Head to Kroger with the new Sun-Bird coupon and pick up a packet of seasoning mix for only $0.04!

Sun-Bird Seasoning Mix, 1.14 oz $0.84, regular price
Use $0.80/1 – Sun-Bird product – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $0.04 

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8 thoughts on “Sun-Bird Seasoning Mix, Only $0.04 at Kroger!”

They are .79 at walmart using the coupon they are free! :)

My Kroger doubles up to .99 cents, so this would be totally for free….score! :)

Dear KCL,
You know Pizzaz adores you! However, on February 28th, this exact same coupon was presented as a $0.02 moneymaker at Walmart and here it is posted as an item that will cost us $0.04 at Kroger. Now, of course Pizzaz understands that you are offering all us Krazies ‘options’, but that’s a difference of $0.06!!! In my world, 6-cents is a fortune! How could I possibly live with myself and enjoy tasting this delicious seasoning knowing that it could have been better than free?! See my point? 😉

I figured out the solution!!…I’ll just get it from Walmart!! . WooHoo!!

I was reading your earlier comments on various things and noticed you have followers. I looked on facebook, but I can’t seem to find you.

That’s part of the mystery that is Pizzaz!…LOL :)
Actually, thanks for your interest in my Kraziness. The truth is that I’m just having fun couponing and my kookiness adds to the enjoyment of the entire experience. The real credit goes to KCL for tolerating all my nonsense!!! 😉

I love that they posted this as a deal at Kroger. I don’t have a car and have no easy way to get to Walmart but Kroger is just a short bus ride for me. 6 cents might be a lot to some people but not everyone has easy access to every store.

KCL adores Pizzaz as well. Thanks for using the site and yes, if you happen to find a better deal at another store, we are all about saving you the extra money. Sometimes Kroger has a better deal and sometimes other stores do. It is meant to be posted and for you to have the option to save money when you shop.