There is nothing better than getting a service for free– especially when it comes to improving the performance of your PC computer! Staples offers a Free PC Tune Up to all customers.

The PC Tune Up includes:

  • Speed up start and shutdown time
  • Cleanup of unnecessary files for faster performance
  • Scan for Viruses

There is no purchase or coupon necessary to take advantage of this! Call your local Staples and schedule your Free PC Tune Up today!

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12 thoughts on “Free PC Tune Up at Staples!”

Just be careful, sometimes they actually make your computer run worse. Sometimes these are a little too good to be true because they want to sell you a service later, therefore your computer works, then magically after a month or so you need an antivirus or a actual computer servicing.

You can speed your computer up yourself by going into msconfig and turning off the unnecessary programs from start up. Then doing a defrag through the control panel and a clean sweep from the control panel. Skipping on the anti-virus is sometimes a good thing just because anti-virus software turns evil once the service date ends. Especially McAfee.

Glad it wasn’t just me. I had the same experience after having the work done and they recommended adding more memory, so bought 2 memory sticks for about $100 or so, which didn’t help at all. It was a bad experience all around, taking a lot longer than they advertised and in the end I had to buy a new computer anyway. Live and learn, I guess.

Don’t you just hate those “lessons”.? I really appreciate you and Katherine giving me a heads up.

Wow, thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.

No problem… I went to school for IT-Tech Support and I’ve noticed most of those “computer servicing” companies kind of prey on people. You don’t really make money by fixing problems, you make money by patching them and keeping someone hooked on your service.

Did this a few years ago. Got the run around for 2 days saying their program was still running and if disconnected computer wouldn’t work properly. Computer only lasted another month.

Yes, how do we make an appointment? Didn’t see any interactive menu. And is the same true of Office Max? Strings attached???

No strings attached with Staples. Just call your local store and make an appointment.

This same service is available at OfficeMax

Good to know! Thanks!

how can I make an appointment

Call Staples and make an appointment with their Easy Tech department.