Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion shampoo and conditioner are better-than-free at Target! Combine a gift card promo, a BOGO manufacturer and the Suave Professionals Target coupon.

Purchase four at $1.99 (price may vary by region). Redeem two BOGO coupons and one Target coupon for a huge moneymaker!






Buy 4 Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo or Conditioner, 12.6 oz $1.99, regular price
Buy 4, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 3/23
Use two B1G1 Free Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion or Keratin Infusion Product, excludes Styling Oil and trial/ travel size, Limit 2 identical coupons in same shopping trip from RP 3/10 (exp 4/7)
And use one $1.00/1 – Suave Professionals Hair Care Item, excludes trial/travel size, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Pay $2.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $2.02 Moneymaker, when you buy 4


If your Target accepts more than one identical Target coupon per transaction, do this:

Buy 4 Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo or Conditioner, 12.6 oz $1.99, regular price
Buy 4, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 3/23
Use two B1G1 Free Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion or Keratin Infusion Product, excludes Styling Oil and trial/ travel size, Limit 2 identical coupons in same shopping trip from RP 3/10 (exp 4/7)
And use two $1.00/1 – Suave Professionals Hair Care Item, excludes trial/travel size, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Pay $1.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $3.02 Moneymaker, when you buy 4

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199 thoughts on “Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion—Big Moneymaker at Target!”

Got mine @ the tustin, CA location. After the cashier scanned the 4 bottles a GC didn’t trigger. When questioning her(cashier) she called over a supervisor who started ” the promo only included the ‘conditioner’ ” I had the ad (coupon insert) with me that stated “any 4 “… Anyway long story short , I left with 4 bottles (and my 5 gc) and 6 boxes for dryer sheets :) Good day at Target

i think i missed the target coupon :(

Hi, I’m new to using coupons and was wondering if Walmart or Target are suppose to leave the coupons at the $5 it’s ringing up or are they suppose to adjust the price? Do they each have a different policy in this situation?

i can’t find the target coupon!!! is it still there???

Got this deal today in South Sac but there was no promotion going on but I still got them anyways. Thanks KCL :)

which category is the Target Suave coupon under? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

which category is the Target Suave coupon under? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

Is this deal regional? I went to my Target last night and the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo or Conditioner were $3.49 each and did not have the GC deal.

does this deal work on the morrocon also?

No, just the keratin.

I can not find the target coupon online… is it not available any more?

the target coupon its not available anymore :(

I tried to do this yesterday, but in my area they are priced over $3 each (sale price!). I was so disappointed.

is the Target printable no longer available? I’m not seeing it… Also is there any way to tell if a target coupon is actually a target coupon or manufacture, prior to printing?

I can’t find the printable coupon on the target website. Any suggestions?

Im having the same issue!? Is it no longer available?

I liven Dallas Texas and I went to Target in my area and the Suave shampoo andsc conditioner were not on sale for $1.99 So I asked the cs lady and she said that it might be an online price. I checked and no it was not. Has anyone else had this issue? The suave was on sale but for $3.44…
: (
not a good deal!!

youre not alone. target has a history of abusing couponers. Just watch coupon shoppin with jane videos on youtube, you can see you have it good compared to the crap she gets put through. however, the deals seem to be too good when they work out to just give up after they abuse you once. you have to look for the young male cashiers btw

Are the BOGOs autodeducting the full max value anywhere?

Target doesn’t give you the full coupon value :( they give you the item price only. I think it is in their policy to price adjust. Would be nice though. They are actually making money when they send in to the manufacturer. This is one of the reasons Walmart is more popular among couponers.

Darn… my Target has them for $3.49. Surprised to see the shelf still cleared though… I guess 49 cents isn’t too bad, but I have no more room in my closet for shampoo anyway, so I passed this time.

is the moroccan infusion shampoos included in this sale too or is it just the keratin?

Just the keratin.

$.10 OOP! (+ $5 gc)

I purchased the four shampoo/conditioner at $1.99 each and gave the cashier 2 B1G1F mqs. Final price should be @ $4.20 w/tax. The first mq took off $5 and the second subtracted $2.96 leaving me a total of .10. I told the cashier that I would really love to pay ten cents, but it wasn’t a correct total and I didn’t want him to get into trouble. He called over the manager who reviewed everything and finally said that she couldn’t adjust the total and that the cashier wouldn’t get into trouble. She also commented that she never gets deals this good!

