is one of our favorite sources for printable coupons. But did you know when you’re browsing through coupons on, you may not be seeing all the available coupons?

Some of the coupon offers on are zip-code specific, meaning only users in a certain region will be shown an offer. Find out how to access coupons from different regions by temporarily changing your zip code on

Is changing your zip code against any rules?

  • allows users to manually change zip codes an unlimited number of times. If at any time they wish to deny users access to coupons outside a given region, that field will be removed.
  • When a manufacturer or distributor desires to impose geographic limits, they currently do so by adding limits in the coupon fine print. Limits may read: “Valid only in California,” “Redeem in FL, SC, NC, VA or WV,” or “Not valid in CA, AZ or NV.”
  • Remember, the manufacturer pays the distributor ( per print. But their real goal is redemption. Krazy Coupon Ladies redeem coupons at a higher-than-average rate because we usually print coupons already knowing when and where we’re going to use them!

How to change a zip code on

  1. Sign in or create account.
  2. Go to account settings.
  3. Enter a different zip code in the zip code field and click “submit changes.”
  4. Click the “coupons” tab to see your new coupons.
  5. Repeat with as many zip codes as you wish.
Visit Bayer Healthcare (don’t ask me why), change the zip code, then click back over to

Be sure to use zip codes from different regions of the country to ensure you are seeing a variety of coupons. For example, if you live on the west coast, try an east coast zip code. The zip codes we regularly use are 90210, 12345, 06607 and 77477—again, don’t ask me why.