Run, don’t walk, to Walmart for this moneymaker! Pick up a trial size of L’Oreal Advanced shampoo and make $1.03! The coupon doesn’t have any size restrictions, allowing us to buy the 1.7-ounce trial size.

Some regions received a $1.00 coupon, which still makes this product a $0.03 moneymaker!

L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo, 1.7 oz $0.97, regular price
Use $2.00/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner from RP 1/27 (exp 3/23)
Or $1.00/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner from RP 2/17 (exp 4/13)
Final Price: $1.03 moneymaker


Thanks, Reader Sarah

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88 thoughts on “Better-than-Free L’Oreal Shampoo at Walmart!”

does anyone get grief with them trying to say that the shampoo and conditioner isnt a treatment.

I couldn’t find the trial size at one of my local Walmarts. However I lucked out, my local Shaws Grocery store had some full size ones on an end cap priced at $1. So I got 5 for free.

Sorry meant priced at $2.

my walmart in ny would not let me use the coupon because it did not look like the bottle on the coupon even though it said any advance

It was really the most polite thing I could think to say, haha! Unfortunately our self check out registers always beep on valid coupons and the self check out cashier that stands by is always the most uneducated on their coupon policies so they never accept them.

thanks for the info….

anyone spot these in Las Vegas? i’ve had no luck at all…

I had so much problem at my store when I went to use them coupons today. The cashier wouldnt even scan the $2 coupons (I had a mix of the $2 and $1 coupons that I was going to use on this trip) because she said “these are supposed to be used on the full size items”….Well, thank you for your OPINION however the coupon does not exclude trial sizes. She then called over two different managers that both said “you can’t use these because we don’t give cash back”. I explained that I had other items in the transaction that I would still pay out of pocket for so there would be no actual cash back, just credit towards the rest of my purchase. After reading them their corporate coupon policy they called over a third manager who also proceeded to inform me that they WILL NOT allow any cash back and I had to then correct her and let her know I was not looking to get paid out by them but that I would like to purchase my items using the coupons and the additional items which would result in me not having to pay full retail for everything. She then agreed that they can accept the coupons since there were not trial exclusions and after I pointed out that they get reimbursed for each coupon used I think it finally clicked!

P.s. This happens to me every time I check out at this walmart. Last week the cashier did not want to let me use my $25 off Scott Seed Spreader because she “felt I should be paying more than $4.98 for such a high value item”.

I think they should make their WalMart cashiers READ , and take a dang class on their policies , that they obviously don’t know , and make us feel like we’re the dumb ones when we have to constantly point it out to them , it’s ridiculous. I hope for you , that it gets better :)

The cashiers sure do have a away of making me feel like Im trying to scam them with these high dollar coupons, its almost degrading!

Yes, this happens to me almost every time I try to use a coupon like that at WalMart. The cashiers I get don’t seem to know the policy, and it is a lot of work to explain it (politely, with coupon policy in hand) to them. They call over several people, one at a time, who say “I don’t know”, “I’m not sure”, “I don’t think so”, etc. Why don’t they know?? They work there! I wish someone at WalMart corporate would read these posts and do something about it! I’ve called and they say they are sorry, but nothing changes. And here Kat is just trying to use the overage on her other purchases. Unless the policy has changed again lately, it states that we are allowed our overage to be given to us OR applied to other purchases. I wouldn’t even begin to try to ask for the cash back–they would have a fit, even if they are in the wrong.
PS–Thanks for letting me vent! :)

Amen! I agree, it is beyond me how the CSM’s don’t even know their coupon policies. And it boils my blood when they are called over and the cashier says “the coupon is for $2 but the item is only $0.97, but we can’t accept it because we don’t give money back right?” and the main manager replies with “No we can’t accept that coupon” and tries to walk away. Um…excuse me, we are not done here! I was not trying to get cash back, I need that credit to go towards other items in my transaction that I do not have a coupon for to maximize my total savings, not get cash back from your store. I hate being made to feel like I am trying to “swindle” the store or commit coupon fraud to make get free items and leave the store with money back when I obviously know more about using my coupons and their policies than they do!

