The grass is greener on our side! There is a high-value $25.00 coupon available for Scotts Snap Spreaders, making them only $4.96 at Walmart! Head to, fill out a short survey (it only includes name, email and zip code) and start fertilizing. Most rental places charge an average of $10.00 per day for a spreader, so this is an unbeatable deal.

Scotts Snap Spreader $29.96, regular price
Use $25.00/1 – Scotts Snap Spreader – (
Final Price: $4.96 


Thanks, Reader Stacie  

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89 thoughts on “Gone: Scotts Snap Spreader, Only $4.96 at Walmart with $25.00 Coupon!”

Just wanting to know if anyone is have an issue redeeming the coupon at Walmart. I went to two different Walmart’s in Houston, TX and both said that they did not take the coupon, when asked why I was told that the manager just told them(cashier) they could not take the coupon. Do not know what to do…please advise.

Got 2 of these from Lowes. Paid $1.87 each with military discount. Awesome buy and great gift for my sister, a new homeowner. :)

Went to my Walmart with my mom and we each got one. Bought one for my dad and one for our preacher. The shelf label showed the price as $25.00 and it rang up $29.96. We were checking out in the garden center so the cashier just walked over and verified the shelf label. She adjusted the price on both to $25.00 and we only had to pay the tax of $1.75 each!

My local Walmart told me this was a fraudulent coupon and I was refused. I will never buy another Scotts product.

why is it Scott’s fault. That would be Walmarts issue.

it should be back up on thursday this week :)

I got two of these today! I will be buying 1 bag & cutting the top off to refill tho, they just cost too much!!

My attempt to buy one of these was the most humiliating experience ever at Walmart.

Their CSM declared it was fraud and said they looked it up and it’s fake. They ‘caught’ another scammer. Another said, the coupon value rang up as 1 cent so I was also committing fraud.

Yet another (store asst. manager) told me that they never take coupons worth more than 75% of the item’s price (which I argued, what is your official amount thresh hold on that?). I was quite polite, but stern that this was printed from a legitimate source and they said it was not, that it was a photo copy, the lines weren’t straight enough on my coupon, etc. I even left it with them so that they could further research it.

A call to corporate got me a form speech after taking my info that I’d get a call in 3 to 5 days and hung up on for a survey. Sigh.

I don’t mind in the end that I walked out without an item I was actually going to purchase a few weeks ago…I mind that they made me feel like a criminal and acted as though they were entitled to gloat at my expense.

My Scott’s representative consulted her manager and told me that I should just try another store as long as I still had the coupon, since it should scan without an issue. Oh well.

So sad :( we are moving and needed to fix are lawn this would have been great :( guess we will do it the old fashion way :)

WARNING!!! Walmart is REFUSING to accept these coupons!!!!!!

Woohoo! Kmart had them online for $49.95 cut to $25, so we went, tried it, and viola, the price was 25 bucks!!!! After the coupon, I paid $2.41 in taxes. Thanks ladies! My new (to me) home is in desperate need of yard work. You guys rock!

I couldn’t print the coupon, so I called the number and they told me that they were out of prints as of this morning, and they could only send me a $5.00 coupon.

Coupons have run out…boooo!

I printed my coupon out Monday and my husband did too.. We need both our new yard is hug.. Lowes have them on sale for 29.97

Just got back from Walmart who refused these coupons.

Im wondering how many people got tis coupon to buy it just because it was free. Or to make money off of it. Sad really for the people who truly wanted to own this..

We just bought our house July of last year. Our ‘sod’ is horrible. I was just telling my husband, since this snow is evading us, I think I will start putting seed down – because of all of the rain. You are right in saying that it is ashame that people hurried to get this Q for money-making purposes and not for needing it purposes. ugh!


I agree totally. There are probably a couple thousand people that printed as many as humanly possible and we will see them on ebay shortly. and a couple thousand more that printed several thinking they were going to sell the spreader on craigslist.

I really wanted one too :( I was going to buy one as a present for my best friend she just purchased her first house and dosnot have one at all…or a lawn mower lol.

Me too! We have no grass in the back and no spreader!

I already saw one on craigslist :(

wow that was fast.

If it’s over with then take it off

Now it won’t print so I guess it’s expired?