So, total was $.10. I believe in coupon karma and try to always follow all couponing rules. But they literally wouldn’t take my four dollars. Good for me??!!

I had something similar happen yesterday at my Target. I bought 4 Suave Shampoo/Conditioners, 3 poise products (free after $3/1 coupon) and some dry shampoo I didn’t have a coupon for. The total came to 2.42 and I got the $5 gift card. I looked and mentioned that it wasn’t quite right but she said that the way they were instructed to do the coupons made it this total and assured me it was fine. Coupon Karma is good!

Maybe my karma is paying off. Yippee!

The target coupon is not there anymore.

If you didn’t get a BOGO coupon you can also print a $2/2 coupon from their FB by clicking save $3 now!

Buy (4) Suave Moroccan Shampoo or Conditioner 12.6oz. at $1.99 =$7.96
Use (2) $2/2 Suave Professionals Moroccan Printable Coupons
Stack with (2) $1 Suave Moroccan Target Store Coupons
You will pay $1.96 and get back a $5 Target Gift Card
That’s a $3.04 Money Maker after coupons and Gift Card!!!

the $2/2 MQ is only for the moroccan infusion shampoo, not the keratin :(


the target coupon is gone!! noooooo :(

Hi all, I’m having a hard time finding the coupon on the Target website, anyone else having this problem? Thanks

I went to my Target today and they weren’t having this promotion either. The Suave were priced at 3.49 each.

Looks like the Target coupon is gone :(

Some how I got $5 off for the B1G1 suave coupon!? Not that I’m complaining, I just don’t understand my Target receipt. I bought a double pack of Degree men’s deodorant ($3.99) and got a Clear Scalp shamp ($4.99). Used the BIG1 coupon , $6.99 was deducted. Bought 2 Suave shamps and 2 Suave cond at $2.89 each, used 2 BIG1 and 2 Target $1/1 and there are two $5 deductions along with the $2 deduction. I paid $1.55 OOP and got a $5 Target card back. The cashier was baffled but her line was long and wasn’t about to slow down. Not sure if anyone else has had this happen too?

This happened to me too!! I don’t know how they rang it up but the cashier said that it was okay….I don’t know what happened but like someone else mentioned we must have good coupon Karma for following the rules.

This gift card deal is not going on at my target, shouldn’t this deal be going on with all target (us)?

Im in MN got the B1G1 coupon my target they were 3.49 but after all the coupons I’m still happy ( going to donate them since i dont you that kind)

Has this worked for anyone in Orlando? And if so what was it priced at? It would be greatly appreciated! :)

I so hope that the person who keeps clearing the shelves here in Eau Claire does not clear the shelf for this one… This is the shampoo that I use.

my target has this product for $3.49 each. I paid $6.78 and received a $5 gift card so total paid was $1.78 so still good for 4 bottle ?

Have the coupon, but my store has it on sale for $3.99.

The Bogo coupon deducted $5

Price in Tx is $3.49, but I did get the $5 gc AND my cashier left the coupon value at $5…so I still had a $2 moneymaker (including the $1/1 Target coupon).

Unfortunately, our area Target had the Suave Shampoo on sale for $3.49 each:-(

does anyone know if this can be used on the suave keratin dry shampoo?

KCL, what state are you in that you get it for $1.99? I’m in PA and it’s $3.49

The Target here (28314) has them at $3.49. The lady at check out was very nice when I spoke with her. She said a lot of people assume you can mix and match. If you want the $5 gift card but it has to be shampoo OR conditioner.

where is this target located with this deal?

Here is how I got $.4.67 money maker with this deal.
Our local Target has these 12.6 oz shampoo bottles for $2.89. I took 4 bottles, used 2 $1/1 Target coupons and 2 B1G1 Free coupons from RP 3/10. $2.89*4=$11.56 before coupons, $9.56 after 2 $1/1 Target coupons. One B1G1 free coupon took $5.00 off, the second B1G1 free took off $4.56, but I had to pay IL 7.25% sales tax on $4.56. Paid $0.33 with Target debit card, got $5.00 Target gift card. $5.00-$0.33=$4.67 money maker.

I have noticed this as well. Certain cashiers will just scan the coupon and whatever amount comes up on the screen is what you get. Noticed it first on Beggin Strips BOGO because the value of the coupon is 3.49, but they were advertised 2/5, so should only take off $2.50. Some cashiers are more aware then others i guess, you got lucky with the 5 dollar amount!

