Step aside, Sunday coupon inserts! eCoupons are the newest wave in saving big with minimal effort. These can be a great addition to your coupon collection if you have the know-how. 


  • Give your hand and scissors a break because there’s no clipping involved! Simply register your loyalty card at the store website or third-party sites such as, Savingstar, and and click to add the desired coupons. Most cards allow up to 50-150 coupons per account.
  • eCoupons can be added in seconds, which is great if you’re low on time but still want to save. Make sure to download them in advance since most sites recommend uploading at least an hour beforehand to make sure they’re active on your account.
  • Some sites offer higher value or different coupons than what you’ll find in the inserts. For example, my local Kroger affiliate had a $1.00/1 Charmin eCoupon, which definitely outdid the $0.25/1 coupon I clipped by hand!
  • eCoupons are free! If you are low on money, this can be a great way to start couponing since no newspaper subscription is required. Just swipe your loyalty card or enter your phone number at checkout, and the coupon will be taken off automatically when the required purchase is made.


  • eCoupons can only be used once per card so it’s harder to stock up unless you have paper coupons for the rest of the items you’ll be purchasing.
  • They cannot be combined with a paper coupon at the majority of stores. If you happen to have an eCoupon and a paper coupon at a store that does not allow this stacking, only one coupon’s value will be taken off. However, you may stack eCoupons with store coupons since most eCoupons are manufacturer coupons (unless specifically stated otherwise).

Additional Tips

Before heading to the store, double check which coupons are downloaded to your card. Most sites have an option to view your downloaded coupons in a list format that you can check out on your smartphone or print out. And for an extensive list of current eCoupons, check out the KCL eCoupon Database!

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10 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Pros and Cons of eCoupons”

Does anyone shop meijers? I am new to couponing. I am shopping at rite aid, walgreens, walmart, target. My favorite is meijers but I am not seeing the deals like the other stores.

I don’t like uploading e-coupons to Kroger either, because they take the e-coupon first and only – and meanwhile you may have a 50 cent scoupon that could be doubled. So, I only upload e-coupons over 55 cents, since Kroger only doubles up to 50 cents. Now, Harris Teeter, I click on any product that I may possibly use since they allow you to use coupons on top of the e-coupon!!

I wish we had a Harris Teeter. Kroger is the only major grocery chain here and I’m so disappointed with how they treat people who use coupons. I rarely go there anymore as I do better at drugstores and Wal Mart.

if you do this with Kroger they don’t double them

Also it is hard to know that you are actually getting the ecoupon to you see your receipt. Cashiers look at you like your crazy when your like did I get that Kroger coupon for the peanut butter or paper towel and then your holding up the line. Usually they work but every so often they don’t. I have had ecoupons change. For instance it will say 50 cent off one. Then later it changes to 50 cent off two products.

e-coupons don’t double either

Kroger will not double the e-coupons like they will with a paper coupon

I don’t bother with ecoupons. I tried it with Kroger, and I usually had a better printable or newspaper coupon but was not able to use it because they took my ecoupon first.

Im with ya! I find that they are usually lower value and you can only use one.

Although I use them as well, another con for me is that they don’t double them here in Colorado and it will automatically deduct the e coupon first. So if you have it loaded and forget but have a higher value paper coupon, it won’t allow you to use it.