Schick Hydro Silk razors are better than free at Target! These refillable razors are included in a gift card promotion: buy two and receive a $5.00 Target gift card. Plus, has a new store coupon for $5.00 off two which can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon worth $4.00 off one. Pay $2.98 then receive a $5.00 Target gift card, making this a $2.02 moneymaker! Cartridge refills are included too. Mix or match them with the razors.






Buy 2 Schick Hydro Silk Razors $7.99, regular price 
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 3/30
Use two $4.00/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill from SS 2/24 (exp 4/7)
Or $4.00/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill, excludes 1 ct single razor pack from SS 3/24 (exp 5/5)
And use one $5.00/2 – Schick Hydro Silk Razors or Catridges, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
Pay $2.98, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $2.02 Moneymaker, when you buy 2 


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172 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Schick Hydro Silk Razors at Target!”

  1. indeliblejen says:

    So my Target had them for 11.09 which is significantly high from 7.99. I went ahead and did the deal as it ends up only being a couple bucks per razor. My question is if I go to another Target and the razors are lower can I get a price adjustment?

  2. Guest says:

    Can I buy 8 of them at once and still get 4 giftcards? Or do I have to do separate transactions? If anyone knows, please help! :)

  3. Mandy-Joshua McGinnis says:

    Questions about couponing at Target .I have been going to Target for a while and never had any issues with coupons until this past Sunday. I went in to get the advertised deal on the Schick Hydro , which the store had for $9.49 each. I had a coupon for $5.00 off two from Target , a $ 4.00 off one and a coupon for a free one . When I gave the cashier my coupons she inspected them like they were fake , even though they were not . So I thought no big deal , some people are odd . And then she told me I didn’t have enough razors for the deal . I showed her I did , that one coupon was a target coupon and then after that was disproved , she told me my coupon was for b1 -get 1 free not for I free . I asked her to read it again , she did and was once again wrong . It was clearly for one free . So then she rang everything up and told me I couldn’t use the free coupon because it didn’t count as a purchase . Since I wouldn’t have to pay for the free razor . Because the company was giving it to me for free it wouldn’t be counted in the deal! I was shocked at this , so I told her to ask a manager and she told me they were busy that she would just ask another cashier . And the cashier did not even look at the coupon she just said , no you can’t use that and that was it ! I put the razors back and told her I would buy them somewhere else. I did have two other small transactions though and the cashier asked for my coupons up front . She said she had to scan them up front , and I told her that they wouldn’t scan unless she had scanned the item they were for first. When I gave her the coupons she tried to scan a bunch of them before scanning the products they were for . And of course it rejected the coupons . So she tried to say I didn’t have the items . Which I had to show her again and again that she hadn’t scanned them yet . Is this a scam going on at Target so that the coupons are rejected ? ? Could someone tell me what is going on at Target in Columbus , Ohio ? Appreciate the feedback !

    • Mic says:

      I work for Target but not as a cashier. Some cashiers are just really not coupon friendly. But don’t get discouraged. Ask for a GSTL if ever you get into this situation again or present the coupon policy. Sometimes, even though you purchased the right products, the registers still prompts an error (no products matched the coupon). If that happens, the cashier can push it through or can even manually enter the coupon value for as long as it complies with the coupon acceptance guidelines. I coupon at the Target store that I work for but I make sure that I go to the more coupon friendly cashiers.

  4. KayKay says:

    I wish my Target had discounted these at all. They were still 9.47$ each for me. Still an amazing deal. But not as great as I hear other people got.

  5. shelbyray4501 says:

    Is this offer still good

  6. chhegil says:

    I was able to use the two $4 coupons with two $3 Target coupons for the MALE Schick Hydro priced at $7.94 online which they price matched. This made it a $3.12 moneymaker!! I’m a newbie, and this really put me on Cloud 9! I also found the Loreal Advanced size 1.7 oz to use the $1 and $2 coupon from the insert from a few weeks ago. More money!! :)

  7. XenaWP says:

    Wow, my Target has these priced at $9.89. Boo, no free razors for me today. But it’s still great for everyone else who got some! Yah!

  8. vanessa says:

    my ss does not have the schick :( is this something that certain newpaper carry?

  9. haresj says:

    My Target didn’t have any for $7.99, the price was $9.49, so no MM for me.