The $5.00 dollars off were due to the fine print on the B1G1 free coupon for Suave Pro: “… will reimburse you for the retail price, up to a maximum value of $5.00 for the product indicated, plus 8 c, if submitted in compliance with our redemption policy, available upon request.”
I noticed this first time when I used B2G1 free DiGiorno pizza at Target. The wording was “…up to $7.00…”. Therefore, the free item with “buy n, get the (n+1)th free” coupons becomes a money maker for the customer if items are on sale, but the manufacturer promises to reimburse up to some higher regular price. The Target cashiers ask for maximal amount from the manufacturer, if possible, but the total value of coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction.

Is anyone else having trouble printing Target coupons? It’s taking forever to print and it’s only Target !

My Target today would not allow me to use the $1.00 Target Coupon off and their manager came and said the same. he said they recently had a meeting about this and weren’t going to allow it. It’s still a good deal anyway though!

where is this target located

Here is how I got $.4.67 money maker with this deal.
Our local Target has these 12.6 oz shampoo bottles for $2.89. I took 4 bottles, used 2 $1/1 Target coupons and 2 B1G1 Free coupons from RP 3/10. $2.89*4=$11.56 before coupons, $9.56 after 2 $1/1 Target coupons. One B1G1 free coupon took $5.00 off, the second B1G1 free took off $4.56, but I had to pay IL 7.25% sales tax on $4.56. Paid $0.33 with Target debit card, got $5.00 Target gift card. $5.00-$0.33=$4.67 money maker.

I just did this transaction at our Target in Joplin, MO. The gift card deal was on the shelf, our price was the $3.59(ish). I used the BIGI and one target $1/1 coupon and it automaically gave us the $5 gift card. No issues. Even though it wasn’t 1.99 it was still a good deal. It comes out to about $1 for all 4 bottles. :)

Greetings from the south!! 😀 I found an ad in my newspaper that said there was a sale like this but when I went Target in Springfield, MO they said they would not honor that sale. Did you have any problems? Mine was 2.99 a bottle but with 4 target Qs it was 1.98 for four. I’m going back today because they said they would do it if I physically brought in the ad in my paper.

My Target did not have these on sale for $1.99 but I still made a killing and got 6 products for only $0.98! For those in the same boat here’s the senerio.

Bought: 2 Suave Professionals Keratin Shampoos $3.49 each
2 Suave Professionals Keratin Conditioners $3.49 each
2 Suave 18 oz. Lotions $2.84 each
Used: 2 B1G1 Free Suave Keratin or Moraccian Shampoos & Conditioners mc’s
2 $1.00/1 Suave Products Target coupon.
2 B2 Suave Shampoo/Conditoners get a free 18 oz. Suave lotion mc’s
Payed OOP: $5.98
Received back: $5.00 Target gift card. Making each product only $0.16 each!

My coupon for the free lotion excludes the Keratin Infusion and you do realize your not supposed to stack manufactures coupons.

Yea, not really sure why they allowed you to do both of those coupons! you got lucky! :)

Where is this target located my target has them for 3.49!!!!!!!???

these are 3.44 in dallas :(
what a disappointment!

Man! I was looking forward to cashing in on this deal but the Suave is $3.49 here in NJ :( Oh whelp.

Our Target had them for $3.49 each. Still got four, and used two B1G1, which brought my retail total down to $7. Applied 1 Target coupon for $1 off. Then got a $5 Target GC. Even though it wasn’t a money maker – I still only spent $1 for all four. Not too shabby! :)

$3.49 and no $5 gc at my Target – will try again later in the week (just in case they go on sale).

Perfect! I have $2.00 off coupons for this making them free :)

In my opinion Target has the worst customer service out there. I’ve also had some issues with getting the gift cards and so has my sister. I don’t really understand why the cashiers are so strict and upset when we get good deals sometimes unless maybe they’ve gotten in trouble in the past for doing something wrong??

I went to Target last night only to find mine were not on sale but with the BOGO coupons and my 2 Target coupons, and the gift card they would be free just not a MM! After my transaction the cashier did not present me with a $5 gift card and there were numerous signs, when I asked about this at the customer service desk, I was told that because my total was not $5, I could not receive the $5 gift card even though I had met the requirements for one during my purchase. But since the register did not prompt it there was nothing he could do because that would be like giving me money. I was so heated when I left last night! I ended up paying less than $5 for my mini haul, but it would’ve been free with my gift card!

My Target was out of the suave but has LOTS! of Unilever products in this deal. Including CLEAR men shampoo and Degree Men deodorant. twin pack of the deodorant was 3.99, Clear Men was 4.99, bought 2 of each and used 2 buy degree men and get clear men free max value of 6.99 total 3.98 before tax and I got the 5$ gift card. Yay.. going back tomorrow to see what else there is.

I feel so bad for you, I’m sry you had such a horrible shopping experience.

Our store was completely out this morning when they opened even though it is not a money maker for us (prices are $3.49). Associates were still working on stocking the shelves but apparently they did NOT order any more with this shipment. Also, the shelf space is no more than 15. That’s it. I am not sure how they justify such high pricing in our region, because Idaho is in the 50th place by the number of people working at the minimum wage and is ranked #1 in the nation by the number of people holding a second job. It’s insane not to use coupons

They are not on sale at my Target, I am in the suburbs of Philly

I didnt know where to put this but if you dont want all shampoos & conditioners or need some men items theres another great deal for the gc! Buy 2 suave keratin shampoo/conditioner 1 clear for men scalp therapy and 1 2 pack men degree deodorant.

Im basing this off of the prices at my store so yours might be cheaper.

2 Suave @ 2.89 each = $5.78

1 Clear men @ $4.99 = $4.99

1 2 Pack men degree @ $3.99 = $3.99

Total = $14.76

Use: 1 bogo suave mq = $ 2.89 2 $1 suave tq = $2 and 1 Buy 1 men degree get 1 men clear free = $4.99

so $14.76 – $9.88 in q’s = $4.88 recieve $5 tg = $.12 mm :)
I know it seemed a little confusing but I hope this helps someone because to make $.12 on those 4 product is great!! Especially when clear mens therapy is so expensive by its self :)

My Target jacked the price up to $3.49 for the shampoo and conditioner still a good deal but stinks!

Mine too! Still a good buy with the coupon, but hardly a money maker. Plus they adjusted down the coupons since the computer took the full alloted amount, but the cashier fixed it. :(

I went to the store and I pay nothing! my BOGO coupons scanned 5.00 off each, my total was 7.96, she gave me my $5 GC and I pay nothing!!! way to good??!!

can someone please helps me to print Target coupons? I have tried everything but it still won’t let me print the coupons. when i clicked again it tells me that my coupons has reached the limit . I can’t print target coupons and coupon network. Please help me :(

I had a great and horrible experience with this deal. Early in the am after getting my newspapers I saw this and headed over to target. Some said $2.84 and others said $3.49 so the awesome cashier adjusted them all down to 2.84. Then because targets system wouldn’t do the $5 gc she manually did it and let me use all 4 bogo coupons getting them for $.32 each. Later that night I rushed over to another target on my way home and it was minutes before the store was closing. I purchased the green blue colored ones ( I think it’s the shine ones) to avoid any issues at the cash register, because after all those are the ones shown in the picture, and the manager came over and said that he would not honor it. Mind you there was a huge line and he was screaming this out in front of everyone like he wanted to make a point in front of everyone. I explained to him that I have his stores policy with me if he’d like to view it and he said he didn’t care and that his answer would be NO regardless of what policy was. I want to call corporate and explain my experience to them but I’m not sure how to word it or what to say. He not only embarrassed me but himself. I never want to set foot in that target again. My husband who hates shopping with me agreed to go with me this one time and he was so embarrassed after this experience.

I would post this on their Facebook wall, for some reason its the best way to get a response. I had issues at my target and they sent my comments directly to the store and ask them to review the coupon policy. It’s not fun to be treated like a thief.

Aaww! Sorry that happened to you! Good that you stood up :) I bought mine today and for some reason it did not give me the gift card, even though the sign said buy4 get $5gc. I went back to ask the cashier and she scanned the shampoo and said ” you’re right you are supposed to get one. So she can gave me one, glad I check :)

Question: Can I use 4 target $1 coupons when I buy four? Or how does that work?

You can if your target allows it. My target personally allows up to 4 per transaction hth :)

I was curious if there was a restriction of 2 target coupons per transaction or something. 😀 Thanks for the heads up.

