The high-value Fisher-Price manufacturer coupons are back! In case you missed out on these deals last time, here’s another chance. Plus, there are Target coupons worth the same value as the manufacturer coupons. Double your savings by combining them.

Remember, Target is continuing to price match competitor prices. But when stacking coupons towards a price match, keep this restriction in mind: “The Target coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made the manufacturer coupon will be applied.” (from the Target price match policy).

We found lower prices at and for three of the toys. Price-match those for the best deal. Check out these deal ideas and get over to Target for massive savings:




Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy $49.99, regular price
Price-Match to’s Price of $33.99
Use $10.00/1 – Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy – (
Final Price: $23.99



Thanks, Reader ysha

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87 thoughts on “Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy, Only $4.43 at Target!”

hi everyone, so i just came home from Target because i went to try and buy the table and the ride on. i have the target and the manufacture coupons for both. the cashier scanned the target coupon first the when she went to scan the mc it didnt want to scan on both items! i was soo bummed. does anyone know why that happened? will it make a difference if i print new coupons? i just started couponing. i need help :/ TIA

is the target coupon gone??

I went to go return the laugh and play puppy because I changed my mind. THe cashier only returned me what I payed in cashed but I didn’t get the gift card with the coupon amount. Anyone know what I can do?

i went to target to get the Fisher Price Fun with Friends Musical Table and price match to amazon for 21.49 target price was 42.74 ..they only took $10 TQ and they said i couldn’t use the other mq for $10.00.

I printed that MF coupon four times and none of them worked. It was very aggravating. Check out my post further below.

i went to target it was on sale for 18.83 tried to use both coupons and wouldn’t let me

Just got my son the laugh n learn stride puppy at target for $13.99 n love to play puppy for $ 4.25 what a great deal! Thanks KCL!

not trying to be a butt but i dont understand how ppl are price matching with kmart when they are not in the price matching policy

i wish target ad matched with kmart :(

I went and purchased these items today on my lunch break. I got back to work and noticed hat they didn’t honor both coupons for an item. So I called and they asked me to come back. Well when I got there the supervisor said they only accept one coupon per item per guest. So she wouldn’t allow me to use a manufacturer and a target coupon. I told her no I can. So needless to say I left the store with my coupons that they didn’t use. The bad thing is that the cashier rung all the coupons up and took them. What else can I do?

I went to Target to buy my Bounce dryer sheets and I was thrilled to find there was 1 Laugh and Learn puppy on display w/ a sale price of $14.43. I had my coupons in my binder. So 12 boxes of Bounce, 1 puppy, and 1 picture frame came out to $4.27 (well, 6.08 w/ tax). Awesome!

I got one of the laugh and play puppy’ a couple of weeks ago for a friend having a baby. It is the cutest thing ever. My dog wanted to play with it.

I got the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy for $15… I was ready to paid 23.99. I am so happy and my baby boy is more….Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady…!!!!

I picked up the stride and ride puppy today at Target for 4.99 plus tax. I price matched our Kmart ad at 24.99 and used both the mfg and target coupons. I am going back to pick up another one tomorrow. They are great Christmas presents.

did you print out your coupon already? I was just on the coupon website and these coupons are gone! I’m so bummed!

I can’t believe the laugh & learn and stride to ride coupons are gone!!! I tried printing these last night again but it would not work. So I go to try again now and realize they’re all gone!!!

I can’t find the laugh and learn puppy coupon :(

Go to the fisherpricewebsite.

Thank you to those of you who posted about how Kmart had the same prices, and less hassle! I went there today to buy the Stride to Ride puppy and the Musical table. I first looked online to see if my Kmart had both in stock. I added both to my online cart, and noticed there was another deal going on… buy one Fisher Price toy, get the 2nd for 50% off! So it added the table online for only $10.74! I went to my local Kmart to buy these in person so that I could use the 2 $10 off coupons, and I asked at customer service if I would get the 2nd item for 50% off, since that deal was online. I warned her that I also had coupons, so if I couldn’t combine both deals, I was fine with that. She said having coupons would not matter and I would be able to do both, but wasn’t sure if the toys were B1G1 50% off in the store or just online, but she offered to check with the manager. He said he wasn’t sure, since the table was already 50% off, but I told her about the online price being only $10.74, so she (the cashier) said she would adjust it down, AND I used both coupons.