  10. Abigail Rose says:

    I went to my Target ( which I have NEVER had an issue before) and tried this same deal and the price was the same and they refused to take all three coupons, even management said it couldn’t be done. They kept saying that they cannot accept it because they are not allowed to give money back with coupons, which they wouldn’t be 4 + 4 + 5 = 13 dollars and it was 15.98. I even showed them the printed out target policy. The head manager said “You can use a 4 dollar coupon, with the target coupon or you can use the other 4 dollar coupon since we cannot give overages” When clearly if there was any overages the coupon amount “may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.”

  11. anyone know how much the refill blades are?

  12. Jami Johnson says:

    There was no coupon in my paper this week, and the one posted from the 2/24 SS insert expired two days ago. Is there a printable one available?

  13. CouponMama says:

    My target has Shick Hydro 5 on sale for $5.99 (but I have no coupons for it! =() while the Shick Hydro Silks are $9.49..Skipping this deal completely I still did pretty good for my first BIG savings couponing shopping trip! I paid $2.14 for $31.13 worth of stuff. THANK YOU KCL! My new got to spot!

  14. Beverly Gonzales says:

    a little disappointed did the deal bought 4shick used (4) $4Mq and

  15. SusiAGUAYODEREYES78 says:

    The Target I went to had these razors for 9.84 not 7.99 :(

  16. Jasmine says:

    I can’t seem to find the Target q. Is it still there?

  17. myconviction says:

    We can’t use two $3/1 tq?

  18. robertdfw says:

    Quick question?? If the store runs out of a specific product, is there a possibility they will restock the item before the promo is over??

    • sal says:

      I went to 2 different stores and had to ask the manager if they had any in back, which luckily they did,never hurts to ask.

      • robertdfw says:

        Funny that you brought that up. Had a Target employee walked in my business and I asked him if there was anyway to find out when the next shipment will come in. He gave me a tip that most shipment comes in after 6pm. I gave him my number and said will text me when it arrives!

  19. sal says:

    bought 8 Schick silk razors, paid .21 and got back 4- 5.00 Target gift cards for a total MM of 19.79. Thanks KCL .

    • sal says:

      The price I paid for such a big MM was 5.39 each with a bonus cartridge. The store 10 miles away were selling them 9.79.

    • Marsha Head Goodwin says:

      Glad to know you can make multiple purchases and still get additional $5 cards. Thanks for your post, Sal!!!

  20. Allyson says:

    i went to target today and they were all gone :( they weren’t on sale either.

  21. katrina111786 says:

    at my store they are 8.99 also why not 7.99?

  22. My Target had the deal but my razors were priced $9.79. Still a good deal but wish all Targets had the same price. Depends on where you live in the country.

  23. My target accepts photo copies of the target coupons so I’m able to use more than one.

  24. prettiest21 says:

    Does this price vary by region because the price online for this razor is $9.49

    • sal says:

      I went to 2 different targets, about 10 miles apart. One stores price was 5.39 and the other was 9.79. Asked manager of latter store and was told it is up to the store and manager/director.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I am in Sacramento, and the Razors are not on sale for $7.99 at my Target, they are $9.49 :(

    • melissa says:

      end up being .50 a razor or .25 a blade if they come with an extra. I was disappointed too, but still a great deal.

  26. Andrea says:

    Who else is cursing the shelf clearers?! I went to (3) Targets that had tons of space for them and they were ALL gone by 2PM YESTERDAY! Unreal! (Detroit Metro Michigan)

    • Katy says:

      I just hit a target just to pick up one…in lake orion…completely clear except for two that had been hidden in the disposables.

    • ann says:

      I had to ask if they had some in the back and they did, never hurts to ask.

    • XenaWP says:

      I’ve been trying to get the Bounce sheets for a while with out success but an employee told me today that Target restocks Mon, Wed, Fri, so call early those days and they can set aside the products you want on hold

    • MP says:

      I feel like it’s just as much the stores not putting them out as it is people buying a lot. I checked all week. Finally today I asked at the service counter if they do rain checks & they said not for deals with giftcards. He decided to go back to the stock room to check and came back with four, so I bought two of them.

  27. Norma Glas says:

    Awwww sweeet deal!!

