guys are the BEST…. Thanks….

Since it’s an unpleasant experience for you and you still have a long way to go before you can ‘cash out’, have you considered just forgetting about completing future surveys? Sometimes it’s better just to take your losses in terms of wasted time and energy rather than to invest more effort into something that will only cause you further frustration and aggravation…kinda like marriage! :)