“How many of each coupon online can I print? Is there a way to get more?”

Most Internet printable coupons allow 1-2 printouts per coupon per computer. The majority of coupons on Coupons.com, RedPlum.com, SmartSource.com, Target.com, and those available at individual Facebook pages can print out twice. However, some coupons at those sites or sites like Stonyfield.com have a limit of 1 printout per coupon. It is ILLEGAL to copy any coupon.

To get more:

  • Print from multiple computers. If you have multiple computers, you can often print more coupons. Do be careful printing at work or a public library — often they require administrative to install any printing software.
  • If you don’t have multiple computers, ask family, friends, and neighbors! Consider swapping coupons (maybe they need all your pet coupons and would be glad to print some cereal coupons for you) or trade items from your stockpile or a batch of your famous cookies for printable coupons.
  • Many coupons reset and are able to be printed again in the near future. The time that the most new coupons come out and others reset is the first day of the month.

Remember: Even if you can only print 1-2 copies of each coupon, that’s okay! You should be growing your stockpile slowly, most of the time adding just a handful of items each week.

PDF coupons
Some coupons are in PDF (Portable Document Format), which can enable the customer to print out multiple copies.

“Are these legitimate?” Some PDF coupons are indeed authentic. Always make sure that you are printing them from a reliable source: the manufacturer’s own website. They have thus authorized this format for their customers. Past examples of companies that have used PDF coupons include Sunbelt, Wholly Guacamole, and 3m/Scotch.

“Will my store accept them? Will they get reimbursed?” Many store scanners don’t like reading PDF barcodes and will make an angry beep. At this point, the cashier will either push it through or will not accept it, citing the reason as they cannot accept coupons that don’t scan; they may accuse you of coupon fraud. So it really depends on the store. Before I print off a PDF coupon, I always make sure it’s from a reliable source (the product’s own web page), and I will only print off 1 or 2 and try them at my store. Often the angry beep hassle is not worth it for me. But if a manufacturer puts out a PDF coupon, they should be reimbursing the stores for all of them, since it was at their discretion.

“How many can I print off?” The basic rule of thumb is that you can print off as many coupons as your computer allows you to. Remember, it is ILLEGAL to copy any coupon.


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4 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Printing Multiple Coupons”

im still confused… i just print a pdf coupon on the werthers website… so i can print as many as i need? please help!!


A small tip from Pizzaz-

Occasionally, you may have 2 legitimate printouts of the same coupon and the cashier may refuse to accept both because they look identical and the cashier may even falsely accuse you of duplicating them. However, you can nicely point out that the numbers located on the bar scan code found under the expiration date are different, proving that they are not photocopies. Then you can walk away with the satisfaction that you set the cashier straight and can spend the rest of the day proudly replaying the look on the cashiers face over & over again in your mind when you kindly made the cashier eat the bread of humility! 😉


I have noticed some “coupon fairies” leaving printable coupons next to products. I know they have the best intensions but you never know if the coupon has been copied. I never leave printable coupons because I’m always afraid that someone may take my printable coupon and copy it. These coupons can be traced back to source from which it was printed and can land you in some hot water. After all it is illegal to copy coupons. I know most people are trying to help others out but if you want to leave coupons next to valid products, always leave the newspaper coupons.


I often left printable coupon next to product, so someone else could use them. Never thought of someone copying it back at their house. Thanks for the tip. Won’t be doing that any longer.