Yesterday afternoon we posted about a month-long Rite Aid deal on Rock Deodorant Body Spray. A reader tipped us off to a coupon that makes this a freebie! It’s such a stellar deal we had to write a new post! This month, Rock Deodorant Body Spray is $2.00 off with a $1.00 +Up Reward printing. Print a $2.00 coupon to score this freebie!

Rock Body Spray Deodorant, 4 oz $4.99, regular price
$2.00 Off through 3/30
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward through 3/30, Limit 4
Use $2.00/1 – Rock Natural Deodorant Men’s Body Spray – (
Pay $0.99, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker


Thanks, Reader boggsjess

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30 thoughts on “Free Rock Deodorant Body Spray at Rite Aid!”

It stinks so bad…

If we have the Gold Discount, wouldn’t these be a MM?

$4.99 Regular price —-> $3.99 Gold Discount price
$3.99 – $2.00 = $1.99
$1.99 – $2.00 Manufacturer Q = $0.01 MM

No, the $2.00 Off is considered a sale price, so the Gold discount won’t take effect.

Where are these located in the store??

In my store, I found these by the other deodorants and men’s body sprays, like Axe.

Anyone local in Pa have problems using printables at Rite aid? I keep being told that if it is does not have a RIte aid logo on it they will not take it.

lol I live in North east PA and that’s a big load of crap. That store must not know how to deal with coupons. They have to scan it…show them the policy?

I would recommend calling Customer Service. It sounds like your store is not operating in accordance with the corporate coupon policy.

does this work in Southern California? There was not a shelf tag at my Rite Aid for them. Thanks!

I picked up some of these for my husband today. But I am not sure if this is a deodorant or body spray? Should it be sprayed on the underarm area or is it more of a cologne?

I got to print 4 It worked great!! thanks

does the $2off work on clearance? my rite aid had them for $2.55 but didnt know there was $2off :(

The $2.00 off sale price probably will not take effect on the clearance ones. $2.55 is the lesser price.

They were 5.29 Reg price at my store in Maryland :(

That’s not bad! $0.29 for deodorant is a good deal! really does smell gross

These stink so bad. I wouldn’t let my husband wear this. eeewww. Darn it because I printed out 4.

I agree. Even my 8yo son said not to buy it because it smelled bad.

lol i guess that goes in the donation box!

Uh oh!

any particular scent smells bad or all of them?

Donate them OR give them as C-mas or B-day gifts

To people that you HATE. ;-p

I really liked the smell. One is more of a musk, another is more sweet. pheromones also contribute to what something smells on one and how its smelled by someone else. that’s why there’s a bizzillion colognes and perfumes out there. I for one, really liked the smell on my husband :-)

Nowhere on the coupon does it say you can only use one so I printed 4. I shouldn’t have any problem with that should I???

No, that’s fine!

Was anyone able to print more than one coupon with different e-mail addresses? I was able to, but it looks like the numbers are all the same, except for the number under the checkered barcode. Anybody else’s look like this?

Mine, too. I’d it’s the same number it may only go through once. I think different numbers will go through without a problem. I may be wrong, though.

You have to enter three emails, one in each box.

I just tried it and it worked out for me.