Here’s what I got:

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Stride to Ride Puppy: On sale for $24.99 minus $10 coupon = $14.99 final price

Fisher Price musical table: On sale for $21.49 PLUS 50% off = 10.74 minus $10 coupon = $0.74

I got both for a combined total of $15.73 before taxes. What an amazing deal!
Thanks for such a great website! My nephew is going to be so excited when I give him his new toys. :)

omg what a great deal. I will check and see if my kmart will do the same for me. My son would love those toys and I do have the coupons woohoo good job on finding this deal

Just got the puppy today for $4.43 super excited! great birthday gift for a steal!!

Jessica, so could you have Target price match Kmart on the Stride and Ride Pup? We don’t have a Kmart nearby. And then still use the $10 manuf. coupon?

Target WONT price match kmarts online price.

Hi, I also tried to use that coupon at a Target in Brooklyn and it did not work either. Fisher Price has stated that they are aware of that coupon and also the coupon for the Stride to Ride puppy (and I believe the Dino one too) are not working. Something about the coding. They offered to give me a voucher to use on next purchase. Hope this info has been helpful to you.

Thanks so much!

I can’t find the coupon for the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy :-( Is is under something else?

I cant find it either…can someone answer this question?

Since there isn’t anymore manufacturer coupons for the fisher Price laugh and learn puppy. I used the 5 off coupon from target and the save 2 off any fisher price item of $10. I paid 7.43 before tax. It’s not as low as the $4 but it’s still a great price!

The policy states that they’ll match the online price at Whoever you dealt with was misinformed.

Fisher Price Musical Table in my walmart is $44.94 (online price)..I guess I’m better off pricematching it to Target online $ how do you get to pay $13.99?

If you have a kmart near you there 21.50 (the table) after $10 mq there only $11.50 hth.

unfortunately, I don’t have Kmart near…we had years ago one and it closed:(. thank you for reply:)

NEWS FLASH!!! as of 3/17 11:55 pm PDT the Laugh and Learn Puppy Ride On is only $30.37 on Amazon!!!

Now its $20.37 with the Manufacturer’s Coupon … about 60% off Retail Price!

hi everyone I have all the fisher price manufacture and matching target coupons, I have one set of each one, I’d love to trade them for $2/2 olay bars, $1 garnier, or the $3 off bic to get free razors.. message me at if interested :)

Hi Shelly,
I have the olay bars and garnier coupons to trade for your fisher price manufacture and matching target coupons.

Now it ringing up to 14.25 online at target!

Target in NC does not accept both coupon & price match for the puppy or the dino. I went to two stores. One of the coupons says “cannot be combined with any other offer” and when they scan the coupon nothing shows up on the screen. They refused to manually enter it at two different stores. Instead of $13.99 I got the ride on puppy for $25 :[

Kmart has them 50% off. I got the table for $11.49 before tax and the Stride and ride pup for $14.99 before tax.

Just wanted to ad that Kmart has the table for 21.50 this week! HTH

Is that in the ad?

yes all fisher price toys are 50% off just checked the ad =] heading over to buy the stride to ride puppy and the table

Thanks for the tip Brooke!

I found the laugh and love puppy on an additional sale at target for $14.43! I also used the $3 off when u spend $15 on Fischer price products (they accepted all 3 coupons) making it a grand total of $2.19 (if ur sale price is 15.19) !! The $2 off $10 fisher price coupon works on the giggle gang as well!!! Making it about $5!!! Total steals!

Where is that q?

Walmart also has the puppy for $15, so you can price match it.

I meant the laugh and learn puppy.

Thanks! It turns out that it’s on sale for $14.43 at Target right now!

Do they have to match it to the online price or this is the price ringing up to?

The online price.