I just got back from Walmart and I purchased two of these. I first went to KMart and they have the snap seeder online for $25.00. However that is an online price only and they won’t match online price to store price and the store price is $49.99! I remembered seeing them ant Walmart and went there. They were tricky to find because they were in the clearance but they were marked down from $49.99 to $29.96! With the coupon and tax I paid $6.91 for two of them.
To all of those who purchased one too, I was looking at the bag and they seem like you could cut thr tops off and fill with what you would normally use but I did notice that Walmart did carry the bags for around $13.00 which was wasn’t bad compared to Kmart wanting $25.00 for a bag.

I just went to print this and it said it ended :(

I know!! Bummer!!

This is a good price, but you will be paying out the butt for the particular bags that fit on this device. If you are crafty enough, you can lock in one bag, cut the top, refill later with whatever seed you want, and duct tape it shut.

Be innovative people!

Actually I had a similar thought but the snap bags really aren’t much more ($1-2 more here) than everything else. Depends on if you fertilize your yard frequently or only a few times per year.

I got the coupon right away too,( they are now out, tried to get one for my mom), and got mine for $5.38, gave to my hubby for an early Father’s Day Gift, he loved it lol

You can also get them from Lowes, mine had them on sale for 29.99. Me and my hubby got one (great house warming gift!) yay!

All coupons gone..:(

Hotline says they are closed

It’s not available anymore:(

wat the…it said it ended the coupon???

i tried to get another one for my mom but the site says there were only 20,000 available for this coupon and they were out

I just called the number on the coupon page and they said they would mail one out to me! Whew!

Says coupon offer has ended :(

Call the number on the coupon screen!! THey will mail you one

It wouldn’t print for me so I called the number on the link and they are mailing me coupons! Hooray!

Call the number! The promotion has NOT ended, they are just having technical issues. Mine is in the mail!

i just called the number and they are mailing me one. The woman I spoke to was very apologetic and said that they were having a problem. So anybody who wants one just call the number and they will mail you one.

Guess I missed out, after completing the form it says that the offner is “Over”. :(


I went to Walmart this afternoon and attempted to purchase one. They scanned the coupon and it said that it needed approval from the CSM. It took about 15 minutes for one to come over and even they had no idea why the coupon wasn’t working. After another 20 minutes waiting on the CSM to get back from speaking to someone higher up, she said they couldn’t take it. Apparently since it was an online coupon and they can be “very tricky”..something with the code they said. I was in a hurry so I just left. I will be trying Lowes next since someone said it’s the same price there but still, it was very disappointing.

Lowes have them on sale for 29.97

coupon is not active anymore :(

I just called the phone number that is on the site and they are sending me the coupon in the mail. For those who didn’t get to the Scott site fast enough, give them a call. They are very gracious and I’m sure willing to send one. Good luck.

Both of my local Kmart’s don’t have the product and say they’ve never seen it and it’s also completely out of stock online and in their warehouses.
I called Walmart and said Kmart had them for $25 but were not listed in the sales paper. They told me they could not price match without the ad and would have to call the local Kmart to confirm it. But problem is, they don’t have it/never heard of it lol.
Since I have no way to prove the price of the Kmart one other than what it says online (but if it was in the store it would be the same price), is it still doable to fight Walmart and bring their policy up to them? Or have I just hit a wall?

wondering the same thing.. i printed out the online price from kmart and will check if walmart will take it.. *fingers crossed*

The coupon is no longer available for the Snap Spreader.

I tried to print the coupon, it says the program is over. :(

I am pretty sure you could dump regular bags into the hopper and it will still work, or reuse the snap on bag, by just refilling it with a cheaper brand.

I just tried to get it and it said this program has ended :(

Just got back from Walmart, bought (2) of these. (2 separate transactions)

Was on clearance for $20. The coupon “beeped” on first scan and gave a error “amount too large.” Second scan beeped but said “enter amount” so the cashier entered $20 and it was fine. No overage, but hey, they were free. Can’t beat that :-)

Subtotal was $0 and tax for each one was $1.30

I live in Midland, MI. Our KMart does not yet have these in stock. At Walmart, they are regularly priced at 39.96 :(

Check most Lowe’s store. They also have it for $29.98.

I just got back from Walmart. I printed the coupon as soon as it came up and went. I figured paying about 5 dollars for it wasn’t bad at all considering I had gone on the Home Depot website and they are almost 50 dlls, yeah rt. They do price match, I called. So off to Walmart I went.

