Yesterday I wrote about Cottonelle wipes and bathroom tissue for only $0.45 at Walgreens! Don’t need bathroom tissue? Snag the wipes for free! This deal is possible because of a national Catalina offer. A Catalina is a coupon that prints at checkout and can be used on a future Walgreens shopping trip on almost anything in the store! Here are the details:

Buy Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes, 42 ct or larger between 3/25 – 4/21

Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Catalina
Buy 3 or more, Receive $3.00 Catalina

Use a high-value $1.00 coupon to take home free wipes!

Buy 2 Cottonelle Moist Wipes, 42 ct $2.00, sale price through 3/30
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Catalina through 4/21
Use two $1.00/1 – Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 12 ct or larger, or Fresh Care Flushable Moist Wipes, 42 ct or larger – (
Pay $2.00, Receive $2.00 Catalina
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2 


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84 thoughts on “Cottonelle Wipes Catalina: Free Cottonelle Wipes at Walgreens!”

DArn no more coupons

Will RR still print, if you get RC for the Cottonelle Wipes?

Somehow I was able to print 10 of these q’s!! When I went to print I changed the number of copies I wanted to print…..that NEVER happens!! I did this deal with 4 packs of the TP and one wipes and I got the catalina, $3 RR and a $2 RR!!

One manager at Walgreens kept telling me that the QR code on the coupon was supposed to have some yellow in it for it to be legit. I told her that they had different codes on them and I don’t have a color printer. How would you be able to show the yellow if you don’t have a color printer? She finally took it, very reluctantly, because it scanned. But she told me that different managers have different rules and that I probably wouldn’t be able to use one again without the color on it. I don’t understand all their disagreement about the coupons when they advertise them in their sales ads. They get paid back so what is up with that?

Help! Went to a different WAGS today and for some reason this store didnt give me a $2.00 catalina off my 2 cottonelles..They said their catalina machine was shut off at the time I was there and they couldnt give me any credit because I couldnt prove the catalinas were meant to print with my purchase….they said that deal was a week ago. I tried to explain that it worked at a different walgreens and other than that I was speechless ..I dont know how to explain it.? Any ideas?? I dont mind paying ($1.13 after tax) per cottonelle but if it’s meant to be free I would love to fix it..

Hey, does anyone know if I can get a rain check on the cottonelle wipes since they are sold out at my local walgreens & do this deal when they restock?

If they honor it as a deal then yes you can. My walgreens gave me a raincheck for the Tricalm and they included on it that I should be given $7.00 in register rewards. I just went back when they restocked and bought 6. I will wait until the deal is over then cash in my raincheck for a 7th lol

Is this promotion anywhere in print? My Walgreens store does not have this particular item tagged for the promotion or sale price and when I asked about it, they basically said “hm…I don’t know” (and they were out of them so they could not scan one to check) Just curious if it’s in an ad that I could take in with me to show them.

en q librito viene el cupon de cottonellle wipes?

Are you sure your 1.50 coupon was off of one? Because I signed up and the coupon it gave me says $1.50 off of 1 TP AND 1 wipes

oops, looks like you’re right! Neither the cashier nor I caught that.

But, I didn’t even buy tp, so it’s a wonder it scanned at all, or even the other two newspaper coupons.

:/ I feel bad now.

Accidents happen! It wasn’t like you intentionally did it. I had read your post and signed up on their website because I thought it was a really awesome deal and then read the comment below about “Cottonelle” being spelled “Cottonella” so I was reading through the coupons looking for that when I noticed the “AND” instead of “OR”

Does anyone know, if I buy 6 of the wipes at once, will I get (2) $3 coupons?

You’d have to do it in separate transactions to get two catalinas back.

Okay, I didn’t see this answered here…. so yesterday I went to my Walgreens by my work and bought two with two $1 coupons and got a $2 RR and two 75 cents off coupons. I went back with two more $1 coupons and a 75 cent coupon and got three more and got a $3 RR. I took the $2 RR and the $3 RR along with a $1 coupon and a 75 cents coupon and bought four more at the store by my house. So I purchased a total of 9 boxes at $2 each that comes up to $18 total yet I did not get my Balance Rewards. Don’t they add up on the card like they do at CVS and once you get to the limit to qualify, you get the points? Mind you, I did these three transactions all in one day.

They don’t track at Walgreens the way they do at CVS. You’d have to reach the goal in one transaction to get the points, unfortunately.

That is so messed up. No more Walgreens for me. Forget that! I prefer CVS anyway.

Am I the only one whose coupon saves as a PDF when I try to print it? This allows me to print as many as I want…

You will need to change your default printer to an actual printer.

Oh, I don’t have any issue with it doing what it did. When they save as PDF like that, you’re not restricted on how many you can print.

Really? Cool.

Yeah, it’s just permanently saved on my computer to print off as opposed to still being online.

Just make sure they all have different codes. They have to have different codes on them to be legit.

I went to walgreens last night and purchased 4 using 4 $1/1 and all I got was the receipt. No catalina :-(

Well, my cashier at walgreens told me that near midnight they do like a major “reset” and no catalinas are printed, that you should wait around 15 minutes and try the transaction again, this happened to me with the Irish Springs Catalina deal, we voided the transaction and tried it again at 12.30 am and the catalinas printed just fine :) Hope this helps

Don’t go to customer service, they won’t know. Instead, contact Catalina Marketing at 1-888-COUPON. Have your receipt ready and all the information you can get and they will fix it for you!

my computer allowed me to print the $1/1 cottenelle coupon 6 times with the same email…but now im not so sure if my coupons are legit? What should i do?

Check on the top right under the QR code. There’s a code underneath. If some of your coupons have the same code, technically only one of them is valid. HTH.

I have a question. I just got back from Walgreens. 1st transaction, I purchased 2 cottonelle wipes and received $2 RR. The second transaction, I purchased 2 conttonelle toilet paper and 1 cottonelle wipes and received $2 RR. I did not use my RR from previous. Shouldn’t I have gotten $3 RR? Also I did not receive 3000 reward points either. Shouldn’t I have received that also. Thank you, I am confused.

Yes, you should have. I did yesterday. Bought two wipes, got $2. Bought 3 more, got $3. Then I used those two RR and two more coupons to buy four more. But I didn’t get my rewards points and my products totaled $18 over the three transactions I did.

Walgreens doesnt track the purchases like cvs thats why you didnt get the points hth.

Never mind. I already found my answer. I’ll just print more coupons and buy three more and then use the $5 Catalinas and some other coupons to buy 3 more.

I just got this deal using the two $1 off 1 coupons and got my $2 Catalina. I also got two more 75 cents off coupons for the same item. Can I go back and purchase three more, use all three coupons and get the $3 Catalina or no?

Where do you get the coupon from
the catilina

I haven’t seen this posted, but the trident gum is .67 on sale at walgreens. And there is a 1.00 off 2 coupon from the paper. Makes the gum about 17 cents each. Also, a great filler for walgreens coupon purchases.

Did this deal this morning, used 5 Cottonelle coupons. Worked perfectly!


I got 2.

I see why people ? This coupon they spelled cottonelle cottonella.

Mine says cottonelle…

When you click on the link look at the top of the page it says, ” Thank you for your interest in Cottonella® products. Fill out the form below to receive your coupon.”

If I buy 2 packs of the toilet paper in one transaction and get a $2 catalina, can I use that catalina to buy the wipes? Will it print out a catalina for the wipes if I do this? Thanks!

