Right now, there is a $1.00/2 coupon for Food for Life products at commonkindness.com. Print and take it to Whole Foods for some savings on organic bread!





Buy two Food for Life Sesame Bread $4.99
Use $1.00/2 – Food for Life Product – (commonkindness.com)
Final price: $4.49 each, when you buy 2

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10 thoughts on “Food for Life Sesame Bread—Save $0.50 at Whole Foods!”

Just called my local stores…if you live in Texas, both HEB and Sprouts carry this bread.

I only see a $1/2 coupon. Was the other pulled? I’d like to only buy one since I haven’t tried it before. Thanks!

yes you are right, the coupon must have been changed. sorry about that.

The Sesame bread and the Low-Sodium breads are both on sale this week for $3.99 each, which makes your final price $2.99 if you got the $1 coupon. They also have the sprouted grain tortillas for $2.99, which makes your final price $1.99.

NOTE: The Sesame bread pictured is NOT gluten free!! Some varieties of Ezekiel 4:9 bread are gluten free, but the sesame is NOT.

You’re right, thank you for reminding us of that. We have changed it.

mmm this is probably the tastiest bread I have ever had in my life!

Hey! If it was good enough for the Israelites, it’s good enough for me! :)

OK, but ya gotta go all the way with the recommended procedure for this recipe from Ezekiel 4:9. Read on down to verses 12-15 and see how God told him to bake it. I think I’ll stay Gentile!

A little dung never hurt anybody…LOL 😉