How do you price match this deal? Do I have to print it off from and take it to the front desk, or can the cashier do it? With the $10 off Target and $10 off MFCs, this makes the puppy go from $49 to $15 and would make a great baby shower gift.

If I bought that puppy last week and paid $9.99 after coupons, can I got to guest services to get refunded the difference?

Yes, you should because they offer price adjustments. I hope you get some money back!

Are we able to stack the “$3 off of Fisher Price purchase of $15 or more” along with these other two coupons?

Oh…wait I don’t think we are. :)

No, that is prohibited. You can use up to one manufacturer coupon per item.

According to Target’s policy you would not be able to price match and use the Target coupon. It’s pretty much one or the other, whichever is cheaper.

Thanks I just now read the policy I was excited for a minute when I saw they are $24 at kmart and you could use both coupons seemed to good to be true and I saw it was so I would assume by there policy you cannot get the stide puppy that cheap but you could ad match for the 24 and get it for 14 something I think 14.99

According to their policy as well you cannot price match Kmart.

You can but it has to be in the ad not an online price.

ya it is in the ad

Then how are we able to price match it to and get it for $13.99?

I was wondering that exact thing. Per their policy the target coupon would be useless because the online price is more than $10 off, so only the manufacture coupon would be allowed, making it $23.99 not $13.99, right?

The Target coupon is not useless in this case. From the price-match policy: “The Target coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the competitor’s price. Once the price match is made the manufacturer coupon will be applied.” Does that make sense?

So, does it still come out to $13.99?

From what the policy is stating, you will purchase the Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy at $49.99, then use the $10 off Target coupon, bringing your total to $39.99. They will then price match Walmart, bringing your total to $33.99, and then you will use the mfg coupon, bringing your total to $23.99. Is this correct? It seems like the policy reads just like that. We would not be able to use the Target coupon after the price match, but before….Just want to make sure I’m doing it right in my head :-)

This is what happened to me at two target stores in NC today. They only allowed the price match and one of the coupons (not both).

Hi Brooke, that is not entirely correct. You may use a Target coupon when price matching, with restrictions. This is what the policy states: “The Target coupon will be applied before the price match is made. If
the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target
coupon has been deducted, the ad match can be adjusted to match the
competitor’s price. Once the price match is made the manufacturer coupon
will be applied.”

Ok, so if we price match to the target website price, then the TQ can still be added, along with the MQ since we aren’t technically price matching a competitor, but Target itself?

How exactly do we go about price matching at target for the target online price?

You have to either provide proof on your smartphone (show the web page) or provide a printed copy of the web page at Guest Services.

Thank you! The deal went smoothly! Just had to do the transaction at the customer service center!

Can I price match to Kmart and What do I have to do to price match just bring in a print out

You cant price match to kmarts online price.

That won’t work because Kmart is not included in the list of competitors. Target will price-match the online prices of Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Babies R Us, Toys R Us and

No, Kmart is not an eligible price-match competitor.

The laugh and learn puppy is $14.25 on target website…making it only $4.25 after q’s :)

I hope target still has the stride to ride puppy I want to get it for my son soo bad. but never wanted to pay that much for it!

Same here! I always found it way to pricey! But now, I plan on getting it for Easter 😉

Just buy it from Kmart instead. It’s on sale for $24.99 and you can use the $10 mf coupon to get it for $14.99. Target is always a hassle, at least for me it has been. You can price match at Walmart as well.

None of the Kmarts in San Diego have the Learn to Stride Puppy :(

Is the $10 TQ for the Stride to Ride Puppy all gone? Someone just bragged yesterday about pricematching and paying only $13.99 for this puppy!

No its still there just go to toys its on the 2nd page for me. Maybe KCL forgot to add it

Thanks Newmom!!

Yes you are correct!

Oh wonderful!! I was planning on getting this for my little guy :-) Am I supposed to just tell them about the online price or do I have to physically show them either on my phone or printed out?? I have never price matched at Target before :)

You have to either provide proof on your smartphone (show the web page)
or provide a printed copy of the web page at Guest Services. Hope your son enjoys his gift!

Thanks!! I’m sure he will – he loves ride on toys :-)