I know how you feel…I HATE using coupons at walmart…usually i have more success with male cashiers they tend to be less picky…i had a cashier call someone over and she told me on an ip coupon that said redeem at walmart that they are not supposed to take it because it would give me a free item (yeah, duh – i told her i knew that and that is why i was using it!)….lol…100% ridiculous

I have gotten the same response more than once this last week! They would not price math the snap seed spreader to kmarts price and let me use the coupon because “then the item would be free”. I just reply and say “that is exactly why I am buying it here.” They also told me that they could not price match and let me use a competitors MFC with the item because the competitor MFC was a “sale price already” when it says “$3 off 1…”. How does that make any sense, they had me stumped at the stupidity out of their mouths on that one that I just gave up and told them to exclude the items from my purchase.

That happens to me all the time! I keep their policy with me and “highlight” for them the important sections and read it to them! so they get the point, they usually give up i think b/c if and when they don’t i immedialty ask for the manager not the CSM a actual manager and when that fails, I ask them to hold on while i call corporate..Lol

For some reason when I read them the corporate policy they dont understand the wording and get thrown off by the fact that it says “cash back or credit” (this store does not issue cash back) no matter how many times I explain it or simplify it for them. Yesterday I even had a manager (above the two CSM’s) that disagreed with the corporate policy! But I think I will definitely have corporates number on speed dial since this has started to become more and more of a problem as I get better at saving with coupons at take advantage of the MM deals walmart has had a lot of lately.

I try to find the same cashiers each time. The cashier today knew me and even complimented me on this money maker. She went on to tell me it’s cool when we can do this…she said she’s even done it. I thanked her for her time and complimented her back on her previous transaction. When I get a cashier who doesn’t know me…..well, I just avoid this as much as possible. Sorry you all had so much trouble!

Also, today’s paper had the same coupon. I had 4 papers, used all 4 coupons…..97 cents for the items, $1.00 coupon….made 3 cents each, 12 cents all together :)

Some cashiers take it so personal, they make you feel like a thief! Don’t know why they make it so difficult, sometimes i wonder, do they get pd by hour or by commission?

OMG, I had 4 of these coupons and didn’t realize until I saw this post. Went last night and stocked up on the Hormel Compleats along with these and a few other goodies. Total was $21.85 before coupons and after my OOP was $3.62 but with tax it all came out to $5.05. The customers behind me were asking me tons of questions. Love this site!

No L ‘Oreal in my RP.. did get tresemme’, Clear, and Suave shampoo cpns though.. Congrats to those who received them!

Target has New Garnier Olia oil powered color on clearance for $4.48 used $3 of 1 makes it $1.48. Cant believe this was $8.99

There is also a $1/1 q on target,com

Bummer…I’m in Lynchburg Va….my paper is always missing the good ones!…I do have 1 though that came with my free sample…I did find in clearance yesterday at my Walmart Aussie & Herbal Essence – both were 2pk..lg bottle conditioner & a can of hairspray…marked down to $3.50…used $1 off 2 on each..paid $2.50 ea set…good deal since I was looking for hairspray anyway!

Same here I did not get that coupon :-(

At my Target they had them right next to the Larger sizes, side by side..shampoos and conditioners. The cashier did ask about the coupons since I used the $1 off but the manager said to go ahead. Tomorrow I am heading to Wal-mart with 15 of the $2 off. Love Money Makers

I went to Walmart to find a few of these but couldn’t find any in the travel section or with the regular sized bottles. I didn’t even see tags for the smaller sizes..darn.

I really really want to thank the KCLs that came up with this genius idea and started this website! I cannot express my feelings of joy and gratitude for all the savings thanks to you, kind Ladies. My husband was also like yours in the beginning and asked me if we are having shampoo for dinner (free shampoo and soap etc). But today standing in a national store and buying baby grocery for the first time on the WIC Check, my husband truely appreciated my Krazy Couponing!

This was because just for a mere $30 worth of WIC items (for roughly 10 days) for my 1 y old baby, i kind of felt humiliated as the cashier kept sending us twice back to pick items eligible for WIC Purchases (basically the cheaper cereals, beans, milk, eggs,1 juice and 1 small loaf of bread)…

My husband, myself and the baby were exhausted, it was snowing outside and we kept waiting for transaction to finally be over. I am definitely glad and thankful for WIC for supporting many babies like my own, BUT my husband and i realised how much better we can live by Extreme Couponing and being a KCL!!!