Sorry that happened to you! I think we have all had an experience like that. You were not breaking any rules. Just keep your chin up and carry on!

can you tell me what city this target is in?? pleasee

I’d say you should give the corporate office a call and complain about cashier or manager the way you were treated, You did not break any rules, and like you said they get paid for all the coupon. As a customer you deserve to be treated NICE.

Please don’t tell people to use 2 $1off coupons from target when it specifically says limit one! As someone who runs a site like this it is frustrating to see. Misusing coupons ruins it for everyone, and people listen to you, so telling them they can do it only causes trouble at the store for everyone.

I thought if you have 2 items u can use a target coupon for each item, ive never had a problem using target coupons, however lately security n a manager comes to my register alot when i have over 30 coupons because people have been using fake coupons printed off line. I have never printed coupons, all my coupons work everytime, they apoligise after going through my coupons for an hour. I get tired of them doing this, its the abusers making it hard for us!

Hi Dani, we offer that as a suggestion only. Many Target stores accept more than one identical coupon per transaction. If they didn’t, we would not include more than one.

@0343273d7c9037c50127d80f30ca5d58:disqus the limits stated on coupons are only to preserve stock so that all customers have the opportunity to get these deals. however, targets often have hundreds of the sale items, and they already have this national 4 per day limit, and that technically supersedes every coupon’s limit regardless of what it says. so, you shouldn’t worry. the REAL coupon abusers are the ones who make fake coupons. THOSE are the criminals. as long as the coupon’s good, it should be taken.

Folks seem surprised that they aren’t getting $5 gcs. Many promos are regional and if you didn’t see the “$5 gc when you buy 4” sign posted next to the item it’s a pretty good sign that your store isn’t participating… Or not yet maybe.
I’ll check out my target stores tomorrow but I’m betting the price is 3.49. Hawai’i always has or ties the highest price. 1.99 sheesh

This was the case at my Target here in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Prices are always higher here and don’t always have the same promos.

I’m pretty sad about not getting the b1g1 coupon either :( anyone have extras?

Targe coupons are gone……I am a little late again.

coupons are not gone, I just printed mine.

It was on page 15 of the coupons

are u allowed to use both coupons? doesnt the bogo coupon attach to both products?

yes you can because the 1.00 is a Target coupons which you can use with a Man coupon

sorry i wasn’t clear. i meant are you allowed to use the free suave lotion wyb 2 suave hair products? doesnt the bogo suave attach to both item and you cant stack another coupon on top of that? i know that you can use the target 1.00 bc its a store coupon

No I dont believe you are allowed to I guess it does depend on the wording on the coupon tho but for that specific coupon it excludes the keratin shampoo anyway.

My B2 get 1 lotions excluded the Moroccan Infusions, Keratin, and several others, did yours? So my B2G1 lotion will not work with the BOGO…

Yes, you can use both cpns. I got several different Suave cpns in my paper. I hear it’s regional, some may have not received all the Suave cpns out there. I got some for Suave deo., lotions, hair products, and BOGO’S

No, it is NOT allowed.

I’m hoping to go get this deal tomorrow….not only did I get the B1G1 cpns, I also got the FREE Suave lotion WYB 2 Suave hair products..AND I’ll be picking up the FREE Bounce dryer sheets. Sweeeet…

The b2g1 lotion free coupons ALL SAY EXCLUDES MOROCCAN INFUSIONS & KERATIN. And per Target policy, you CANNOT use both. I e-mailed the director of my 2 local stores and both said no, it is not allowed.

The BOGO coupon is a manufacturer coupon, and the $1/1 coupon is a Target store coupon, so they CAN be stacked together.

I’m in Austin Texas, I got my here, But I went to target today and I got four, I did not get a $5.00 gift card, I talked to them and I had the print out from my coupon book with me too and they said it was not in there ad this week. I’m not happy :0(

Which Target did you shop at? I went to Capitol Plaza today and received the $5 GC.

Just was given a ton of inserts with this offer in it plus my target has it at this price! So hyped for this deal! Hope there is some left when I get there won’t be able to make it out until Friday (no choice) :( shelf clearers please be kind to this college student going to school in the middle of nowhere where targets are only a dream!

if you have extras I’ll buy them from you! I didn’t receive any in northern Cali :(

I live in Northern Cali and I recieved them.

