Make the weekly shopping trip pay with endorse. This cool mobile app lets users earn cash for the products they buy.

Visit endorse to complete a quick (1 minute) registration to download this free app for your Android or iPhone:

  • After the download, open the endorse app.
  • Pick a store from the list.
  • Search product offers for your store. These are listed by cash back percentages.
  • Go shopping and purchase the item in the offer.
  • Snap a (quality) photo of your receipt and upload it to endorse.
  • Money is added to your account.
  • To receive rewards, folks can either link their endorse account to a PayPal account and transfer funds as they accrue, or receive block payments in $25 increments. For philanthropic appsters, every 10 receipts uploaded to endorse earns a $5.00 donation to a school.

Unlike many apps, endorse pays as much as 100% on some products. Even better, these offers often apply to any brand. For example, there may be an endorse offer that says 100% on coffee up to $3.00. That means savvy folks can go to one of endorse’s partner stores, spend $3.00 on a coffee product of their choice and get a reward for 100% of the purchase price!

Endorse rolls out fresh offers every Thursday, so keep your eyes open.

This cool app learns from your preferences to make customized offers on the products you use. Even better, endorse pays $1.00 for every friend you refer to the app (payable when the friend activates their account).

How to shop savvy with endorse.


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4 thoughts on “Get Paid to Grocery Shop with Endorse!”

Im seeing a lot of complaints about this app. I joined ibotta because of it being listed on your site and i love it. I’m really concerned with the comments anymore info you could provide would be great. Thanks.


Endorse is fairly new for us; that said, we have a lot of positive feedback to recommend this service. It does work very similarly to ibotta. Some of the big differences are that endorse gives offers based on percentage back, rather than monetary increments. Further, endorse also frequently offers 100% cash back up to a certain price point. Hope that helps 🙂


I’m having a hard time getting this app to work. It says sign in by Facebook but it is just taking me to my FB page and that’s it.


Not sure why the sign-in isn’t working. We’ll check it out and share anything helpful. In the meantime, you can ge ahold of the customer service department at: