Make the weekly shopping trip pay with endorse. This cool mobile app lets users earn cash for the products they buy.

Visit endorse to complete a quick (1 minute) registration to download this free app for your Android or iPhone:

  • After the download, open the endorse app.
  • Search product offers for any store. These are listed by cash back percentages.
  • Go shopping and purchase the item in the offer.
  • Snap a (quality) photo of your receipt and upload it to endorse.
  • Money is added to your account.
  • To receive rewards, folks can either link their endorse account to a PayPal account and transfer funds as they accrue, or receive block payments in $25 increments. For philanthropic appsters, every 10 receipts uploaded to endorse earns a $5.00 donation to a school.

Unlike many apps, endorse pays as much as 100% on some products. Even better, these offers often apply to any brand. For example, there may be an endorse offer that says 100% on coffee up to $3.00. That means savvy folks can go to one of endorse’s partner stores, spend $3.00 on a coffee product of their choice and get a reward for 100% of the purchase price!

Endorse rolls out fresh offers every Thursday, so keep your eyes open.

This cool app learns from your preferences to make customized offers on the products you use. Even better, endorse pays $1.00 for every friend you refer to the app (payable when the friend activates their account).

How to shop savvy with endorse.

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17 thoughts on “Get Paid to Grocery Shop with Endorse—Savings App!”

  1. so on the 100% coffee one it says a limit of 10 items . so can I purchase 10 coffees all under the 3 dollar each and get paid back 100% for all 10 on the same receipt. is that how this works

  2. Is anyone unable to cash out? I don’t even have the option on my app.

  3. kristie52607 says:

    Is this app similar to ibotta?

    • Kali Finch says:

      The only similarity is that they both give you cash back. Ibotta gives you a specific amount off when you complete the mini tasks (like watching a video or learning a fact), and it is always off a specific brand (for example (Earn 50 cents when you buy any Kraft barbecue sauce 16 oz. or larger). Ibotta also gives you that exact amount back no matter what your OOP is ( I would get the full 50 cents back whether I paid $1 OOP or $0).

      Endorse only gives percentages back on the item up to a certain amount , not a specific cents off amount, and that percentage is on the amount that you pay OOP after coupons and discounts. But Endorse is great because they have a lot of offers that are for a specific type of item, but not a specific brand. So suppose they have a deal this week that is 30% back on Any Brand Ice Cream. I can buy buy a pint of Blue Bell, One of those big Off-brand tubs, some Ben and Jerry’s, or whatever brand or size that I want. They also have some brand specific offers, but my favorites are the ones that allow you to buy any brand or size. The best one is The Up To 100% back on coffee Up To $3. Sometimes I go to Walmart and buy the small can of Classic Roast which is only $2.98, and sometimes I just go to Starbucks and get an already-brewed cup or coffee.

      Lol. Sorry for the novel there :)

      • kristie52607 says:

        thanks! i have been using it for about a week now, i really like the variety of things but i have learned to read the fine print! and take pics the the entire receipt!!

  4. Rabab says:

    My receipts got rejected coz they’re “more than 7 days old” though I contacted customer services before and they mentioned that receipts have to be more than 6 days old. Advise? Anyone has experienced this before or know what’s the date range of the receipts? Tia

  5. wesandsuz says:

    I have used this website for the last few weeks and have received cash back on coffee, paper towels, McCormick seaoning packets etc. You get your money faster if you have a Paypal account. Their customer service is very helpful! I have appreciated this website and found out about it from another “Krazy Coupon Lady” on this website

  6. Vicki Poore says:

    This app is awesome! I have been using it for quite a while now and I love it. Very easy and there’s always something on there that isn’t brand reliant. Also love that it doesn’t care what store you shop at…and sometimes you get other rewards on there like I have had 10% on any fast food purchase. Also, you have 7 days to enter your receipts so even if you bought something last week and it comes up on this week’s list you can still enter your receipt.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Random App question (i use an iPhone) is there an app to track stockpiles? My husband is like… “um, so… I think we’re ok on bodywash for awhile…” LOL! thanks in advance!

  8. Is there any kind of app like this for the kindle fire??

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is there a complete list of stores that participate? We grocery shop at Giant Eagle and at wholesale clubs. Are those included?