Didnt you say before not to use BOGO coupon with $ off coupon?

@4405434461aa54f341c97ea21ee11a32:disqus is correct.

1.99 at my target with $2 peelies!!!!

My Target had them for $3.49 and it did not show up as a $5 gc! SO frustrating. I had to talk with the manager for a good 20 mins before they did the deal for me. Then, the lady acted like she did me a favor and I was not supposed to get the $5 gift card. *I want to also ad that with this deal, you can grab 2 free Suave Lotions with coupons. :)

Same here! I live in So cal. They said that some Target stores have them at different dates :(

Im in so cal too! What area? I want to try this one tomorrow!

South Bay/Torrance but my Target wasn’t offering the Gift Card :(

What???? I was going to go do this deal too. Lame…:(

Me too! I ran to my Target as soon as I saw this post and no luck :(

Is this the target by Del Amo Fashion Mall? I was planning on going to that target. but not if they dont offer gift cards

No i went to the one in Hawthorne. If you go to that one will you let me know if they’re offering it plz?

Yes, i will. Thanks for replying.

Hi. I went to the one by South Bay Galleria and they were 1.99$ plus the 5 GC!!! :)

Thanks. I did not get a chance to go Target by the Del Amo Fashion Center but I went by a Target in Carson by Ikea and they had them for 1.99 as well, didn’t see the gift card deal next to the product but i bought it anyways and it gave me the $5 GC at the register.


You can use those coupons with the BOGO you are already using?

The free Suave lotion coupons are not good on the Keratin or Moroccan Suave or several others varieties. Make sure to read the fine print on the coupons.

Yayy!! I was able to print 2 coupons now our target in WV will give a giftcard I’ll be even more happier if not still a great deal! Thanks KCL!!

You bet!

So the fine print in the bottom of the Ad found in RP 3/10 states, “Target is not a participating partner in or sponsor of this offer.” But never states where you get the $5 Target gift card from? Anyone know?

It just means that Unilever is the sponsor and will be paying for the $5 gift cards…if target was the sponsor, they would be the ones paying out.

I just printed two, now whether the two Targets near me will have it or not is the question. Products that have a great deal like this always seem to disappear and never get restocked until after the sale is over :(

You can always check online before heading to the store, and check other stores near you too :-)

Try to get a raincheck!

You can not get a rain check with gift cards. I have the same problem as turnert.

I just went through and no gift card!

So did I, no gift card here either. But it was only $0.70 for all 4.

Can you use the $2.00/2 coupon that was available a while back?

Okay, we just went to Target and try to do this amazing deal. Got 4 Suave Keratin Infusion for $1.99 each used four $1 TQ and used two BOGO Suave Keratin MQ but NO $5.00 GIFTCARD from this transaction. I am disappointed. KCL is this regional? Its not in the Target ad but I saw it in the RP 3/10 where I got the coupons.I told the cashier that Im supposed to get $5 GC and he said it might be bec its just the start of the week and it hasn’t turned over yet and he also asked the Manager and I was told that they have to pull it out. KCL help please.

I always check at target if they have the gift card deal posted by the items – mine had only selection of 2 products which should generate the gift card. So there was an inf by the itmes buy 4 and get $5 gift card but at the check out it did not give a cashier a message about the gift card – i asked her about it and she called customer service and they gave me a gift card – she just said that it might be an old deal but since it was still up she gave me the deal so i don’t knw i will check back tomorrow…

It showed up when I searched in the search coupons box with the word suave

I am in MN and we got it here

How much are they in your town? I’m in EP and they are $3.49 :-(

Same :( they up the price. Plus at the check out it did not generate the gift card despite the fact that there was an info by the product so i still got the gift card after i asked for it but just a heads up.. Oh i am in Mtka

same thing here in mn. but I took the cashier to the spot and showed her the sign and she adjusted the register by taking off $5.00

same here in houston

I am in Pensacola, FL and we got them here.

Aww.. My Target has ALWAYS everything more expensive! And our awarGe price was 2.89 and they adjusted it to 3.28 for the deal time :/ got one set but eh…

Hi Ania if you have extras I would love to buy them from you. I sound pretty desperate asking lol

I was also able to use the buy 2 Sauve products get a Sauve lotion product for free. Scored big time at Target today.

