Grab a free trial size of L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo or Conditioner with a coupon! Select Target stores sell 7-ounce sizes for ninety-nine cents. These are located in the hair care aisle, not the travel/trial section. The newspaper coupon does not have any restrictions, so use it and pay nothing!

L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo or Conditioner, 7 oz $0.99, regular price
Use $1.00/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner from RP 2/17 (exp 4/13)
Or $1.00/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner from RP 1/27 (exp 3/23)
Final Price: Free



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47 thoughts on “Free L’Oreal Advanced Trial Size at Target!”

yay im going to get these just to donate!

I’m so sorry that happened to you. It’s rediculous! But, experience like that certainly teach one self control and patience. I’m 26 so I know the feeling of having to stand your ground when the older, authoritative figures get involved. Best of luck in the future!

HELPFUL HINT! I cashed in on this deal but these were NOT in the trial/travel section at my Target. They were next to the big bottles in the regular shampoo isle.

It used to be the same for me.. great service at Target horrible at Walmart, but not anymore.. it has changed.. better service at Walmart and my walmart here (central CA) lets you use Target coupons too.

I actually quit going to Target as much (and I love that store) because they are only allowing 4 like coupons per transaction. I went last night and got the trial size with my $2/1 ANY advanced Haircare product and the trial size at Walmart was $0.97 ea. Super great deal.

My Target never has a problem splitting transactions up for me. I go when it’s not busy, and split it up. (if it says 4 per household, then I abide by that)

i have save $2 on any advanced haircare shampoo or conditioner from RP 1/27. i’m going to target later

I have a clarification question. At target, are they supposed to adjust the coupon price down if it is over the price of the item? Because my cashier said I couldn’t have these because the coupon price was more than the price of the item.

So far, my Target has been pretty good. The majority of the ‘beeps’ that I get are my own fault. The other times are when they won’t accept a coupon if there’s a gift card attatched to it. Sometimes the cashier will override it, sometimes they refuse to accept it. I just politely take the coupon back because I’m still getting a great deal.

With all these all these free beauty care items such as this shampoo/conditioner, Olay bar soaps, and the John Frieda hairspray could make easy giveaway gift bags for different occasions. I’m thinking graduation gifts with the free target picture frames (decorated; a little arts and crafts) for the female graduates I know.

Makes for a cute Easter Basket filler too!

I’m using them to make welcome baskets for the hotel rooms for my out of town travelers that are coming to my wedding. =)

As of tonight, my Target is no longer accepting coupons for more than the product amount. I tried this deal using three of the $1/1 MF coupons and three of the $2/1 MF coupons, but both the cashier and night manager refused to adjust the amount down. I replied with, That’s fine; I can just take those coupons to Wal-Mart and use them. I also stated that Target should change it’s policy then if they aren’t allowed to adjust them down anymore.

How are you so sure this is at all Targets and not just a new manager’s policy at the store you went to?

i’ve also noticed that the target in my area (san jose, ca) is becoming less friendly with coupons — cashier’s have mentioned that if you use more than the same mq that it would be best to separate the transaction. time to whip out the coupon policy. my guess is that all team members have been told to be more careful with accepting coupons. i had one incident when i handed the cashier a little stack of coupons and she looked at me as if i handed her a bunch of counterfiet money — she walked away without saying anything and went to another cashier…

the computer/register won’t accept the coupon (after 4 like coupons) in my area anyway

I ran into this same scenario last night. Bought the last two, along with a few other items, and the cashier spread out all my coupons checking to see they all corresponded. She then said she might not be able to take the MQs for the L’oreal and would have to consult another cashier. I asked her if she can adjust down (for a penny). After some hemming and hawing on their part (and wasting my time), she came back to say she would adjust down BUT would only take 1 MQ. Needless to say my patience snapped, and I broke out my cell phone to pull up their coupon policy. After all, I was buying two items and using two separate MQs, not 2 MQs on a single item. In the end I won the battle (and it really felt like a battle). However, she did mention that they have changed their coupon policy recently to be more stringent (i.e., non-coupon-friendly) and wouldn’t be applying overages (that was implied).

I’m reading over the Target coupon policy online and it’s still the same as it was a month ago. IF they really have changed their policy, then it should definitely be updated on the website, you’re absolutely right about that. I have been told by a few target employees in the past that employees are sometimes asked to convey the wrong knowledge to customers in an attempt to cut down on incidences. For example, “We’ve changed our coupon policy. No more overages”

I tried emailing Target’s corporate asking if they could give me some more info on there coupon policy and some guy emailed me back and just copied and pasted what’s on their website.

Target is not consistent. I went to 1 Target and the cashier told me they would take any overage and apply it to items in the cart. I went to another Target 1 hour later and their register adjusted my coupon down to the amount of the product. No overage. These were the Target coupons.
It is hit or miss with Target, but guess which one I will frequent when I have overage!

my Target here in central CA is doing the same thing.

Its also a 2/1 coupon NOT 1/1

I think she was right by saying its a $1/1 I have the coupon in front of me, it says $1 of Any Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Condition there is a $2 coupon with it but its off of any Advanced Haircare Treatment!

There’s a $2 coupon for $2/1 Advanced Haircare shampoo and conditioner too. RP 1/27

Ya i think there are more than 1 that can be used right now! I just wanted others to know there is a $1/1 lol too


got mine at walmart for $.97 :)


With overage daniellelee?

The $2 coupon expires on 3/23/13. I used it the other day at Target. My Walmart now has these too so to check yours out.

That would be a great money maker at either store with the $2/1

Where was the $2 coupon found?

I can’t remember which insert but it was from the 1/27 inserts I believe. Good luck! I need to try to find these coupons on eBay.

It came from the RP 1/27

I think I got my $2 one from a magazine; Oprah, ladies Home Journal, something like that

Was it in the trial/ travel section or in the regular haircare aisle at your Walmart?

They also have these sizes at Walmart for the same price I believe. So excited for mini products! :))

I bet you think the mini liquor bottles they serve on airplanes are sooo cute! 😉

I do, what’s wrong with that? They’re even cuter when they’re empty

Now I understand where you get your special powers from! 😉

If only they served mead in those tiny bottles

Yes I do and even the mini hangover that comes with them! ;))

Wasn’t there a $2 coupon not too long ago? Has it expired?

It’s good until 3/23/13 :)

Yes,it expired on 3/2! Darn!!!

One expired 3/2 but then they had another one that came out and it’s good until 3/23. It makes it a 1.00 moneymaker at Walmart!

My dear KCL,
Pizzaz believes you meant 1.7 oz instead of 7 oz, otherwise there will be a stampede of KrazyCouponers in Target today! 😉