Having started just a bit over a month ago, I saved Hundreds of $ and do not have to buy any laundry detergent, soap, shampoo and toothpaste for at least a Year!! Yay! Toiletry items are so expensive but now i dont have to worry about it as I got most of them for FREE or almost FREE

I also stocked on some food items and looking forward to becoming a Better KCL. Diapers, breakfast items – used to break my heart when i bought them, but now i stocked up on some for much cheaper! I even want to donate some items like toothpaste, shampoo and pads to the Shelter for Women and Children.

I am so happy to help my family Thanks To You, the founders of the KCL! Your book must be ” mandatory ” for every person needing financial savings on groceries :) Today was my first and last use of the WIC Check!! I save So Much More by being a KCL!!

Since YOU Ladies- Joanie and Heather save people more money than WIC, I say Joanie and Heather for President in the next term!!!! Phenomenal idea to save people money!!!

Don’t get mad at me people, but i think for saving us so much money , the access to this website should only be provided for people with the proof of purchase of these Ladies’ book. They share saving deals with us EVERY day, they deserve it! Once bought the book, complete and full lifetime access for free! Like the idea? I love it! Its our way of showing them our gratitude.

Thanks for your attn. Good night

Good night.

Thanks for your kind words!

I’m so happy to hear you are having success with couponing. That’s what makes it worth it!

Couldn’t find it at Target, will have to check my Walmart.

is this Q regional? I’m in Idaho and did not get either of these Q’s.

One walmart i tried i had 10 was going to use overage from to buy son a dvd. I thought was going to have hard time with being a trial sz but nope. They denied becuase it says 1 per purchase tried to explain it used PG as example showing limit restrictions. Still no.Went to another walmart used no problem. Plus found atkins bars clearanced to $1.50 used $ mq and renzuits for. 38 so got all for free plus few things for son.

going to check if i have this coupon. if i do i will be on my way to wallie world.

Just got mine at Target and they credited me the other dollar toward the rest of my purchases! Yeah moneymaker

Is the $2.00 off coupon called advanced hair care treatment?


No, there’s actually two different $2 coupons. There’s one for $2 off shampoo or conditioner and one for $2 off the hair treatments. Please do not use the hair treatment coupon on the shampoo! It’s meant to be used on the dry oil, protective spray, and such.

I RAN to do the deal! Got 9 and bought milk and a pack of pacifiers for $1.50!! The cashier tried to tell me I couldn’t use the q BUT themanager on duty knows the policy (wheww) i carry a copy of the policy with me anywhere I go!! THANK YOU for all you ladies do!!

how were you able to get 9…where or how were you able to get 9 of those coupons?

….you buy 9 inserts…order them from clipping services….from ebay.

here is a heads up for everyone the RP coming in this Sunday’s paper will have one of the $1 coupons as well. It might be regional but I got it yesterday. 😀

How do you have the RP already?

it comes in my mail on Tuesdays.

stinks here…we get red plum on tuesdays too, but we didn’t get the q, i guess my region just won’t get them..

I tried this deal at Target and the cashier said I couldn’t use it on the travel size. When I told her the Q doesn’t exclude travel size she says they wouldn’t give the overage and that they write in the value of the product ($.99) on the Q to send in. I think they just made $1 off me. I should have declined the item and taken my Q back. Grr…

In targets coupon policy they dont give overage thats why but I do agree its not fair because they are getting the full value of the q in return.

Target didn’t accepted, cashier supervisor said that they won’t get reimbursed on trial/tavel size

Varies from one Target to the next. My Target scans the coupon and the register takes the $2 off. Try another store if one is around.

My $2 coupon expired on 3/2 but I have the $1 off ones!

I only found the Conditioners, did even pay attention, just grabbed them as they were thrown in different bins. Maybe I will find some shampoo to go with them.

I did the same thing! I now have a lot of conditioners and no shampoo.

i’m new here.. am i suppose to print this and take it to walmart?

