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Coffee-Mate Creamer Coupon—Buy One Get One Free!

Hurry fast, because this coupon won’t last! Print a new buy one get one free Coffee-Mate coupon and score cheap Coffee-Mate liquid creamer at Target or Walmart.



Buy 2 Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, 16 oz $1.89, regular price
Use one B1G1 Free – Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, 16 oz or larger, excluding Natural Bliss – (
Final Price: $0.95 each, when you buy 2




Buy 2 Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, 16 oz $1.98, regular price
Use one B1G1 Free – Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid Creamer, 16 oz or larger, excluding Natural Bliss – (
Final Price: $0.99 each, when you buy 2

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20 thoughts on “Coffee-Mate Creamer Coupon—Buy One Get One Free!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this coupon gone? I can not find it???

  2. Hollymar says:

    I did this at target for one coupon and when it scanned it automatically took off 3.99 (coupon says up to 3.99) so both were actually free. So I went home and printed some more and when I went back the cashier couldn’t get them to scan so he manually entered in the $1.99 off so I didn’t get them both
    free again… :(

  3. SweetSummer says:

    I wasn’t able to use this coupon at Walmart the cashier said if it doesn’t scan they can’t use it. Is this true??? I have use coupons before where they just enter the amount if it didn’t scan. Help please!!

    • Mimi Roberts says:

      My Walmart told me they only take coupons if they scan, I have found that some coupons have to be scanned several times before they work, a persistant cashier is your best bet. If my cashier tells me it won’t take it, I politely ask her to give it several more tries and sure enough it works 9 times out of 10.

    • Lava88 says:

      Yes it’s true for internet printables. They no longer accept internet coupons if they do not scan. Now they will only manually enter a price if it is a newspaper coupon. They said it’s always been their policy and that the stores are just recently starting to implement it because of coupon fraud. I no longer shop at Walmart because of this. It’s time consuming enough to coupon, then disheartening when your trip gets rejected just because it doesn’t scan. It messes up my whole list and takes forever. Another tip though, is to ask the cashier to wipe the scanner or use the hand held scanner instead. GL!

  4. luita says:

    Can we stack that coupon with a target coupon $1/2

  5. jo says:

    Can i use the target bogo coupon with the manufacturer bogo coupon?

    • JWhittier says:

      I just printed the one of Target’s website to see if it is a manufacturer coupon and it is. So you can print 4 from one computer. :) Still a pretty good deal!

    • Anonymous says:

      No, they cannot be combined. Their policy says that any bobo coupon can only be combined with a cents-off coupon.

  6. kathy says:

    Thank you again for the great coupon links! I was running low on creamer and I had no coupons. You are the greatest……

  7. boggsjess says:

    I really haven’t used very many BOGO coupons at Walmart, and can’t find specific information in their policy : does anyone know if Walmart gives the full value of BOGO coupons (this one says 3.99) is the cashier prompted to mark it down? It seems like it should be full value since Walmart’s policy applies overage, but do they on BOGO? Mileage may vary?

    • Fender says:

      Yes , they reduce it down to whatever the cost of the free item would’ve been , since BOGO coupons say up to ($?.??)

  8. cmahonen83 says:

    I LOVE this deal! heading out tomorrow to get some to freeze :)

    • stacy says:

      does this keep well in the freezer?

      • Kal says:

        i have about 15 bottles in my freezer lol they’ve been in there a few months and every time i take one out i just put it in the fridge to thaw overnight – tastes fine to me!

      • Mollie says:

        YES! I have at any given time 20-30 bottles. They don’t explode or any of the weird things freezable items can do! That way when you find a great deal, you can stock up and know it keeps well.