Head to Walgreens for a fun freebie! The small, 2-ounce bottles of John Frieda Frizz-Ease styling mousse and hair spray are regularly priced at $1.49. Use the newspaper coupon from the 2/10 Smart Source insert for $3.00 off of two products to get two for free! The coupon excludes sizes 1.5 ounce and smaller, so the coupon will work on these 2-ounce products! Look for these on the haircare aisle, near the travel sizes, or on an end-cap display.

Note: The coupon may need to be adjusted down at the register, since Walgreens does not allow overage.




Buy 2 John Frieda Frizz-Ease Mousse or Aerosol Hair Spray, 2 oz $1.49, regular price
Use one $3.00/2 John Frieda Products, excluding 1.5 oz or smaller, Precision Foam Colour, Brushes and Appliances from SS 2/10 (exp 4/10)
Final Price: Free 


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36 thoughts on “Free John Frieda Frizz-Ease at Walgreens!”

does anyone know where I can print the john frieda coupon? I didn’t realize it was from awhile back & I was hoping to score this deal!

There aren’t any printable John Frieda coupons right now. Sorry.

does anyone know where I can print this coupon? is it still in circulation? I didn’t realize it was from February, I was counting on getting this deal!

There are not any printable John Frieda coupons right now. You can try buying these newspaper coupons on a site like Ebay if you’d like.

My local Walmart had them for 1.47 and i was able to use all 6 of my coops for 12 bottles :) There were others left over, didnt clear the shelf, and I am putting them on an online auction to raise money for donations for an MS walk me and my family are doing next month to support a friend :)


I cannot find the 2oz bottles anywhere… :( Tough break for me.

Walmart has this deal too. You can check online for store availability!!

Hi Heather, how can you check online for availablity?

They are not carried at all Walgreens stores.

Try Target or Walmart. Here in Colorado they were at both places and the same price; $1.47

I didn’t get that coupon :(

At Walmart, they are in the travel size section

They can also be found at Target for $1.47.


I wanted to ask a question about regarding g Walgreens and overage. I tried to use the Neutrogena $5 off of 2 products coupon last night. My total for the two products was under $5 so the cashier told me that the coupon exceeded the amount And they couldn’t use it. I asked her if they would adjust it down and she gave me a crazy look and said “Oh, we don’t do that” so I asked for a manager who also said the same thing. Are they supposed to do this or only if they want to????

I have had that same problem at one store but then no problem at all at another store within 30 miles of the other so I think maybe it is up to the manager.

The coupon policy says that they will adjust the coupon down. Print it out and take it with you next time. I’m sorry!

I have never had any issues with Walgreens adjusting anything, but when I tried to use my RR last week that was 1 cent over what I was purchasing, the cashier and manager both said corporate does not allow them to adjust down anymore and they will be changing the policy. I know the policy as of right now says they will, but the manager would not allow it. I just bought some of the 15 cent taffy pieces they have.

It says in the policy that RR amount cannot exceed total purchase amount. I’ve always taken that to mean that RRs cannot be adjusted down.

Register Rewards cannot be adjusted down, but manufacturer coupons can be.

They have always adjusted them for me in the past. I guess they weren’t supposed to.

Thanks! Is there a section on here with the all the store coupon policies or do I get them from the store websites?

At the top of each store’s page on our site, there is a tab that says “Coupon Policy!”

It funny how you have a manger come into a store and think they can change the coupon policy.

same thing happen to me. i know walgreens will adjust the coupon down but i didnt have my coupon policy with me so i didnt put up an argument. boohoo for me. but im determine to go back and set them smart about their policy! Lol

I used those same coupons at Target, and my overage applied to the rest of my purchases in the same transaction. It’s a good way to still use those extra cents if you want to :)

Is there any online format for this coupon? i didn’t get the 2/10 SS :-(

There aren’t any printable John Frieda coupons right now. Sorry!

You can buy these coupons online from The Coupon Clippers!! :)

This deal is a money maker at Walmart. The Frizz Ease is 2oz bottles are only $1.47, so you make .06 on 2 bottles!

Great! Thanks!

Hey you guys i’m Star im new to couponing, i was wondering if yall have any advice for me? i’m always to shy to get the courage to get in the check out lane.

We’re glad you’ve joined the ranks of couponers! Click on the “Beginners” tab at the top of our site to get lots of beginner tips!

Welcome Star. My advice is to jump right in. Once you get your first major purchase or your first money maker, you’ll be hooked. And don’t be intimidated with couponing. Saving your family $ is a very good thing. Plus, having a stockpile when times get rough can be a real life saver. Definitely check the “Beginners” tab to help you out.

I still feel nervous every time!