  28. says:

    I am in Michigan, my coupon printer keep coming up with a internet explorer error message and wouldn’t print. However I still had the $4 off manuf. coupon from a cpl weeks ago and a $5 off coupon for target from a cpl wks ago as well. However when I went to the store there was no sale sign for the razors and they were completely out!!! I mean nothing schick what-so-ever with the exception of no joke only 2 re-fill kits with 5 refills per kit @$14.99 and when you buy two you get a $5 gift card. So I argued with the store manager because there were no more what-so ever and no rainchecks on the item allowed. So they let me use the two $4 and 1 of the Target $5 off razona nd refill coupon so 2 refill kits for $30.00 after coupons minus $13 brings them to $17.00 and after gift card brough them to $12.00 so each refill kit (5 refills per kit) was $6.00 which means I paid $1.20 a razor. Not bad! Thanks for the deal!

  29. Liz Kuhne Meehan says:

    I live in Iowa and I didn’t get a Schick coupon in my SS this week! Boo!

  30. Guest says:

    I’m trying to print the $5/2 TQ and the page keeps saying “Are you lost?”. It’s letting me find it in a search but not letting me print and I haven’t printed one yet. Anyone else having this issue??

  31. janhunt says:

    I went to buy these this morning and it would Not take off the target 500/2 qpon. I was told that Target will NOT give you an item that. HELP. Is there something in their policy about that? PLEASE HELP

  32. Gaby2012 says:

    Hi stockton área couponer which paper do You Get the best coupons

  33. couponkia says:

    such a good deal, no razors where to be found! hate it when this happens! will stalk the target later on this week :)

  34. Qs4u says:

    I tried this tonight and they would not let me use the $5.00/2 target coupon. It says on the coupon, one razor and one cartridge.:(

  35. Yaz1608 says:

    I have a $5 target coupon off of both razor and refill and I also have a $4 off of one razor or refill. Could I use both coupons on this deal?

  36. dee says:

    anyone nice enough give away the $4 coupons? :)

  37. kdsotr says:

    My coupon was only $3 off from Target…?? Anyone else having this problem?

  38. kookooforkoopons23 says:

    mine were 8.99 but still made 2.00 each, 10% employee discount, got 8 today!!! Got the bonus packs with two refills. Yay thanks so much!!!

  39. Pam Petzold says:

    Please help!!! I clipped the Target coupon for $5.00 “With purchase of two 3-ct. Schick Hydro disposable razors” Is this acceptable for this deal going on? I wanna say yes but I am a little confused, Please TheKrazyCouponLady get back to me on this one, thank you :)

    • Kimmie says:

      The Target coupon for this specific deal is “$5 Off with purchase of two Schick Hydro Silk items.” The disposables coupon is a different coupon.

    • Marsha Head Goodwin says:

      This can be stacked with the other Schick coupon in the paper, though…still will be a great deal. I hope to buy both! :)

  40. Donna says:

    That facebook coupon for the $4 off isnt on their fan page does anyone know how to print the coupon any info would help im sooo new to this * I need help :/ lol

  41. Kim says:

    I went to target today for this… but the only razors part of this promo were the Venus. :(

  42. Brittney says:

    How does this deal work when the coupon says that it excludes single ct razor packages?

    • Holly Martineau says:

      because the razor comes with 2 razor cartridges. The single ct razor is sold at other stores with no refills for much cheaper.

  43. Dalia Deals says:

    Sale price in Boulder, CO was $10.09. No Moneymaker ; (

  44. Holly Martineau says:

    Does anyone know if the Schick Disposables are included in the buy 2 and get a $5 GC? I saw on some of the brags that people were getting GC for the disposables but there is nothing marked at my Target so idk if it is just at certain Targets…

    • RxCouponGirl says:

      I’m not familar with that promotion and I’ve been to five different stores this weekend. Only thing I’ve noticed is that the price varies a lot between stores. My store has the hydro silk disposable priced at $9.49 and the hydro 5 for men at $8.49 both three count. If you have the $4/1 manufacturer and print the $3/1 disposable from Target website you’ll end up getting pretty cheap razors but no GC

    • RxCouponGirl says:

      I also just noticed that the other Target coupon $5/2 just states “schick hydro silk razors and cartridges” with no distinction on disposable or not. Maybe you can pair this coupon up with 2 $4/1 manufacturer coupons to reduce the OOP.

  45. Jaclyn says:

    How many times can you print off target coupons from each computer?

  46. marae says:

    i have 2 extras of $4/1 schick hydro silk razor or refill expires 4/7. i would like to trade them for bogo suave professionals moroccan infusion or keratin infusion product expires 3/24

    • Ashley says:

      That’s today. Why would you want to trade for an expired coupon?