I was able to find them in the Lawn and Garden area outside in a corner with a bunch of Lawn and Garden CLEARANCE stuff, YES! They had a $20.00 clearance RED sticker on them, YES, I thought MM right. Well I got a couple of other items I needed to. I go the LG to check out. It scanned at the price of $29.99. So I pointed out the sticker and she price adjusted it. Since it rang up at a different price the register automatically credited me $3.00 per the price accuracy guarantee. So now came the coupon. Since I only am paying the $20 (technically), she price adjusted the coupon to $20. I pointed out in the policy that I am supposed to be getting the overage back. She was very nice and tried to adjust it but the system wasn’t letting her, and the line was growing. I told her that it was ok and paid for the remaining items.

So overall I got paid $3.00 for purchasing it! I would have liked it to be a $3.00 (price adjustment guarantee) and the $5.00 (coupon overage) but hey, it wasn’t a bad trip at all.

That’s awesome

I want to know if anyone is having any problem using such a high value coupon since its a printable.

i just got home from Walmart and they didn’t give me any problems at all. I purchased 2 of them. One for my house and one as a gift.

at kmart they are $25 each….makes this product FREE

Wow! Great find!

Scott’s has many different snap bag products for treating various lawn problems, including insect problems. I also read product reviews, and most people give it a pretty good review. One thing that some consumers mentioned is that the snap bags can be modified in various ways so that you can add your own product and re-use them. However, that defeats the purpose of the product which is to make your life easier so you don’t have to open, measure, and dump bags and risk smelling fertilizer. Consumers mentioned the edge guard on this spreader, so that you can direct fertilizer only where you need it – avoiding waste or possible harm to other landscaping plants that can’t tolerate certain Scott’s products. They also mentioned the ease of use of this product. Things like “I got my whole lawn done in 20 minutes” and “so easy a child could use this”. I think Scott’s will offer coupons for the special bags in the future, so I’ve decided to get one.

The 7lb bags of Scotts Snap Sun and Shade Grass Seed Mixture is $26.97 at my Lowes right now. HTH

Does anyone know, if you can use this with regular non snap kinds?

the website says that it is used “exclusively” with snap packs….so i guess that means no

No, this is only available for the Scotts Snap Spreader.

Does anyone know how much the special bags of fertilizer that snap on cost?

They run from abou $13.00-25.

Thank you!

I saw some Fertilizer clearance bags of snap for $18.00

is this a printable or my mail coupon?

Printable. Or that is what I heard on the KCL facebook posts recently.

Printable. :)

It’s printable. I got my coupon immediately.

It says snap pac not included. any idea if this is needed for correct functioning. I want to give as a gift and want to make sure they dont need to purchase anything.

It does require the snap fertilizer packs I believe.

Chickenwang555– Its called Scotts Snap spreader because you just snap in the bag of lawn fertilizer you dont have to pour it in and them walk around to spread this is more easier.

Can someone please explain what a ‘snap’ is? I just bought a house (oh boy) and I don’t know if my yard needs snap LOL. I tried to look it up online a week or two ago but no luck. Maybe the user (me) just doesn’t know what the heck she is doing.

You just snap the special bag of fertilizer on the spreader.

Hi, I am fairly new to couponing and never have posted on here. I went to a Walmart today in So. get this. The cashier had to get approval to take it. I explained to the lady he the gave the coupon to that I had seen an ad on t.v. for this coupon and went to the Scotts site and printed it. She won’t find it there as there was a limit of prints. She was gone about 15 minutes. Came back with another lady who loudly said…YOUR COUPON IS A FRAUD AND WE ARE KEEPING IT. I was so frustrated and getting teary eyed and explained it was real. Google Scott’s $25 off coupon and a lot of site’s will come up. I didn’t have my phone with me so I used a workers phone and pulled up a site. 15 minutes later the cashier came back and said it was ok. The cashier was super nice and apologized for how I was treated. None of the “head” workers came back to say sorry. I was so embarrassed and was treated like a criminal.

I think it’s just their name for their spreader because it “snaps” into position. It’s not the type of fertilizer it is. :)

See I thought it was a type of thing to grow grass…by spreading seeds, but it just might be pesticide!

Your soil may be low in Snap. I’d consult an expert in your area. :) Just kidding…

Your answer made me laugh! I think this is the first time I was being serious and did not expect such a funny answer. 😀

snap just means that the bag of fertilizer just snaps (like makes the snap sound) into the scott spreader.