You can use the catalina as payment, but it won’t print a new one. Best to use another form of payment (different reward, different catalina, cash, etc.) if you want the new catalina to print. :)

I’m going to go do this deal tomorrow:) Thanks

Good luck!

couldn’t get it to print either :o(

I have used mine already… printed 2 more from my other computer…worked fine. no issues :)

Does anyone know if we’ll be able to get this deal several times during the 4-day sale? Can I buy 6 boxes of wipes, broken into multiple transactions?

Yes, you can. Please leave some on the shelves for other shoppers, though!

Worked great, and it printed a .75/1 coupon for next time from the machine :-)


Am I able to buy 4 and get $4 in catalina back..

If you do two separate transactions: buy 2, pay $2, get a $2 catalina…repeat. Just don’t roll your catalina on the 2nd transaction or it won’t print another catalina

No. You need to buy two or three, and you’ll receive a $2.00 or $3.00 Catalina, respectively, If you buy four, you’ll only earn the $3.00 Catalina.

I got 8 boxes and they pulled out their new coupon policy & told me this would be the last time I could buy in bulk! :( Still got 8 boxes & 2 Hershey bars for $6.98!!!

Catalina can be use to pay for everything or has to be use Only for the same kind of item?


Does anyone know when these catalinas expire?

Usually they expire about 2 weeks after you earn them.

what is the wording on the catalina? Say i buy 2 and use 2 of the $1 coupons- then get a $2 catalina, can i use that catalina on 1 and end up getting 3 free ? or will the catalina say $2 off next purchase of 2?

The Catalina is like a Register Reward. It is a coupon for $2.00 off any purchase in the store on almost any products. It’s similar to a $2.00 gift card!

If a coupon is on KCL, its legit!

We certainly try for that to be the case!

anyone got a good deal to roll this with?

I started with the ointment purchase. Paid with the $1.50 MQ and 5000 points. Then use the $7 RR from that and 5 coupons on the cottonelle purchase. (added gum as filler). Then purchased the ointment again using the 1.50 MQ and the $2 and $3 RR from the cottonelle (with filler gum) I would have done the cottonelle deal again, except they had only 2 wipe packages left.

Couldn’t you do 3 for free too?

You could!

Will the Catalina work for the refill size of the wipes?

Yes, it should.

Coupon wouldn’t print for me… looked a little sketchy to me. Did it work for anyone else?

I was able to print it, and the coupon looks totally legit to me!

Yes its def legit, I printed a number when this sale frist came out.

Is there a limit for receiving the catalina? Like can i do more then one transaction?

after i clicked print i had to look a the bottom of my print dialog and hit print from system dialog. maybe you’re computer works that way too? i used the coupons yesterday completely legit.

It wouldn’t work for me either =/

I printed mine last week and used them at CVS, worked fine.

I didn’t have any problem printing the coupon and I used them today at my Walgreens and they worked perfectly. :)

Its probably because your printer is on the lowest quality, it happened to me too until I changed it to “normal”

Can you roll the catalina offer or if i use the catalina on transaction #2 will it not print another catalina?

It will not print a second identical Catalina in Transaction #2 if you use the same Catalina from Transaction #1 to pay for Cottonelle in Transaction #2.

So does this mean we can only (and I don’t mean only in a snotty way) do this or 2 boxes or does every 2 boxes get me $2 catalina dollars? So 2 get 2 4 gets 4 etc?

You can do multiple transactions to earn a $2.00 Catalina each time, but you cannot USE the $2.00 Catalina to pay for the wipes. If you do, you won’t earn the Catalina again. The Catalina is a coupon that can be used on almost anything in the store; it’s similar to a $2.00 gift card.

okay, so I will buy 3 get a $3 Catalina then buy 3 more, use that Catalina and essentially get 6 for free. This would be a good 3 month stock for me. Neat! Thank you for answering my question.

Does multiple transactions still work if I use my same Walgreens card? I ask because I did the deal with the Kickstart, got my $.99 RR, bought another in a separate transaction, used my $.99 RR from the Starbucks coffee last week, but did not get another $.99 RR. Why is this?