Here’s an opportunity to stock up on Bengay Ultra Strength Cream! It’s included in a gift card promotion at Target through April 13th. Purchase three and get a $5.00 gift card at checkout.

There is a new $2.00 coupon, but it has a limit of one per person. Good thing we have more options! Use three different coupons all worth $2.00 in order to maximize savings. Pay $1.22 rather than the regular price, which is close to $5.00.

Look for bonus sizes that are 30% larger.


 Another stock-up price: ThermaCare wraps are just $1.32 at Target!

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19 thoughts on “Bengay Ultra Strength Cream, Only $1.22 at Target!”

can i use the four dollars off that i think i got a couple weeks ago in the smart source

so is it ok to use the walgreens coupon at target if it says only for use at walgreens

I know this is a little late, but if you are still curious.. :-) If a coupon reads “redeemable at walgreens” (or whichever store it may be), it’s just an advertisement and can be used at any store :-)….if the coupon reads “redeemable ONLY at walgreens” or some variation of ONLY, then it is for that particular store. Hope that helps! :-)

I know the coupons and were printed from different places. But if they look the same, other than the “Walgreens” on one, It’s still ok to use bothw hen it says “Limit 1 coupon per person”? Becausr they LOOK the same.

You can use the Walgreens coupon at Target? I want to make sure before taking advantage of this promotion

what if i take 2 people with me? can i then use three coupons?

Yes, that should work. I hope you have a friendly cashier!

Why is Stacie so angry? It is possible to give helpful information anger. People learn by trial and error.

She doesn’t seem very angry to me. It really isn’t difficult to read a coupon, if more people did then most of the “trial and errors” wouldn’t occur.

A better question is, why are you here making comments like this trying to start unnecessary drama? If you have nothing to contribute to the topic at hand then why leave a comment at all? Just keep scrolling…..

I am sure if the $4 coupon was okay to use on this size of the bengay KCL would have posted it but it DOES have a size restriction to the 4 oz one of this kind…Please people read the WHOLE coupon and stop using them wrong!

Mine says ultra strength 4 oz, I think you get get any size in other products


My 4.00/1 coupons did not have a size restriction on them. They worked at Target, but the cashier bulked a little bit because it said, “one coupon per person, no more than 4 coupons at a time”. Which that did not make sence to either of us, and they went through..great deal!!!

use 4.00/1 bengay from ss 3/3, end up being a money maker

That coupon is for 4oz and larger this is only a 2 oz size.

I used the $4 coupon at Walmart only paid $0.27 each

Just because they go through does not make it okay to use. It has no size restrictions for the other bengay products on there but it does say for the ultra strength 4 oz.

You can use the walgreens coupon at target too?

Unless it says ONLY redeemable at Walgreens.