No, the coupons available were in the Sunday paper from a couple weeks ago. If you don’t have the paper from 1/27 or 2/17, unfortunately you can’t get the deal.

oh ok.. Thank you! (:

Where do I find this coupon? I’m new to this… Was it in the Sunday Paper?

Is there a limit to this? Like one coupon per customer or anything like that? Like if I wanted to buy a shampoo + a conditioner, can I use two coupons? 😀 Hook ups!

I bought four shampoos today with no issues. The coupon doesn’t state a limit (that I remember) so grab a few! (But not too many, leave some for others please!)

I have 7 supercenters in town. I guess if I wanted to stock on trial sized shampoos and conditioners….I’m set. Haha. I have my limits considering I can go to different stores. I suppose 4 is a great amount anyways 😀

There is no restriction on the coupon for size, limit, or one per customer. Every time I go to Target I get 4, and I try to go every day.

If I buy multiples I will usually do multiple transactions, haven’t had a problem yet but I also go late at night when no one is there

I did 4 at Target over the weekend with no problems.

there is no limit on the coupon :)

how do i get this coupon?
i cant find the link to print it.

There is no link because it is in an insert from RP 1/27

Oh, thanks!

There is a beginners section you should check out. I learned so much by taking a look through it. It’s a tab at the start of the site. It says ten days, but you can read it all pretty quickly. Will help you gather, organize and use your coupons in the future.

why am i just seeing this!! OMG!!! i need to go! *slap my self*

I cant find these in Chillicothe, Ohio…where would they be? I looked in the travel size area.

They should be on the shelf with all of the other L’Oreal Advanced Shampoo/Conditioners. It’s a black bottle with a tan cap.

You can also find them at Target for $1 making them free :-)

Just heads up. If dont find in travel area. I saw them next to regular size ones

Whooho!!!! :))

I tried to do this last night and my Walmart said they don’t allow coupons for travel size.

should of argued back with them and show it to their face that it doest exclude trial or travel size.
so sick of them

that is why i hate walmart

Oh, Rosana…there are so many other reasons to despise Walmart-

For example, even though they have 30 checkout lanes and only 4 open, this is how my conversation finally went with the cashier-
ME: Can I have my orange juice in a bag please?
CASHIER: We don’t generally give bags for items with handles.
ME: Well…uh…okay…can I purchase a bag then please?
CASHIER: We don’t charge for bags.
ME: In that case, may I please have a bag?

This does sound so typical. I couldn’t help but laugh on the inside.

I just want to tell you that this was the funniest post I have ever read on a coupon site. No capitalization, no punctuation, just raw anger :) Made me laugh out loud at work!!!

You should have taken their coupon policy with you. It doesn’t state anything about not taking coupons for trial size. I suggest going to a different cashier! 😉

Oh I did, the manager literally told me that “her store” doesn’t except coupons for travel size. I told her she didn’t make the rules and called corporate today. Still waiting on a response.

I had a manager tell me to my face that he didn’t have to fallow the coupon policy if it doesn’t have that store number on it so I called corporate and the next day had a different manager call me and apologize and told me if I ever have an issue again to have them call her.

I had a problem contacted corporate. A store manager called me and told me the same as Breanna. I asked for her the csm was like who is Jennifer. She is not here. She lied. CSM gonna try and hurry up and ring me up and get me out of the store. I told her wait on Jennifer. Jennifer came up and I was allowed to use my coupon. After the fact CSM is like well I was going to ring you up, yeah whatever,

Beanna – its “follow” not fallow :)

Corporate never called me. The store called me back apologizing and said if q did not exclude trial/travel then they had too accept a put difference on a gc. And also if I had any problems ask for her by name. Went in the next day after the call to do this deal same situation all over again. No one knows the coupon policy.

Generally, Corp will take the message, but won’t call you back. They leave it up to the store manager to call you back. I’ve been through this several times and it all comes down to employee turnover. The same casheirs aren’t in place long enough to learn the correct policy and the supers/managers often fall back on the reason that _their_ store can follow any policy they want, so they go by their ‘gut’ feelings versus Corp’s written policy. Very frustrating.

or go to the self checkout lane?