Print out this new hot Almay coupon in a jiffy! It won’t last long! The coupon grants $5.00 off two Almay cosmetic products. We looked up the Almay website, and all the products–including makeup removers–seemed to be designated as “cosmetic products.”

This week at Walgreens, all Almay products are on sale, buy one get one 50% off. Stack this super manufacturer coupon with a Walgreens March Savings Book coupon to get makeup remover pads for free at Walgreens! (The coupon booklets are located at the front of the store. The register will automatically deduct the coupon times the quantity of corresponding products purchased–you only need one!)

The cashier may have to reduce the value of the manufacturer coupon, as Walgreens does not allow overage.

Buy 2 Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads, 80 ct $5.99, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off through 3/9
Use one $5.00/2 – Almay Cosmetic Products, excludes trial and travel sizes – (
And use one $2.00/1 Almay Cosmetics or Makeup Removers from Walgreens March Savings Book (exp 3/30) (will deduct $2.00 twice)
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2


Buy 2 Almay Intense I-Color Trio $7.49, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off through 3/9
Use one $5.00/2 – Almay Cosmetic Products, excludes trial and travel sizes – (
And use one $2.00/1 Almay Cosmetics or Makeup Removers from Walgreens March Savings Book (exp 3/30) (will deduct $2.00 twice)
Final Price: $1.12 each, when you buy 2


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123 thoughts on “Almay, as Low as Free at Walgreens! Hot New Coupon!”

Yayy!! I am a newbie to couponing and did this deal today I did forget the in store coupon but I didn’t forget my $5 coupon. I purchased 1 shadow and a mascara retail $7.49 a piece even with forgetting the instore one It was still like a bOGO free!! My walgreens had no problem with the coupon which I shop there weekly sometimes daily!! I am already planning for tomorrow!! :)Thanks KCL!! I’m going to get this down!

Glad to read it wasn’t just me. Price was 5.99 but clerk wouldn’t take my coupon because it was too much. Had to make a drs. appt so now I have to take it back today and try again at the cosmetics counter. I’ll try getting them to adjust the coupon, never thought of that.

$5 Q would not work on eye makeup remover but I bought eyeshadow still a great deal :)

Tried to use the 5 dollar coupon tonight and they wouldn’t take it because their was not a colored dot, my printer is black and white. I have never heard this rule before. Any suggestions?

I bought the Almay eyeliner and the duo stick with highlighter and eye pencil for oop cost of $3.97

Oh and to add the cashier looked at me as though I am a criminal with coupons :) why do cashiers treat couponers this way ? I am a newbie to all this and I definitely feel all that we do is save money for the better :)

Remember at Walgreen’s ALWAYS MQ 1st…

The 5$ coupon did beep several times but then the cashier manually entered the coupon, so the makeup wipes were free :) cashier was really nice.

I don’t see this BOGO 50% for San Francisco area, is it only at specific locations?

I went and did this deal at my Walgreens and of course the coupons didn’t ring up right because they are for 2 cents over the amount of the items (after the store coupon and bogo is taken into effect). So I suggested the cashier modify the coupon, but he said they weren’t allowed to do that. Eventually he tried to price modify the items up, but for some reason the system just wasn’t having that. Finally the store manager came over and modified the coupon price like I suggested in the first place. It all worked out in the end and I got 4 of the wipes for free and 4 of the eye makeup remover liquid bottles for free.

The makeup remover didn’t work for me either. I was told it’s not cosmetics. I ended up leaving and going to walmart where I used it on the small $1.14 15 ct makeup remover and made a profit. In the end I was glad it didn’t work there.

Krazy Ladies, where are you located? I’m in so cal and check your blogs daily. It drives me crazy thinking things are free but end up paying. Almay was $6.99 and I ended paying $2.36 for 2 make-up remover.

Still not a bad deal but free is always better :o))

It was $6.99 in South Florida too. Still a great deal though!

It didn’t scan for me, and the cashier said makeup remover wasn’t a “cosmetic product.” 45 minutes of my day wasted.

