There has been some confusion lately on the ethics of Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) coupons and coupons that list multiple items, so we’re here to set the record straight!

Almost all coupons are accompanied by the phrase “limit one coupon per purchase” (or something similar), meaning one manufacturer coupon is allowed per item purchased. For example, if you are buying one toothpaste and have a $0.75/1 manufacturer coupon, you may not use another manufacturer coupon on this item. If you have a coupon for $1.00/2 toothpaste, you may only use one coupon per two items purchased because the coupon attaches itself to both products. Got it? OK, now on to BOGO and multiples!

Buy One Get One coupons come in different forms, such as “Buy ‘Product X’ and Get Another ‘Product X’ Free,” or “Buy ‘Product X’ and Get ‘Product Y’ Free.” These coupons are similar to $1.00/2 in that they attach to BOTH products, and therefore another manufacturer coupon CANNOT be used when only purchasing two products. By attempting to use a second manufacturer coupon on one of those two items, you are breaking the “one coupon per purchase” rule.

There are also B2G1 (Buy Two Get One) and coupons that list several items, and the same rules apply here: the coupon attaches itself to all products listed. Therefore, additional manufacturer coupons CANNOT be used when only purchasing those products.

For more on specific BOGO rules, check out our video!

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28 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Coupons Attach to All Products Listed”

In order to maximize my savings when the store is having a BOGO sale, I use 2 single item coupons for each set of items. You have to scan the coupons before the savings card as the card voids one item so the coupon will not apply. It’s the closest thing to double couponing around here.

I was just wondering about this same issue earlier today, and now you’ve fully answered my questions. Thanks so much KCL! :)

On the BOGO, I could use a manf cpn and/or a store cpn on the FIRST product I am buying. I’ve done this many times, per the store cpn policy which would allow it. the wording above on the BOGO break down is confusing.

My thoughts exactly. Why do the store policies allow it if coupon industry does not?

I go by what the store cpn policy is. I never had any issues with using a cpn on the 1st item in buying a BOGO…So I’m not going to worry about it :) and to maximize savings and get more product, I will normally buy 4 or 6 when using a BOGO, and having 1 cpn on the item I’m “paying” for…

If your buying x and getting x free, you are paying full price for the first x item. All my stores allow you to use another coupon for cents off on the first x item – after all you are paying full price.

Yes, but a lot of people feel that the BOGO coupon attaches to BOTH items & therefore shouldn’t be able to use an extra cents off coupon on top of the BOGO…

Next to thee Pizzaz I am a mere couponing mortal. I bow to thy black belt experience :-)

I’m pretty sure, your Highness, that coupon ‘Queen’ outranks ‘Samurai’ Pizzaz!…LOL 😉

I have a couple of questions. 1st one -Can you use a manufacturer coupon and a coupon that is attached to a product from the manufacturer together?
2nd question- Can you use a manufacturer coupon and a coupon that you received in the mail from the company together?

No. You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item no matter where the coupon comes from whether its a peelie, printable, from insert, or from the company. You can stack coupons if one is a store coupon and one is a manufacturer.

This can be a very confusing issue, especially because so many other couponing sites and you tube videos promote using a bogo and a cents off coupon on the same item. I know that the register will beep if you try this, so how are they getting away with it?

So, it’s ok to use a mq on an item that will be free if the STORE is offering a bogo free, but if you have a COUPON that says bogo free, you can’t attach a mq to the item that will be free?

If the BOGO coupon is a MQ, you can not use any other type of MQ on those 2 items. However, depending on the store’s coupon policy, you may be allowed to use a store coupon on one or even both items.

So I should be ok to use a BOGO Target coupon with a .75 off MQ? Since I’m paying for one, the .75 will come off of that, right?

Yes, you can combine a target coupon with a MQ. Just not 2 MQs

I went to CVS this week and attempted a single transaction purchasing two bottles of DiGel antacid. Each bottle was priced at $5. I had a store coupon for $2 off a $10 digestive health purchase, and I tried to use two manufcturer coupons each for $3.50 off a single bottle of DiGel. The cashier spent several moments reading and rereading the manufacturers coupons (even though they were identical). The cashier attempted to explain to me that I could only use one coupon per transaction since the coupon language stated one coupon per purchase. Many cashiers don’t understand the difference between a purchase and a transaction.

i had the same thing happen to me last wk w/the finish tabs, she told me it’s only one per transaction and i said no it’s one per item purchased, she continued to argue w/me and i said ok fine ring them all up separately (i had 17 boxes) she said no i will do this one time for you (the coupons stopped us at 4) LOL i was fine either way but like you said sometimes they really don’t get the dif btw the per purchase and per transaction verbage. :-/

Those coupons have a limit of 2 per transaction…..

and in your case you couldn’t split up the purchase, as the cvs coupon needed both together. So frustrating how some cashiers try to stop our coupons. (and don’t know the rules)

The challenge that Pizzaz faces is that KCL has turned Pizzaz into a coupon expert and, as a result, Pizzaz is more knowledgeable about using coupons than most cashiers & managers. Pizzaz feels that there should be a system in place that allows stores to recognize each couponers level of expertise. For example, if managers see that Pizzaz has a blackbelt in couponing, they could walk over to the cashier and say, “Don’t mess with that couponer!” 😉

LOL Oh Pizzaz,,,,you do keep us informed and entertained. I actually have learned from you. Thanks!

You can be the 1st student in my Coupon Dojo…Master Pizzaz has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?!…LOL :)

Love you Pizzaz! You make couponing even more fun! LOL!

Love ya too Couponinggirl! We need more smiles & laughs in the world! :)

Hahaha! How about a vest like cub scouts and you earn pins for completing tasks? There could be the “Showed Cashier how to Adjust a Coupon Down” pin, or the “Successfully Stacked a Store and Manufacture Coupon” pin, or my favorite, “Printed Out The Stores Coupon Policy and Did a Mini Tutorial With the Manager and Employees on What Their Store Policies Are” pin?!

Don’t forget the “Dare me to call Corporate” pin!…LOL 😉

I needed one of those at Target the other day!