Does target do overage? If not then what is why the big OMG “Money Maker?” jw

Its because you get a gift card worth more than you paid

My Publix accepts Target coupons, and they have them for $2.50 each. With the B1G1 MC from 3/10 RP and 2 – $1/1 Target coupons, it comes down to $0.50 total for 2, or $0.25 each. Go coupons!!

Since it says limit one coupon per guest, can we use two like in the last deal listed?

i just got mine and also had to install the new printing system . no problems with mozilla using it.

it’s still there for me and i got to print out 2! get it while it last

Glad to hear it!

This deal doesn’t work…because it says at the bottom of the ad that Target is not a participating partner in or sponsor of this offer…so they do not offer the $5 target gift card…

where did you find this claimer?

Perhaps your Target is no participating? It has been working elsewhere.

Suave Pro is 2/$4 and the Keratin infused is $2/6 at CVS so you can price match if your target doesn’t have it at $1.99

Good idea!

Double check the coupon policy, because i thought you couldn’t use a target coupon with a price match. You can use the manufacturer ones though.

I just went and did the price match because at my Target they were 3.49. They said since I price matched I could’nt get the GC! :(

Is anyone else having trouble printing coupons from target? have never had a issue till now getting Sorry! The Coupons You Selected Did Not Print

Your default printer is incompatible with our software.

Same thing happened to me. Never had a problem before, and then suddenly last week, it stopped working, even though I tried installing the new coupon software they said I needed. Anyway, I tried accessing it through Explorer, and I can still print the Target coupons. I just can’t print them when I use Google Chrome anymore. So maybe give that a try!

i am having trouble! my printer isn’t working because of it!

I went to print and it told me I had to install there new printing system never had trouble before. But i installed it and worked fine

Mine suddenly said I had not installed the printer driver and reinstalled the software. Then when it finally came time to print it just sent a piece of paper thru without anything printing. Now the coupons say print limit reached. That was really strange. I havent done anything to my computer and just printed target coupon last week without incident.

do you have a mac? They haven’t made the Target printer 100% compatable with all macs yet, and they aren’t up to date on their Java, so that’s an issue too

no i dont have a mac. last week i was able to print fine… i cant even when i install the new software. so frustrating. tried using explorer too but got same error message

Perhaps it’s your Java then. I’ve been having issue with mine for months and after calling the help humber, that’s what they keep telling me; not compatable with my java :(

If it’s your Java, uninstall it then reinstall. As for the others, try using a different browser…chrome, firefox, etc.

no, it’s not the java. It’s the fact that the coupon website’s java isn’t up to date with the best/current version of java. It’s not my java

I have a Mac and have been able to print the coupons from Target just fine. Recently started having problems with Smart Source though.

I was instructed to download a new “Catalina” type of program for Target and now I have waited for at least 5 minutes while only one coupon has finished printing. At this rate it will probably use up all of my ink, too…this new prinnter program of theirs is for the birds!!! It sounds (and is printing) in ULTRA SLOW MOTION!!! help!

Lately my computers can’t print from target or smart source I can’t figure out how to make it work.

Me too!

Phooey! Mine were $2.89…

It can be a $5 MM if you find peelies. $2off each. and if you use the FREE coupon they sent by mail.

target would only let me print their coupon once..;( oh well, still a good moneymaker! Heading there now!

Does this automatically take off the maximum of $5 or does it prompt for amount?

it prompts, sometimes they change it and sometimes you get lucky and they don’t

Not everyone received the B1G1 in the paper today either! Others in my area are upset. Was it regional?

Hi Josh-yes, it was regional. This is an unavoidable reality when it comes to certain coupons :(

try buying different newspaper, I live in ventura county and that newspaper doesn’t have all the inserts the Los Angeles Time newspaper has. :)

i live in westlake village! glad to see a local couponer!

they were $3.49 at my store and they would not give me the gift cards because i used a discounted price

i think target took the coupon off :(

It’s still there for me on the last page. Hope you can find it! It may not last there for long!

Got mine!! :)

Yes, the coupon is still available. It is not listed under personal care. Go to show all and then to the last page of coupons.

check under beauty, got mine just now

you can use the new search feature. Thats how I found it (becuase I couldnt find it either.)

Sadly they were 3.49 each at my store, but still a pretty good deal!

Bummer! Usually my store has the highest prices! :)

every time there’s a sale for these I have to miss it because they’re 3.49 regular price at my 3 stores