      • marae says:

        my cvs accept expired coupon ( i think within 7 days after the expiration date is ok), i’d like to do the suave deal spend 10 get 3ecb (monthly deal) and i only have 1 of the bogo.

  47. meemeeski says:

    Everyone just be sure to not clear shelves..

    • Sophie and Ben says:

      LOL by now they’re already clear… “HORDING” :)

      • meemeeski says:

        Lol…i know…i guess i will wait til things calm down…crazy…so i can get my 2…when its free folks go bunkers…i’m happy to get 30%or more off my total…i thank god for that….

        • Sophie and Ben says:

          Most couponers have at least 2 packs of good razors on their stock pile, its not like I really NEED them. Hopefully the force is with me when I go to target… :)

  48. Eric V Pratt says:

    @ my target they were 5.39

  49. danyacat says:

    im from tucson, Arizona and i couldnt find the $4.00/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill, excludes 1 ct single razor pack in this weeks SS 3/24 :’(

  50. Katie1 says:

    my razors were on sale for $5.99 at my target and i still got the gift card so a $6.01 moneymaker after gift card:)

    • Tinabelle says:

      Me too! Except they were marked $9.49 and I decided to get them anyway because they’re nice razors, but they rang up $5.99! That was a nice surprise!

      • Katie1 says:

        yes it was i was expecting to pay the same when i had planned out my transaction and when i went to grab them they were marked down:) and I also work at target (10% discount) and have a target red card (5% discount) so it was a even better money maker for me:))

  51. RxCouponGirl says:

    I didn’t realize how different stores have different prices for the same promotion. My Target store had the Schick hydro silk for $5.99 which was an awesome deal. The one near my sister’s house was $10.49.

  52. bamboo says:

    The target further from my house has it for $7.99 and the target close to my house has it for $10.49–a $2.49 difference. I’d love to go back to the far target but I have been there three times this week. =)

  53. heather says:

    The one i got is for the razor and cartridges off target :((( help

    • bamboo says:

      I think the coupon says save $5 on any of the two–razors or cartridges. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  54. Sophie says:

    What states of the SS is this from?? I’m in WA and did not get it.

  55. TaberLily says:

    No coupon in mass this week or these :(

  56. Courtney says:

    My local Target has the Hydro Silk for $9.49 with no $5 gift card. Bummer :( Why do the prices and promotions vary so much? just the market they are in or could they vary that much store to store in the same area?

  57. kim says:

    I would love this deal however where I live the shelves are probably already cleared. I bet there was a line at 8 a.m. LOL

    • Ask at customer service when they will get more in. My store said they get trucks in everyday. They can tell u when product will be on the shelf. You may ask about preordering and have the product waiting for u @the store.

      • jennifer says:

        I always look online at before heading out. Target website will tell you if they have a limited amount on hand or if they are sold out.

        • gayle says:

          Please help me with this…how would I search? I am limited in my “techy” talents! Thanks

        • MP says:

          Mine online tells me it’s in stock, but I get there & it’s not on the shelves! I finally asked today & they went to the back to check & found some. Seems like they are just not doing a very good job of putting them out on the shelves.

      • treesa says:

        You can’t pre -order a sale item. i have tried. I live one hour away from the nearest target. Every time I go for a deal shelves are cleared and I can never get what was on sale. I’ve gotten lucky only twice. For this reason I do not shop at Target often. Wish there was one closer to me so I could go more often and get the deals.

        • gayle says:

          We AAALLLL need to call their customer service line and let them know that we are disappointed far too often when we go shopping in their store and there is no product on the shelves. This is a promotion that Target has set and they need to stock the stores MUCH, MUCH better than they do…or stop with the promotions!! Customers are unhappy and the poor store staff gets the brunt of it! Just imagine how many of the promo items they COULD sell!!

  58. @HeatherCoupons says:

    Are theses razors 3ct disposables?

  59. Brit says:

    Can you do multiple of these? Do they have to be in separate transactions?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you do it in one transaction, keep in mind that Target coupon policy has a limit of 4 identical coupons per transaction.

  60. issy18 says:

    Is this on sale this week? My Target has them for $9.49.

    • Anonymous says:

      My target had them for $9.49 as well. No sale, just $5 GC wyb 2. Still a good deal – I paid $1.01 w/ reuseable bag for both!

