There is an unadvertised $2.00 monthly +Up Reward at Rite Aid with a $5.00 purchase of Rite Aid Simplify Brand bathroom tissue. The packs of four rolls are regularly priced at $1.00 each. Buy five packs and receive a $2.00 +Up Reward, making each roll only $0.15! I haven’t tried this brand so I can’t speak to the quality, but at this price, it’s worth a try!

Note: If you have the Gold or Silver Rite Aid discount, you’ll need to purchase more than five packs to reach the $5.00 threshold.


Buy 5 Rite Aid Simplify Bathroom Tissue Rolls, 4 ct $1.00, regular price
Spend $5.00, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward through 3/30, Limit 2
Pay $5.00, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.60 each, when you buy 5, or $0.15 per roll

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16 thoughts on “Rite Aid Simplify Bathroom Tissue, Only $0.15 per Roll!”

So i forgot about my 20% discount and only purchased 10 pkgs, does the no tracking mean if i go buy 3 more it won’t print the $2 up? I should just take my first receipt to show i made enough purchases?

need to buy 13 total w/ gold disc, ends up being .49 per 4pk. ($13-$2.60=$10.40-$2UP-$2UP=$6.40/13=.49 ea)

I have two questions…. Can anyone tell me if you can mix and match this with the paper towels? I bought one roll of paper towels last week as a filler and it didn’t track. I’m wondering if I buy 4 rolls of TP if I’ll get the up reward, like other monthly deals? Or do I have to buy all five at once?

With my 20% off I got 13 packages (52 rolls) for .80 cents a peice, bringing my total to 10.40. I used my +up rewards from last week that totaled 6.99 off so I got them all for 3.41! Not to mention I got both of my $2.00 +ups for next time :) Thanks Krazy Coupon Ladies!!!

The promotion also applies to the box of tissue and paper towels. I saw the sign at the store yesterday.

Tissues didn’t track either. Got 7 boxes w/ gold for total of 5.60 and no +up. Hassle at this store to get the $2+up. He said I had to get something price modified for 2 bucks less…well I already checked out every thing so got some easter candy. Not what I wanted to happen w/my +up.

I agree the toilet paper is not the best. But I think it is worth the price. I personally like it better than Scotts. Like Lisa said, it is good for emergencies.


I think I’ll still get some to have on hand for emergencies :)

It’s a super price!

I bought 4 packs today and it did not track and it was tagged at the store.

Oftentimes these purchases of a low dollar amount (like $5.00) do not track.

I bought some during a promotion a few weeks ago. The quality of both this and the paper towels is terrible. We use 3 times more than we do with a good paper product. Normally I don’t mind trying a new brand, but in this case, I recommend that people pay more for better quality.

Thanks for sharing!

I wondered about that. Thanks for sharing the info!!

if u notice on the package it says 1-ply, where as your better TP’s are 2-ply this is referring to 1 layer or 2 layers……. so if u ever buy 1-ply u can expect it to be thin so u will have to use more :) Still a great buy and i always like to have extra!!!!