This did not go well at all today at Walgreens. They only had one 24 ct. Makeup Remover pads but had some of the liquid makeup remover, which was the same price. I got the check-out, the cashier said that I could not use the BOGO 1/2 off and the $2 in store coupon AND the $5 off manufacturer coupon. She said that my total was 5.24 after tax, and since the coupon was for $5, the I couldn’t use it because the pre-tax total was less than $5. I asked her to just take off the pre-tax total and she wouldn’t. I was very disappointed!

I had the same problem with trying to get two Makeup removers at Walgreens. I used the two coupons and the cashier said it was in the negative and therefore they weren’t allowed to use the $5.00 coupon. My total was $5.75—I just said forget it and walked out. I’m a newbie and I know I should have argued, but thought I would try another store later.

I generally like Walgreens though. Walmart always makes me feel like a criminal for using coupons, and I HATE shopping there! Kroger is my favorite.

I had problems at 2 different Walgreens today trying to do this deal. The first Wags, the booklet Wags coupon wouldn’t scan. Then the cashier adjusted it for $2 but $4 should have come off (for buying 2). THen I handed her the $5/2 coupon and she said removers are not cosmetics. I showed her in the ad, it says ALMAY COSMETICS with a pic of the eye makeup remover in it. SHe kindly adjusted it but I held up the line and it was such a pain :( The second trip I got one eyeliner and one remover, the Wags coupon scanned but the $5/2 beeped. She did adjust it and entered the MQ. Just feel like a little extra work is involved in this deal!

What do I do if they say they can’t adjust the price? I went to Walgreens today and bought two makeup removers. I used both the mf coupon and the walgreen coupon but was told that they couldn’t adjust the price. I had to buy a cheap candy to get the two cents needed. My total was .88. Is this just something they tell people because cashiers don’t want to deal with the manager?

Genereal question: for the coupons in the savings book, is the rule one coupon per visit, per transaction, or can it only be used once in general? Help!

Woot. Just did this and it worked for me. One scanned at $3.99 and the other at $.99 and then the cashier adjusted the coupon down to $4.98 and it worked. Thanks! :)

Went over to Walgreens and purchased 4 makeup removers and the gal who generally is there when I check out is always super fabulous. The coupon beeped and she manually entered them. Since I have so many make up removers in my stock pile, I gave her 2 and she was ecstatic to say the least. She inturn gave me a basket that had 6 full size products and lots of samples (one was Nexxus shampoo)!!!! WOW. I was not expecting that! She told me she reserved those products (samples from the companies) for her kindest customers. It really made my day!

I just noticed that in Walgreen’s ad for this week it states “buy 1 get 1 50% off with card Almay Cosmetics.” And shows a picture of the make up remover right above this statement. For anyone having trouble with cashiers not wanting to accept the coupon because of the wording, I might try and point this out in their ad.

oh and they guy scaned the book once but he said it took the 4 bucks off. it showed too on my reciet.

I got the remover for about 1.33 for both. I went back to another one ( which the cashier was the greatest. ) this time for the eye shadow.I got the deal. Im sticking with this walgreens now and just go in the mornings ( should have yesterday lol, it tkcl did suggest it somewhere here). THANKS GUYS!! LOVE THIS SITE!


I am going to try this again and am taking a copy of the Walgreens ad from their web-sites which has a picture of the makeup remover wipes under their Almay Cosmetics bogo 50% off ad. Let’s see what they say now!

Good idea!

Good luck!

By the way the Walgreens coupon does NOT deduct twice it only deducts once. It states on the coupon (Only “one” coupon per person, per purchase, per day. )

same here-it never deducts twice

Mine deducted 4 times in 1 transaction and twice on another yesterday! The coupon booklets always deduct more than once at my stores.

Mine does. Maybe that’s just your Walgreens.

I did it this morning again. The Walgreens cash registers automatically deduct the Walgreens monthly booklet coupons for each item purchased. You don’t even have to ask the cashier to do it. The register will do it automatically when the coupon is scanned.

The eye make up remover pads were $6.49 ( B1G150%OFF) here in Milwaukee, WI. I purchased two and used one $5 Mnf Q one $2 Walgreens Q. Cashier asked no questions just scanned them both, no beeps, no problems. I can’t remember the exact total but I believe it was around $1.24 (the cents may be off a little).


So if I buy 4 of these and use 2 $5/2 coupons, the $2/1 Walgreens coupons will go through 4 times and take off $8?

No, The Walgreens $2/1 coupon will only deduct “Once”, and the cashier will Not accept more than 1 coupon. The coupon states right on it that only one coupon may be used per person, per purchase, per day.

This is not true. Yesterday mine did deduct $8 when i bought 4.

I tried this deal yesterday and mine also deducted the full $8! I would try a different Walgreens.

yes, I just tried it and it worked. The store coupons automatically deduct for every item you buy. You just need to use the one.


I went to my Walgreens tonight, and when they scanned the $5/2 coupon the computer wouldn’t accept it :( The cashier lady herself is a couponer so she was so helpful and tried multiple times but it still didn’t work :( But she had some other coupons of her own that she used 2 x $1/1 Almay Product for me! The makeup remover was $6.49 at my store, so I paid OOP $3.73 – not free but definitely a great deal! They had Almay Makeup Remover wipes that were $5.99 but they only had one left (otherwise I would have gotten those and saved an extra dolla!)


I had trouble using the MQ. The register said item does not match. I explained that Almay doesn’t have a skin care product line and that ALL their products are considered cosmetics… cashier didn’t have a problem adjusting the cpn down if the coupon would of matched product. A manager had to be called over and she nicely adjusted the coupon down to $4.98. I think Walgreens registers automatically are programmed that Almay make up removers are NOT cosmetics and that is where we are running into problems with cpn working.

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates cosmetics,[2] defines cosmetics as “intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting the body’s structure or functions.” This broad definition also includes any material intended for use as a component of a cosmetic product. The FDA specifically excludes soap from this category. `Wikipedia

My $5/2 coupons beeped, saying they did not match the products. (I did the eye makeup remover wipes.) I got a nice manager, though, who reduced them to $4.98 and I paid tax only for four of the 80 ct. wipes. Pleased, though I doubt I’ll try it again with my other two coupons I printed. I’ll save them for other deals floating around. :)

I just went and tried this deal. There was two different oil free ones (both 80 count) however one was normal price $6.49 and the other one had a sticker on it and it said $4.99. so $6.49 plus 1/2 off of $4.99, would be 8.99. that’s the same amount as if i were to purchase two of the 5.99 deal. First my cashier said that the coupon doesnt work and then I said you just have to reduce the value of the coupon. a manager was called and then they said it doesnt work and they dont reduce value of the coupon. then they said its not cosmetic and i told them that almay doesnt have a skin care line and everything is considered cosmetics. THEN they said the picture on the coupon doesnt show any of the makeup remover pads. unbelievable. i told them to please hold my items and I will return tomorrow with a copy of their coupon policy. Shouldnt this deal work kcl? is there a specific order I should do when giving the coupons?

I paid 1.33 for my makeup remover. The cashier didnt want too because he said the coupons were too much. I think the guy who wanted a smoke was a little irritated which made the cashier adjust it. ( I kindly asked him too:) I do wanna ask can I go back tomarrow and have them scan again for eyeshadow or can you only use the blue book coupons once?

u can use it more than once bc you could even grab another book each time. plus the cashiers usually always have a copy by them to scan for customers. they always scan my coupon and hand my book back

The Walg. Qpon will not work more than once. If you read the Walgreens Qpon it states that only one coupon may be used per person, per purchase, per day. If you hand the cashier more than one she/he will either not take only but one qpon or if you get it past the cashier the register will beep after the first Walg. Q and will not accept more than only just the 1 coupon.

The cashier only needs to scan the coupon once & it’ll take off $4 automatically if u bought 2.


You can use those Walgreens coupons more than once.

I did this deal today on the Almay waterproof eye liner pencils, because I’ve used this particular brand of eye liner for the past 15 years or so. Orig. price was $7.49. With card, MQ and SQ, I paid about $1.12 each! The SQ took $2.00 off both items. I love Walgreens! I especially love it when I can save money on my favorite products that I use regularly. I don’t care about getting something for free if it’s not something I would likely use. Their cashiers are so nice to me, and they don’t treat me like a criminal for using coupons – unlike cashiers at Dollar Tree and Walmart who have been somewhat argumentative, unable to read, suspicious and even accusatory. I’m a newbie here, and I can’t believe the attitude that some people have towards others who use coupons. I’m not stock piling anything – just trying to save a few dollars on a few items that I will consume within the immediate or very near future. Walgreens rocks and is rapidly becoming one of my favorite places to shop! Thank you Krazy Coupon Lady for this website and all that you do to run it! Without you, I would likely not have “learned” how to properly shop at Walgreens.


Fyi: Almay makeup removers are not considered cosmetic products on walgreen registers, just attempt to use coupon. Quite dissapointed

My coupons scanned with out any problems earlier. I went to 2 different stores too! I used a total of 6 coupons between the 2 stores.

Hmmm…I bought 2 of the Almay makeup removers in the large containers and 2 Almy makeup remover wipes and used the $5 MQ worked just fine for me. Actually I used 2 of them in the same transaction, as well as the $2 in-store. Had no problem what so ever:) Almay only makes comatic products.Wierd!!

whoops cosmetic products:)

I’m glad it worked!

Could I do this twice in one transaction?

Yes, I did it 4 times in 1 transaction.


didnt work for me… they wouldnt take the $5.00 off for the eye make-up remover

I just tried using this coupon in Riteaide (they are also having a bogo 50% off for Almay), and the Manager who was at the register said that the coupon did not work and it is for cosmetics,

Then went to Walgreens, same thing, cashier told me it didn’t work.

I have 6 of these printed!!! And I use these all the time. I was so excited about the savings.

Is listick consided a cosmetic?


I’m not sure if my walgreens will do this. Tey never bring the price down. !!!

They told me its not makeup so I couldn’t use it :(

Tried this today but the machine beeped and said the $5/2 wasn’t for the right products :(

Just tried it! Cashier had to reduce coupon to 4.98 and jus paid .70 in tax. Going to do this deal again!! Thanks.

You’re welcome! So glad it worked so well!

Same for me! woohoo! Although, I had to go to 2 stores before they would accept the coupon! But i save $60+!!

They said the 5 dollars off would not work… they did not even try using it because it said “cosmetics”. And they only scanned the 2 dollars off once… I decided not to purchase anything… I completely dislike Walgreens!

I’m sorry. How frustrating.

I don’t go to Walgreens anymore. I hate how much the cashiers hate coupons! I also don’t like the new balance rewards program. It’s too confusing. CVS rocks!

Funny how stores differ in areas. I hate my CVS they are so not coupon friendly where my Walgreen’s is.

Agreed… especially since they have less and less RR’s available now too! Not so into the points, I liked the RR’s a whole lot more.

I too just had the same problem, no such luck at my walgreens i should have put the item back on the shelf but i didn’t.

Now, where can I get a designated senior shopper to go with me since today only is senior day??? My mom said no. Poooooo. I use almay eyeliner only and rarely get it cheap so today’s the day!! :-)

Yes it is!

Well I probably fall into that category unfortunately. Not sure the age requirement. Think I’ll run over there!

I just did it had to pay .61 in tax but it was free the cashier had to reduce the manufacturer’s coupon to 4.98 but it worked now im going for eye shadow lol


my walgreens wont honer there own coupons refuse to scan them they say the coupons are alredy included in the price that rings its its such crap !!

Oh no, that sounds frustrating. It might be worth a trip to a different Walgreens.

What??? Are you for real? That’s so wrong! If that’s everyone in the store including the managers then you should make a call to corporate to report that.

I just did this deal and mine was a $1.52 money maker! At my store the make-up removers are priced at $4.99 and they are part of the BOGO 50% off deal. So I got one for $4.99 and one for $2.49 used the $5/2 and the $2 off Walgreens March coupon book coupon which applied to both! Unexpected money maker, what a great way to start my day! Thanks KCL!

when doing the money maker at Walgreens. my questions is do they give you the money maker cash or you have to deduct it from another item?

I was buying other items. Pretty sure they won’t give you cash.

They will not give you cash back.

Walgreens does not allow overage, BUT I’ve noticed that is 50/50. 50/50 being the cashier either notices or does not (or even more notices it but takes no action). I think that is why KCL didn’t post it as a MM. 😀

I’m going to try this today. I hope the $2 coupon comes off twice.

I have used these and I really don’t care for them.. they leave my skin feeling really oily and greasy.. that is just my opinion…

try the oil free kind! I hate the regular ones, but the oil free are great!

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks! I didn’t know they had the oil free kind!

just a suggestion… u could always get them anyway if they are free and you are a couponer and donate them to a friend or a womens shelter?:)

will i need a filler item?

No. Walgreens coupons do not count toward the item-to-coupon ratio.

So the ratio to item and manu Q’s are only towards the manu not Wags? All these I time I thought it is counted on the Wags Q booklet. Oh wow thanks KCL.. All these times I’ve been doing 1 item to 1 manu or Wags Q. I dont like buying all those extra unnecessary fillers.. Thanks

Right, Walgreens coupons don’t count (in-ad coupons and monthly booklet coupons alike). If you have 5 items, 5 manufacturer coupons and 5 Walgreens coupons, you do not need a single filler item!

What does then?

Really? I never knew that! I’ve been using fillers. Thanks for clearing that up!

I have never tried this brand before. Thanks for sharing the helpful heads up! :)

You bet!

I’ve worked in retail in the past and I can say from my point of view that the cashier wants to avoid a confrontation just as much as you do. Unless it is a blatant misuse of the coupon, they probably don’t care! They are human too don’t forget and may be just as timid as you are. If they say it won’t work, ask them to try it. If they won’t the only thing that has happend is that they said no. Now it’s your turn to say thank you and I think I’ll wait on the product and leave. No harm done. Good luck!

I agree! Thanks for your comment. We Krazy Coupon Ladies want to be the nicest, most polite customers that the cashiers help each day!

So where are the Karzy guys? :s

Have you ever seen the extreme coupon tv show? Almost every shopper is stressed so badly they don’t like to bring their spouse or children near them during that time. I find it odd, myself. When I saw that tv show, I knew that is something I wanted to do! I promised myself never to be that way. I shop at CVS and Walgreens the most and have made good relationships with the cashiers to the extent that I even let one call me those pet names I loath so much. I hate being called sweetheart or baby, but hey that lady is awesome! She never gripes at all my coupons and she shows me how to correctly use them when I goof. I just wish more cashiers were like her.

That’s awesome!

Ok so I have 3 comp if i print 6 coupons can I use all 6 at same time ?

You can. Just be sure that you print off the Walgreens coupon policy and take it with you. The sum of the coupons is slightly greater than the sum of the products, and I don’t want them to turn you down because they don’t know they can reduce the value of the manufacturer coupons!

Im diffidently printing it off before I go in! when I went there the other day to get the poise the cashier didn’t want to reduce the value of the manufacturer coupon to make it free. She said they can’t fix manufacturer coupons.

I’m always a little concerned to us the ($5/2) Almay coupon. I just don’t have it in me to tell the cashier that it will work. I’m afraid they’ll tell me that the makeup remover is not a cosmetic prodcut.
Any tips to easy my anxiety on this??

I would just try and see if it works, if they try and it doesnt and you dont want to argue than tell them you dont want it, i would think that it would work though since it is a face product

You could explain to the cashier that Almay doesn’t have a line of skin care products; all their products are cosmetic “products.” Good luck!

I know that Wal-Mart wasn’t getting reimbursed for the makeup remover pads back when they had the $2/1 cosmetic item. I only say this because I had the $2/1 Almay product coupon. I mean if this works on the larger counts and there isn’t restrictions then you could get the travel sized make up remover pads for 1.14 each and use overage. Thanks KCL! I will use that line if I go to walmart for those remover pads.

The coupon does exclude trial and travel sizes.

Ohhhh I had to read it a few times before I saw that in the bottom corner. Sneeky, Almay, sneeky.

Thank you!
I used the $2/1 coupon once and I didn’t have a problem but that was at Walmart. But some of the Walgreens employees won’t even scan my coupon without a manager. But some do so.
But thank you very much!

Thats what they just told me at my Walgreens. They wouldn’t let me use it :(

Show them their own ad.
It clearly has the picture of the product above the ALMAY B1G1 50% off with card Almay cometics wording.
Ladies look at your ads !!!
Thanks again KCL for all that you do!!!