    • Anonymous says:

      The promotion began last week. Prices vary by region; your price is higher.

    • Holly Martineau says:

      My Target has them on sale for 5.99 and if you buy two you still get the $5 gift card. I did the deal yesterday before the new coupon came out (bummer) but it was still a $1 MM. They didn’t have any left when I went today… of course.

  61. Anonymous says:

    these were 9.49 at my Target..not a moneymaker but still a good deal

  62. valvara1 says:

    I printed the Target coupons twice from 2 different computers. They all have the same number/code near the bar code. Is this how it should be? I thought they all had unique codes to ensure no one is photo copying them.

    Also, the coupon states “limit one coupon or offer per guest”- does this mean I can only use it once, even though I was able to print 4?

    • Anonymous says:

      That depends on the store where you shop. Some Targets accept only one per transaction, whereas others will accept up to four per transaction.

    • bp says:

      i printed two coupons from the same computer and they both have the same barcodes also! wonder if that’ll be a problem.

      • Wren Snethen says:

        if it is a target coupon it may not be, at home depot we send out coupons for things and they all have the same bar code. So I’m guessing it’s like HD were they only use one barcode.

  63. Mary says:

    Is this price and $5 gift card starting 03/24/13 through Saturday? In the ad I see the Gillette deal with gift card for two, but I don’t see this Schick deal in the ad.

    • Anonymous says:

      This promotion began last week. But it got better with the new Target coupon! It’s not advertised in the flyer this week.

  64. Doug says:

    It would be nice to get these coupons in California…

  65. marae says:

    does anyone know if the disposables pack hydro silk are included too? can i do this twice and get 2 gc in 1 transaction?

    • Stacie says:

      Not sure about the disposables but as far as getting 2 gc in 1 trans you definitly can.

    • KayKay says:

      There should be 2 different coupons in your SS, one for disposables and one for razors or cartridges, both are $4 off. the Target $5/2 is for any schick Hydro item, including disposables, cartridges and razors. Also about 2 weeks ago, Target had a $3/1 on any 3 ct disposables if you managed to print them while they were available. All in all, a great deal either way.

  66. katkartel says:

    I think you can use the $2.06 overage when combined with the $5 off 2 Almay eye makeup removers coupon to pay only $0.92 OOP and make $4.08 with the giftcard. Just a thought. I wish I had a target by me so I could stock up!

  67. Martha says:

    Is the men’s hydro 5 included?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is included in the promotion, but the Target coupon is only valid on Hydro Silk.

      • Martha says:

        I printed 3/1 hydro coupon from Target’s website, will take my husband with me pay 2.98 and get $5 back. Yay! Thank you

    • KayKay says:

      If you got the Target coupons for about 2 weeks ago, they are for any Hydro razors. They were $3/1. Check your binder, you might have them laying around, I always make sure to print high value coupons like these.

  68. Anonymous says:

    I did this deal this morning – except my Target only carried the Bonus packs with 3 cartridges… and they were $9.49ea. Brought a reuseable bag and ended up paying $1.01 for 2 of them because I rolled a $5 GC that I previously had & got one back! That’s only $0.17 per cartridge!

    • Anonymous says:

      Good job!

    • Mine were $9.49 too for the single and the 3 pk thou the target coupons were $3 off the 3 pk…the 3 pk didn’t trigger the gift card but the cashier still gave me one… In the end I paid $5.56 oop and got the gc

    • Jasmine says:

      Great deal! Did the bonus packs automatically trigger the gift card in your store or did you have to point it out to the cashier?

      • Anonymous says:

        It was automatic.. they were the same as the 2pks, just with the 2 crossed out and replaced with a 3. (Kind of like finding a product that has 20% more than the regular product for the same price!)

  69. couponingisfun says:

    I can’t even get Target coupons to print. :(

  70. Donald says:

    is the “1 razor, 2 cartridges” pack excluded from the 3/24 coupon?

    • Stacie says:

      Thats what I was wondering but I am thinking its referring to the one that doesnt come with any cartridges I have seen them at walmart for like $6.

  71. Samantha says:

    So of course I just did this deal yesterday. Oh well, I actually had $5/1 q’s from a BzzAgent campaign, AND found the bonus packs with 3 razors vs 2, so I still got 2 packs (6 razors total) and the gift card for $5.98 oop. Wish that target q would have popped up just a bit earlier.